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The NEXT World!

Hello guys, I wanted to inform you that with only ten chapters left, TSH will be finished this month on Patreon!
For those who follow us, you’re aware that we’re VIP subscribers in b.faloo; thus, we have access to exclusive novels that no other translators have, mainly because it’s a great hassle for non-Chinese citizen to sign up.

I always want to provide you guys the greatest novels, and this is what’s stressing me right now hahaha… Novelupdates (and our website included) is full of Naruto and One Piece’s fanfics, and I think you guys have had enough of these two; that’s why I chose HXH before when we finally finished GOSS, and fortunately, you guys loved it… This time, I’m going to need your help. You guys pick the next world through these polls or leave a comment with the novel’s name if you already have something specific in your mind.



I'm currently Translating the following novels: HXH: god Of Choice Sysrem | Reincarnated With The Book Of Knowledge | HXH: Noah's Heart. If you want to support me and read more chapters please subscribe to my Patreon!