A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 24 (Part 2)

Considering that the list was the same, there was a high probability that the Mid-Grade Sword Technique Manuals would have prices higher than expected, just like the Mid-Grade Aura Manual.

As expected, the Lowest Grade seemed to be the most suitable for him. Taking it step by step, slowly and without rushing.

[Lowest Grade: Ventiner Sword Technique Manual, Priya Sword Technique Manual, Dorman Sword Technique Manual…]

“Let’s start with Ventiner.”

Since he only knew the basics when it came to swordsmanship, he thought it would be best to look at each one and compare them. He summoned the Sword Technique Manual that was at the very front.

[Ventiner Sword Technique Manual: Lowest Grade Sword Technique Manual, includes continuous Slash techniques in addition to basic swordsmanship.] [60 G]


Could this really be called the Lowest Grade Sword Technique Manual?

It only consisted of basic swordsmanship and continuous Slash techniques. The description was so monotonous that he wanted to add something more.

He always felt that the player system needed to be a bit more helpful. Even if most explanations were omitted, they were still too simple.

“If it’s basic swordsmanship, there’s no need for me to learn it. But what does ‘Continuous Slash techniques’ mean?”

He couldn’t distinguish whether it simply meant using Slashing techniques continuously or if it meant something else.

If it was the former, that Sword Technique Manual would be useless to him. However…

“If it’s just simple continuous slash… is there a reason to treat it as a technique outside of basic swordsmanship?”

While browsing through different items related to combat techniques, he felt that the items sold in the shop had reasonable prices.

For example, the price of the Maeslin Aura Manual was 180 G, and the price of the Lowest Grade Healing Potion was 20 G.

Even if he sold the Lowest Grade Healing Potion outside, he could sell it for at least 20 to 50 gold.

Of course, he wasn’t going to do business, but potions already had established price ranges.

But how much would the Maeslin Aura Manual, which required 9 times the amount of G compared to potions, sell for?

The price of a widely known Lowest Grade Aura Manual was between 200 to 400 gold.

Of course, having money didn’t guarantee that he could learn it, but according to Uncle Jeff, he needed at least that much money to even attempt it.

This meant that just like the price of items differed in G, there were also such price differences in reality.

“Since the Ventiner Sword Technique Manual is priced at 60 G… It must have a value of at least 70 to 120 gold.”

70 to 120 gold was an unimaginably large sum for commoners.

Kaiyan vividly remembered how happy Uncle Jeff was when he received 50 gold from Tarien. It was not easy for commoners to earn tens of gold, and it was very challenging.

But is the Ventiner Combat Technique worthless?

“Hmm… This doesn’t make sense. Let’s look at other techniques first.”

To make an accurate judgment, Kaiyan examined other combat techniques.

[Priya Sword Technique Manual: Lowest Grade Sword Technique Manual, includes Powerful Downward Strike techniques in addition to basic swordsmanship.] [70 G]

“As expected…!”

After confirming the two technique manuals, he felt a bit more confident.

The Continuous Slash and The powerful downward Strike were undoubtedly different from regular swordsmanship. Otherwise, the insane prices wouldn’t make sense.

It was safe to assume that the techniques included in the sword technique manuals were essential skills that were difficult to learn elsewhere.

“I wanted to improve my swordsmanship overall… Will this be helpful?”

The remaining problem was whether learning just one technique would contribute to the advancement of his swordsmanship.

“Should I try it out as an experiment? Since I can earn 50 G in a day… even though it sounds absurd without knowing how to earn G.”

Since he now had a way to obtain G through monster hunting, he thought it was worth trying as an attempt to become stronger.

“….Alright, let’s give it a try.”

With the determination to purchase a sword technique manual, he began frantically searching through the list of Lowest Grade technique manuals.

He was searching for a sword technique manual that would be even slightly beneficial to him, similar to the Maeslin combat technique.

“This one is not quite… Neither is this one… Huh? Hm? Why is this one here?”

While carefully examining each sword technique manual, he discovered something strange in the list.

[Hans Sword Technique Manual: Lowest Grade Sword Technique Manual, includes Penetrating Stab techniques in addition to basic swordsmanship.] [90 G]

My main skill, Penetrating Stab, was written in the Hans Sword Technique Manual.

“Wait a minute… No, does that mean this thing called a technique is a skill?”

His expression twisted strangely with a mix of surprise and joy at the unexpected discovery.

He had found it a bit odd that skills were not sold in the shop. He wondered why skills were not sold when everything else was. But it seemed that skills were indeed being sold in this way.

Come to think of it, after learning the Aura Manual, it was registered as a skill.

“Crazy… So, this means I can acquire skills in this manner.”

He realized how much benefit and effectiveness he had gained from the sword, shield, and penetrating stab skills.

If he hadn’t learned those skills, he wouldn’t have been able to maintain such a rapid growth rate.

In that sense, the fact that he could learn skills through sword technique manuals was tremendous information and a stroke of good luck.

“I’m going to buy it immediately! Um… Let’s start with the ones with lower prices… Yes! I’ll buy the Priya Sword Technique Manual!”

He mumbled to himself, expressing his astonishment inwardly, but it was not the time to dwell on such matters.

[Inventory: 0 G]

After purchasing the Priya Sword Technique Manual, his G balance became 0, and just like when he purchased the Aura Combat Technique, the Priya Sword Technique started to imprint itself in his mind.

“…I guess I’ll get used to this feeling eventually.”

Knowledge is forcibly ingrained in his mind.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable yet refreshed, he closed his eyes, attempting to calm his two conflicting emotions.

Ding! [Swordsmanship Skill Created]

[An identical sword skill already exists.]

[The planned new swordsmanship skill will be converted into experience points.]

[Experience points will be awarded to the existing swordsmanship skill.]

[Additional experience points will be granted due to the ‘Diligent One’ trait.]

Ding! [Beginner Swordsmanship (D) Rank Up -> Intermediate Swordsmanship (C)]

A thrilling sensation surged from his toes. His swordsmanship rank had increased even though he had only purchased the Lowest Grade Sword Technique Manual!

“Ha… It’s a bit bewildering.”

He had wondered if the sword skill would be of any help, but it turned out to be more than just a little helpful. It was almost too helpful that he found it hard to believe.

Ding! [Powerful Downward Strike Skill Created]

Furthermore, as expected, a new skill was obtained.

For just spending 70 G, he gained so much that he became momentarily scared that the player system might demand it back.

What should he check first?


He let out a hollow laugh, with a cool expression on his face.

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