A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 25 (Part 1)

“Alright, let’s start with the swordsmanship skill,” Kaiyan exclaimed eagerly.

Ding! [Intermediate Swordsmanship (C): Applies when wielding a sword, increases attack power by 20%, enables more proficient use of the sword.]

The Intermediate Swordsmanship skill not only boosted attack power by 20% but also granted the ability for more precise sword handling.

“I can’t wait to see how much stronger my swordsmanship will become. It will be invaluable on the battlefield,” Kaiyan anticipated, knowing that even at the Beginner Swordsmanship level, it had proven to be immensely helpful.

He wanted to confirm something: whether identical skills converted to experience points. This simple way of increasing skill ranks intrigued him.

Repetitively purchasing the Lowest Grade technique manual didn’t seem like a bad idea anymore. With enough G, Kaiyan could improve not only his swordsmanship but also any desired skill rank.

“Alright… let’s see the effects of Intermediate Swordsmanship!”

With excitement coursing through him, Kaiyan swung his sword through the air, examining the enhanced prowess of his swordsmanship.


Basic slashes, thrusts, diagonal slashes, and downward strikes.

Each swing of his sword emitted a sharp sound, almost harmonizing with the blade he wielded.

“Indeed… It’s more precise and sharper. Undoubtedly a C rank.”

The improvement from advancing just one level was astonishing. Kaiyan couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when he reached higher ranks.

The mere thought thrilled him. “Alright, next… Powerful Downward Strike.”

Ding! [Powerful Downward Strike (D): Increases attack power by 10%, increases strength attribute by 10%.]

“Hmm? …D rank?”

Kaiyan naturally expected it to be a C-rank skill, but to his surprise, it turned out to be a D-rank.

Was it because of the 20 G difference, or had he initially learned the D rank Powerful Downward Strike from the Lowest Grade technique manual and coincidentally obtained the C rank Penetrating Stab, confusing him?

“Hmm… It’s hard to compare since Penetrating Stab seemed to suddenly appear…”

If he could purchase the Hans Sword Technique Manual, which taught Penetrating Stab, he could confirm it. Unfortunately, he had 0 G after buying the sword technique manual.

Although he felt regretful about the D rank, Kaiyan still appreciated the skill itself, particularly its impressive 10% increase in the strength attribute.

“Ha… I can’t wait for tomorrow,” he exclaimed, finding it difficult to contain his excitement for the opportunity to use the new skill.

His mind was consumed by thoughts of confronting monsters and utilizing his newfound ability.

As Kaiyan envisioned himself slashing through monsters with his sword, a smile unconsciously curved his lips.

“Just wait. I’ll eliminate all of you with my own hands.”

The player system always rewarded effort beyond measure.

While other soldiers might grow tired of war, Kaiyan had longed for it ever since he became a player.

**** ****

Day 8 of Player Awakening.



With the commander’s order, the war horn reverberated across the plains. The coalition forces surged forward, forming a wedge formation around the central army as they attempted to advance toward the horde of monsters.


“Maintain formation!”

“Support the knights from behind and attack! Don’t scatter!”

“Charge!! We have elite forces behind us!”

The commanders’ voices boomed from all directions.

Despite having slightly fewer numbers than the previous day, the central army charged bravely toward the horde of monsters, fearlessly shouting, as if their voices alone could dispel their apprehensions.

“Well, it’s a relief to see their high spirits. I was worried,” Kaiyan remarked.

After the significant losses they suffered the day before, he couldn’t help but wonder if they would fare well today.

However, it seemed he had been mistaken. The central army stood strong, buoyed by the presence of powerful allies capable of defeating giant monsters. Their spirits soared high.

“Huff! Let’s join them! Charge!”

Kaiyan, too, embraced the same spirit.

As long as the elite forces remained intact, he no longer felt intimidated by giant monsters. Of course, his confidence would waver if one were to suddenly appear before him.

Thud, thud, thud!

Running ahead at the forefront of the special forces, Kaiyan closed in on the horde of monsters.

His first opponent on the battlefield that day was a Red Orc.

Formidable in terms of speed. However…

“I don’t need to worry about the knights in the early stages. Activate Aura! Powerful Downward Strike!”

Empowered by Aura Activation, he firmly gripped his sword and unleashed a downward strike without hesitation.


Before the agile monster could react, Kaiyan landed a deep gash across its chest.


“If I had done it perfectly, I might have taken it down with a single strike… A bit disappointing,” he mused.

If not for the size difference, he would have aimed for its head instead of its chest.

With a strength attribute nearing 40, he possessed tremendous power—an ability beyond the imagination of an ordinary soldier.

“Wow… That guy seems even stronger.”

“Can we really get stronger like this every day? It’s hard to believe, even when I see it with my own eyes.”

“…Is this what having a battlefield constitution means?”

After witnessing Kaiyan dispatch the Red Orc with a few strikes, the soldiers who followed him stood in awe, momentarily stunned.

It wasn’t surprising that soldiers would hesitate to engage with Red Orcs more than other giant monsters. They were formidable opponents for individual soldiers. Yet, Kaiyan had almost defeated it with a single strike.

“There’s no time to waste! Let’s push forward with speed!”

“Huh? Uh… right.”

Leading his bewildered soldiers, Kaiyan pressed deeper into the battlefield, effortlessly dispatching the monsters that confronted them.

With his enhanced abilities, skills, and the aid of Aura, defeating monsters became a trivial task. Moreover, he had seasoned soldiers backing him up.

“This isn’t our objective. Once we clear the area near the center, Tarien will undoubtedly issue the order.”

His aim was not the outskirts but the heart of the battle. That’s why he intended to leverage Tarien’s authority.

Based on Tarien’s previous actions, once they broke through to the vicinity of the center, he would surely issue commands.

“I feel a tinge of remorse for the soldiers, but… leveling up quickly is necessary.”

If entering the center were solely for his own sake, he wouldn’t sacrifice the soldiers. However, whether he liked it or not, Tarien would eventually enter the center once the outer area was cleared. It was only a matter of sooner or later.

“In that case, I just want to arrive a bit faster! Powerful Downward Strike!”



Unleashing the recently acquired Powerful Downward Strike on the staggering Giant Ant before him, he completely shattered a part of its torso.

There was a noticeable difference compared to using Penetrating Stab.

“It’s probably due to the difference in penetration power and increased strength.”


Despite the oozing viscous fluid from its shattered torso, the Giant Ant refused to surrender and continued its charge. This is precisely why people avoided insect-type monsters.


Furthermore, it pounded the ground with its forelegs and leaped.

It soared through the air, jaws elongated and swinging. It would tear him apart if it caught him. However…

“…To think it would employ such an attack against someone capable of detecting even an ambush by a shadow tiger.”

I’m too swift for it to land a blow, especially for a sluggish ant.

“You foolish creature.”

Sidestepping, as the Giant ant rushed past him, Kaiyan swung the pommel toward its half-shattered chest.

Crack! Quiver!

A satisfying impact echoed.

Before the creature could utter a proper scream, its chest exoskeleton crumbled, dust scattering on the ground as Kaiyan prepared to unleash further attacks…


It emitted a brief shriek, and its torso collapsed, the head detaching on its own.

“Phew, if it weren’t for insect monsters, it would have been slightly easier for the soldiers to handle.”

That’s why soldiers steered clear of insect-type monsters—not because of their sturdy exoskeletons or durable body parts, but because they relentlessly move and attack even with fatal wounds.

They were undoubtedly the most dreaded monsters among soldiers.

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