A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 25 (Part 2)

“Heh… Centurion! We’re finished here too!”

Taking a momentary breath, Kaiyan was approached by soldiers who had just dealt with another monster.

The soldiers under his command engaged multiple monsters simultaneously to swiftly breakthrough.

Of course, they didn’t engage in direct combat but followed the pattern of Kaiyan inflicting fatal wounds on one monster before moving on to the next, while the soldiers finished off the injured monsters in between.

“This is possible because they are seasoned soldiers. If they were recruits, it would be impossible.”

Had the soldiers accompanying him been recruits, the battle would have resulted in massive casualties.

However, these soldiers were veterans who had survived on the central battlefield, and they truly lived up to Kaiyan’s expectations.

Thanks to them, even though it had only been a short time since they entered the initial area, his level had already increased by one.

“Great job. Any injuries?”

“I have minor injuries, but it’s nothing!”

“I’m perfectly fine!”

The soldiers didn’t voice any complaints about Kaiyan’s daring solo actions.

They knew well that they owed their lives to him during these few days.

However, if he continued to act recklessly, problems would arise.

“Let’s keep going. There are still plenty of monsters to deal with.”

“Let’s go! We’re ready!”

“Yeah, let’s slay a horde of monsters! We’ll have something to boast about!”

“Let’s annihilate those damn monsters!”

As Kaiyan looked into the determined eyes of his soldiers, his heartfelt assured.

With them, he would achieve overwhelming results in the initial area. Although he didn’t like it, all the credit would go to Tarien.

**** ****

At that moment, Tarien observed Kaiyan and the soldiers’ actions, a proud smile gracing his face.

“Excellent. My troops shine the brightest! Kuhahaha!”

How remarkable it was to witness ordinary soldiers dealing with monsters. Moreover, they were his own troops!

As everything they did stem from their respective specialties, he burst into laughter out of sheer joy.


“Yes, Tarien-nim!”

The lieutenant, who was surveying the battlefield, hastened to Tarien’s call.

The lieutenant had intended to walk with dignity, befitting a knight. However, Tarien’s temperament didn’t allow for such leisurely pacing.

“You’ve done remarkably well!”

“Pardon? What do you mean…”

The sudden praise from Tarien left the lieutenant wearing a perplexed expression.

He was unaware that Tarien was commending himself based on Kaiyan’s actions.

“After this war is over, the position of successor will be mine, kuhuhu. And at that time, lieutenant, you should accompany me back to my estate.”

“What? Ah… I will follow you with utmost loyalty! Thank you!”

“Yes, so make sure to perform well until the end.”

Most nobles who lacked tactical understanding participated in the war for reasons similar to Tarien’s.

Some aimed to solidify their position as successors, while others sought to attain the position of a successor.

For those eyeing the position of a successor, the monster wave presented a golden opportunity.

It was a chance to establish expertise and acquire the desired rewards.

“That’s splendid! Let’s continue like this…!”

From a noble’s perspective, how enticing would a soldier like Kaiyan appear?

That was why Tarien had treated him with such kindness, even going as far as bestowing his own sword upon Kaiyan. Of course, this generosity had sprung solely from Tarien’s own thoughts.

“Lieutenant! That lad, Kaiyan.”


“It’s a waste for someone with Kaiyan’s skill to remain just a soldier. I should take him with me. Although he might be a little young at the age of fifteen, I believe he’ll thrive as a knight. Do you grasp my meaning?”

“Yes? Ah, I will take the necessary actions!”

“Haha, as expected, Lieutenant, you are quick to understand.”

Tarien had made up his mind to take Kaiyan with him once the war came to an end.

The primary reason for this decision was Kaiyan’s prowess, but Tarien was also drawn to his youth.

“If that lad were to remain by my side… hehe.”

Despite his diminutive stature, Tarien himself was only fifteen years old.

He dreamed of nurturing Kaiyan, someone of the same age, into his personal knight.

While Tarien’s family boasted numerous knights as a prominent noble lineage in the kingdom, there wasn’t a single knight who genuinely believed in and followed him. At best, there were a few lieutenants who offered some level of loyalty.

The issue lay in Tarien’s unwillingness to appoint an older knight lieutenant as his personal protector.

“Hehe… I shall return to the estate with Tarien-nim…”

Unaware of Tarien’s thoughts, the unfortunate lieutenant eagerly anticipated their return to the estate.

The reason he relished this notion was that accompanying Tarien to the estate might grant him the fortunate opportunity to learn Intermediate-level Aura Techniques.

“Perhaps I, too, can become an Aura Master…!”

Tarien’s family, renowned as a highly esteemed noble lineage in the Menislan Kingdom, possessed knowledge of Intermediate-level Aura Techniques.

Obtaining Intermediate-level Aura Techniques was the minimum requirement to aspire to become an Aura Master, a goal cherished by every knight.

**** ****

“Argh! What’s gotten into my ear?”

Kaiyan momentarily halted, driven by a sudden itch that compelled him to scratch his ear.

While he busied himself hunting monsters, an overwhelming itch had abruptly plagued his ear.

“Haha, Centurion, could it be that someone is discussing you?”


“It’s often said that when someone speaks of me, my ear starts to itch.”

“Haha… I see.”

Kaiyan didn’t know who would speak about him, but since both Uncle Max and Uncle Jeff were engrossed in battling monsters, he offered a slightly awkward chuckle in response to the soldier’s jest and pressed forward.

“Regardless… Let us promptly join the main forces. It is unwise to continue hunting monsters in this area.”

“Yeah, it feels like we’re being overly cautious.”

“Kukuk, since when have we needed caution when hunting monsters?”

During the sweeping of the outer areas, they hadn’t been aware, but at some point, they began to notice a subtle wariness emanating from other units. And it wasn’t the soldiers who displayed it—it was the knights.

“It’s difficult to disregard other units, especially if they consist of knights, even though soldiers can be easily overlooked.”

What amused Kaiyan about this caution was that the knights in special forces units seldom unsheathed their swords in the outer areas. It was a matter of pride, so to speak.

However, when they neared other units, their knights swiftly drew their swords, dispatching the monsters with remarkable efficiency.

When a knight personally engaged in combat, it signified their determination not to allow others to claim their monsters. It was akin to a protest.

“Undoubtedly the order of their unit commanders.”

It appeared that these commanders believed their prey was being taken away.

Although Kaiyan desired to disregard them and hunt freely, as a mere Centurion, ignoring other special forces units, which included nobles, proved challenging.

Moreover, should he be careless, they might even launch an attack against him.

“There’s no need to unnecessarily get into trouble… Damned class society.”

“Let’s return.”

As Kaiyan led the soldiers and integrated with the main forces, he encountered numerous soldiers scattered about in pain from their injuries.

“You performed admirably, Kaiyan!”

“Uncle Jeff, you’ve labored hard as well.”

As expected, the warmest greeting came from Uncle Jeff.

“You imbecile! Were you trying to court death? What would happen if you sustained severe injuries?”

“Do not worry. I value my life above all else.”

Kaiyan’s words held a touch of danger, yet even Uncle Max, his worried expression evident, chimed in.

“Centurion, you performed splendidly!”

“Thanks to all of you, hunting was a breeze today!”

Even the soldiers from the special units extended their welcome upon their arrival.

The gratitude conveyed through their eyes was palpable.

They were grateful that a small group of soldiers had taken risks and led the charge in slaying monsters on their behalf.

“Centurion! Everyone, gather around! Tarien-nim is summoning us.”

As anticipated, upon joining the main forces, Tarien’s lieutenant beckoned Uncle Jeff and Kaiyan.

Given their earlier sweeping of the initial area, the situation was predictable.

“Yes. Let us proceed, Kaiyan.”

“Yes, sir.”

Navigating through the knights, they made their way to Tarien, who regarded them with a pleased expression for some inexplicable reason—a subtly ominous feeling began to surface. Curiously enough, Tarien’s current countenance bore a striking resemblance to that of the old knight from the previous day.

“Haha! Truly, my discerning eye for talent is unparalleled. Observing how excellently I have chosen two Centurions, no less!”

“Yes! We cannot help but admire your perspicacity, Tarien-nim.”


Tarien praised himself.

The knights responded with resounding voices as Tarien praised himself.

Witnessing this scene, any aspirations Kaiyan had harbored of becoming a knight dissipated.

“Our unit has far exceeded other special units in terms of monsters slain! We must maintain this position. I trust you all understand my intent, correct?”

Maintain the rate of monster slaying.


It was akin to issuing a charge toward the center. Kaiyan’s lips curved into a faint smile as he received the desired response.

It seemed that today he could anticipate a tempestuous surge of growth.

“Wait for me, you hoard of experience.”

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