A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 24 (Part 1)

“Oh, the increase in stats through Aura activation is a whopping 20 percent. my strength has reached 30, so the additional points alone is a whopping 6.”

When he was first chosen as a player, his strength was 7, so the increase of 6 couldn’t be considered low.


As he swung his sword forcefully, the dirt on the ground was pushed away by the air pressure.

“This is insane.”

It was possible because his strength had reached 36 while using Aura.

It was hard to believe that someone with ordinary strength could perform such a skill.

Even if you thought about it simply, it corresponded to five times the power he had before.

“Moreover, my level limit is 299… That means I can gain a total of 598 attribute points.”

If he can raise his level to the limit, he can gain a total of 598 points.

The numbers were so vast that they felt distant even when imagining them. Even if he evenly invests in the four attributes, his strength alone is a whopping 157. (Since he started with 7 points)

“If it’s 157… the increase in strength when using Aura would be tremendous.”

With 157 points of strength, he wondered if he could easily defeat most large monsters with just a swing of his fist.

Just imagining it made him naturally smile. It was a dream that he was eager to make true.

“As long as the player system exists, nothing is impossible for me.”

The most overwhelming emotion that fills him now is the fact that the Penetrating Stab skill he obtained at level 3 is not trash.

Of course, there is still the question of whether he can fill all the increasing experience points and reach level 299.

“Phew… Alright! Let’s train while keeping Aura activated.”

He creates an imaginary opponent while maintaining Aura activation and swings his sword instinctively.


A swift strike towards the imaginary opponent. However, the imaginary opponent evades his sword with quick movements.

“In that case…!”

The swordsmanship that puts him in this position.

To subdue the imaginary opponent, he relies on his instincts and uses four techniques in order: slashing, thrusting, diagonal slashing, and downward striking.


The opponent quickly becomes a mess due to his attacks.

“Next is…”


He strikes the imaginary opponent’s head with a surprise attack from a short distance, causing them to stagger and step back.

“An opening! Penetrating Stab!”

Kaiyan unleashes the final attack toward the defenseless opponent, piercing the latter’s throat with his sword. The imaginary opponent falls to the ground, clutching his neck.

Since he suffered a fatal injury, it is impossible for him to get up again.

“…It may be just my imagination, but fighting against a person is definitely different. I feel lacking in many aspects.”

The imaginary opponent he just defeated was Kaiyan himself. Of course, it was the version of him from two days ago, before his growth.

He was able to easily overpower the virtual opponent with a significant difference in ability, but he felt that he had many shortcomings when it came to wielding a sword against a real person for the first time.

“It would be nice to have a training partner…”

The reason he wanted to train his swordsmanship against a person was for rapid improvement.

After practicing swordsmanship against monsters for a few days, he keenly felt the limitations when facing them.

“Monsters are too simple. They rely too much on their physical abilities.”

Simple attacks based on their high strength. Of course, it’s true that even those simple attacks are fierce because of their excellent physical abilities.

But who is he? He is a player.

As he leveled up and filled in the gaps in his lacking abilities, the gap between him and monsters narrowed, and now they weren’t particularly threatening unless they were large monsters.

That’s why he needed someone who could use various techniques for training.

“Uncle Jeff would be perfect… Should he ask him?”

If it’s Uncle Jeff, who is an Aura user, he would be a suitable sparring partner. However, it’s a bit difficult to reveal his enhanced abilities.

While his swordsmanship is considered a genius, it’s hard to explain the power that surpasses ordinary people.

“Um… Maybe if I say I’ve been exercising for a few days?”

Since there were no physical changes despite the increase in stats, his body still lacked muscles, just like a few days ago.

“What did I eat that suddenly led to this would be the question Uncle Jeff would ask, right?”

It would be better to reveal the player system rather than ask them to believe something foolish.

“…Is there no other way? Ah!”

A bright idea suddenly came to him while pondering.

“The shop.”

The treasure warehouse where you have to pay to use!

He briefly looked at it before purchasing the Aura Manual, and it had such a wide variety of items for sale that it seemed to have everything.

In search of something that could solve his dilemma, Kaiyan summoned the shop window and diligently searched through the list.

“This is not it… Neither is this…”

There were various items that stimulated his desire to make purchases, such as player-specific items and potions. But he remained steady and focused on finding items related to swordsmanship.

For rapid growth, swordsmanship needed to grow first.


-Spear Technique Manual/Sword Technique Manual/…

“…Sword Technique Manual? Show me the sword technique manuals.”

After scrolling through the list for a while, he finally found the items related to swordsmanship that he desired.

The items were related to swordsmanship right from their names. Sword Technique Manuals.

[Lowest Grade/Low Grade/Mid Grade/High Grade/Highest Grade/Master]

The list was the same as the combat techniques.

“Then… Mid… Ah! I probably don’t have enough G…”

As he was about to browse through the list of Mid-Grade Sword Technique Manuals, he remembered that he only had 17 G left.

He didn’t know how much the Sword Technique Manuals would cost, but it was unreasonable to think that he could purchase anything worthwhile with just 17 G.

“Damn it! But just in case… Show me my available G.”

A glimmer of hope, as he hadn’t yet confirmed how to obtain G, made him summon his G balance, hoping that he might have obtained some G without realizing it.

[G Owned: 70 G]

“70 G…”

As he confirmed that he had 70 G instead of 17 G, a smile unconsciously formed on his lips.

There could be more than one way to collect G, but he certainly knew one thing for sure.

From yesterday’s use of the shop until now, all he had done was hunt monsters. That meant hunting monsters was a way to collect G.

“If I’ve collected 53 G today… How many monsters did I defeat today?”

It was more than he expected considering the G he had earned in a single day.

If he hunted monsters diligently for four days, it meant he could buy an item corresponding to Maeslin Aura Manual.

Moreover, he had confirmed how much G he could earn through monster hunting, so from now on, he could strategically purchase items.

“Since 70 G is not enough for Mid-Grade… Let’s start with the Lowest Grade for now.”

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