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A.S.S Chapter 10 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

“It’s best not to mess with crazy people,” was Hyun-seok’s usual stance. Hyun-seok was the type to pay attention to detail. He wasn’t extremely rigid about it, but he wasn’t as moody as Jong-won.

“I think they’ve made up their minds this time.”

Laws don’t change in the blink of an eye. Although there is a high possibility of revision since it has already become an issue, it is not likely to happen immediately. As a result of this incident, there were also those who became “Yamchejok” (a derogatory term for players who take items without contributing) and acted as counter-teachers, dividing their team members to lightly strike monsters in the vicinity and then take 20% of the item share.

Laws may not be adapting quickly to this age of rapid change, but people are. Soon, slayers will begin to form large-scale alliances on their own. Guild members from major corporations were not restricted by their status, but rather, they became the mainstay of the alliance. This became known as the “Union,” and it was a phenomenon that occurred not only in Korea but also worldwide.

In any case, what’s interesting is that the one who founded Korea’s first Union was none other than Jong-won. Jong-won felt a great sense of revenge against the “Yamchejok Trio” and declared that he wouldn’t just sit still. Just then, some Yamchejok began to spread their wings, and the strong slayers supported Jong-won. Jong-won didn’t initially plan to establish the Union. He just wanted to create a group to discipline those Yamchejok.

The law wasn’t going to change, and the Yamchejok were becoming more and more dominant. The frustrated slayers took action themselves. Thus, the organization called “Cheokgyeoljo,” founded by Jong-won, emerged. It could be said that this was the prototype of the Korean Union.

Jong-won’s first target was the “Yamchejok Trio.”

Jong-won tormented them to the point of obsession. Jong-won was truly insane. He relentlessly tormented the three of them by thoroughly analyzing their strengths until they were on the brink of death. He didn’t directly harm them. Instead, he intentionally lured monsters to attack the three and would attack the monster that the three targeted first to evenly split the spoils.

He even went as far as to strangle monsters that the three had already worn down to the point of exhaustion. The person (or guild) who attacked the monster first would receive 20% of the loot, and the person (or guild) who delivered the final blow would receive another 20%. Of course, there weren’t many people who knew about this at the time, and there were no guilds that distributed income according to this law. Nonetheless, Jong-won took full advantage of this.

“When it comes to dealing with these kids, isn’t this going too far?”

When Hyun-seok, who couldn’t bear to watch, asked, Ha Jong-won replied, “You have to show them a lesson at times like this. The law isn’t there to be obeyed, it’s there to be exploited.” With a wry smile, he relentlessly pursued the three. Even Hyun-seok, who could be considered a victim, was speechless.

As a result of Jong-won’s exploits(?), people began to gather in the group he founded, called the ‘Assassination Squad.’ As the number of people who enjoyed this type of revenge increased, so did the group’s size. In Hyun-seok’s eyes, this childish and ridiculous act of revenge became the foundation of the Korean Union.

In the end, Jong-won received an apology from the three of them. However, what was important to him was not the kids’ apology. Although kids could be excused for their behavior because they were young, their parents, who controlled them from behind the scenes, needed to apologize.

The ‘Assassination Squad’ received enthusiastic support not only from Slayers but also from ordinary people. People felt anger towards the Yamche who openly exploited the flaws in outdated laws and were exhilarated when they saw the Assassination Squad take revenge in a legal way.

As the Assassination Squad grew larger, people began to suggest carefully that it should be called the Union, not just the Assassination Squad. In some countries, unions had already been established and were struggling for the rights of Slayers.

Even the Slayers who weren’t particularly interested in ‘extermination’ showed a positive response to the establishment of the ‘Union’ and began to flock to it. Eventually, after half a year since the first Assassination Squad was formed, it was reborn as the Korean Union.

Anyway, it was a task that would take at least six months for the Union to be established, and the most bitter part was that after the Union was established, Jong-won was able to receive a direct apology from the parents of the ‘Three Yamchejok.’

Of course, during that time, the law was revised and he was able to receive up to 20 million won through the appeal process.

To sum up, the crazy dog Jong-won relentlessly tormented the ‘Three Yamchejok’ for eight months, received an apology from their parents, and even received the ridiculous 20 million won that was taken away.

Jong-won was delighted like a child and said that money didn’t matter, and donated 20 million won to the Hwansuk Sunlight Nursery where Hyun-seok was attending.

During all of this, about three months had passed since Hyun-seok and his group were first embroiled in the lawsuit. It had been about two months since Jong-won had founded the Assassination Squad.

It was March.

Jong-won was still persistently tormenting the ‘Three Yamche,’ even leading the Assassination Squad and following them around, and Hyun-seok was struggling.

In fact, Hyun-seok had quit his part-time job as a translator a long time ago. He wasn’t obsessed with slaying monsters, but whenever he had free time or needed money, or when he was bored, he relied on Jong-won’s help and went slaying. Over the past three months, he had hunted an orc and about 10 male deer monsters, and earned more than 60 million won, split evenly with Jong-won.

Actually, even though Hyun-seok didn’t have much desire for materialistic things, his heart was drawn to them.

“It’s definitely… an attractive job.”

That’s because Hyun-seok had such a deceitful stat. Typically, Slayer who focused on slaying monsters made around 300-500 won a month, assuming they had skills. It was generally advisable to avoid monsters like orcs, known to be the strongest currently, and run away. Orc shields were incredibly powerful, so it was hard to even leave a scratch with an average attack. Although it wasn’t widely discussed, the prevailing opinion was that one needed a strength stat of 40 or higher to break through their shield.

“But… I don’t know…”

He already had a steady job as a breadwinner. He didn’t have much desire to earn a lot of money. However, it was a fact that he was gradually getting into slaying without realizing it. He had previously said he wouldn’t do any slaying, but he had hunted more than ten monsters in just three months.

And it wasn’t necessary to quit his current job just because he wanted to become a Slayer. So it wasn’t much of a problem. He thought it was a good idea to switch to a full-time Slayer if he ever felt like it in the future. That alone was a significant psychological change for Hyun-seok. Anyway, Hyun-seok wasn’t much of a problem.

The problem was Min-seo.

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