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A.S.S Chapter 10 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

Min-seo was a fairly excellent auxiliary Slayer. According to rumors, Min-seo’s intelligence stat was as high as 33 when she first awakened as a Slayer. For reference, Jong-won has a strength stat of 38 at the time of awakening and holds the official record for the highest in the United States.

Of course, compared to Hyun-seok, it was a considerably lower level, but considering that the average intelligence stat of known auxiliary Slayers on the internet was around 23, it was a pretty high level. Although it was not certain, this stat seemed to be determined by the body’s condition and ability at the time of becoming a Slayer, as well as the situation. Taking this into consideration, it was undoubtedly clear that Min-seo studied hard and had an excellent mind.

And the speed of increasing stats was also extremely fast.

“What should I do with Min-seo…”

It seems that she is also enjoying slaying monsters quite a bit. As she puts it, the pleasure and excitement she feels when restoring things that have been destroyed and successfully recovering them are tremendous. All the support slayers say the same thing.

“Min-seo, do you really want to be a full-time slayer? Monsters could disappear tomorrow just like that.”

“Oppa, I told you I really want to do it.”

“You can become a slayer after you have developed your skills and become wealthy. Like me.”

Being a support slayer with a cheap job and being a full-time slayer are two different things. The prey is not abundant. There may be many monsters like mosquitoes and one-day creatures, but how many monsters are worth hunting? The number of monsters that are worth hunting is limited, and slayers are competing for these limited resources.

“If someday we fall behind in competition… the phenomenon of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer will also appear among slayers.”

The skills of slayers are gradually improving, and now even orcs are slowly becoming slaying targets instead of being dangerous. Nationally, there are about 10 orcs appearing each day. The number of guilds that can slay orcs is estimated to be around 100, so simply put, 100 guilds compete for 10 orcs.

“The top slayers will become much stronger at a very fast pace. The lower slayers will fall behind.”

Except for Hyun-seok, who is limited by the level and experience system, skilled slayers can become stronger by hunting top monsters like orcs. On the other hand, slayers with poor skills may not be able to slay properly due to competition among slayers and may even starve.

Of course, that situation hadn’t happened yet.

While only about 10 orcs appeared per day, there were far more lower-level monsters. The situation in White Stone was also quite profitable and provided a decent amount of experience, so extreme situations like the one mentioned earlier wouldn’t unfold for a while. However, Hyun-seok couldn’t help but worry about Min-seo’s future.

“Of course, you’re a support slayer, so you won’t have to risk your life, but I’m still worried. As I’ve said before, we don’t know when the monsters will disappear. We need a way to prepare for that. And slayers are still in danger. We were lucky to kill the orc last time, but there could be a stronger monster than the orc.”

Whether the monsters disappear or become too strong, it’s still a problem. Even at this point, where slaying has become commonplace, there are still casualties.

“If stronger monsters appear, the defeated slayers won’t even be able to kill them.”

“Even now, it’s in easy mode.”

For over three months, the notification sound had been saying that the current state was in “easy mode.” If there’s an easy mode, there must be a normal mode, and if there’s a normal mode, there must be a hard mode. And according to what he knew, orcs weren’t that powerful of monsters. At least in terms of common fantasy knowledge.

Min-seo suggested a compromise.

“Well, then, let’s do it like this.”

After the vacation ended, Min-seo returned to high school.

Some students dropped out of school and focused solely on slaying as soon as they awakened as a slayer, but Min-seo was different. She started studying even harder. She was a diligent student who usually studied hard, but on weekends, she decided to go slaying with Hyun-seok and Jong-won. It was Min-seo’s idea. Since she would study even harder, she suggested going slaying together on weekends. Hyun-seok agreed, and thanks to that, he had to move to a two-room apartment.

Currently, even the strongest monster known as Orc can be easily killed with one punch from Hyun-seok. Hyun-seok possesses enormous, literally monstrous stats. At least, that’s the case for now. And a month has passed.

The South Korean electronics company, Sori, has introduced a groundbreaking invention.

It is a device that allows one to gauge the approximate strength of monsters. The device measures a monster’s “magical power,” which is determined by its strength. Initially, the invention did not receive much attention.

However, at an incredibly opportune time, other monsters began to appear. Even the weakest monsters have their names displayed above their heads. However, Orcs do not have their names displayed.

In other words, newly appeared monsters, are completely unknown creatures, and one cannot know how strong they are without directly confronting them. In such a situation, a tool that roughly measures the strength of monsters became an incredibly useful tool. It could even be said to be another form of life. In fact, there were strong monsters that looked weak at first glance, and thanks to this magical power measurement device, several guilds were created that withdrew without attacking the monsters.

This magical power measurement device was in a form similar to a smartphone and soon added a “monster encyclopedia” function. It was a function that formed a kind of network between the measurement devices to create an encyclopedia of new monsters.

For the slayer who first registered the appearance, characteristics, and weaknesses of a new monster, Sori adopted a system that gave them 1 million won in cash. Even without this system, the strategy of allowing the person who first discovered a new monster to name it proved to be effective.

This magical power measurement device was called the “smart encyclopedia” and began to spread rapidly worldwide. This industry is one in which the first to take the lead wins. Although the latecomers followed, it was in vain. The smart encyclopedia had already spread worldwide and became a huge help to slayers all over the world.

Right now, it was just like this. Hyun-seok scrunched up his face.

“Ju-hee, do you love me?”

Looking at the monster encyclopedia, the frog monster in front of him was named Ju-hee, I Love You. Perhaps it was discovered and named by a Korean slayer, but the naming sense was the worst. Its surface was bumpy like a turtle shell or a cracked rice paddy, and its two eyes were swollen with redness. There was no pretty corner to look at on this monster, no matter which angle you tried. To name such a monster Ju-hee, I Love You.

Hyun-seok shook his head and spread out the battlefield.

“It’s weaker than an orc, but it has a characteristic of spewing poisonous gas when its h/p is more than half down. Let’s be careful of that.”

Jong-won said.

“You’re talking bullsh*t.”

Lately, Jong-won was a little annoyed. It was comfortable to be with Hyun-seok, but there was no need to stand up for anything. Humans are happy when their worth is proven. But if Hyun-seok punches, it’s a one-shot kill. Various monsters have appeared, but so far, there hasn’t been a much stronger individual than an orc. In other words, if Hyun-seok punches, most monsters are dead. It’s good to level up quickly, but it’s a little disappointing.

“If one punch is enough, where are the red, blue, and purple ones?”

Jong-won was right. The monster named Ju-hee, I Love You, with a grotesque name, could not withstand Hyun-seok’s punch and died. The item left nothing.

At that moment, a notification sound rang in Hyun-seok’s ear.

[You have defeated the Poisonous Frog with one hit.]

[You have succeeded in 30 consecutive One-Shot Kills.]

[You are recognized as being in the state of “Repetitive Practice Mastery”.]

[A new skill is formed.]

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