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A.S.S Chapter 11 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

The world continued to rapidly change. Among the changes, two noteworthy ones were the expression of dissatisfaction among slayers and the emergence of Smart Encyclopedias.

The Green Stone was theoretically capable of providing 3-5% of Seoul’s daily power consumption. However, the actual results were slightly different from the theoretical calculations. The reason for the discrepancy was unknown, but the efficiency was around 1-2%. Nevertheless, people started voicing their concerns about the unreasonable price of one billion won for such a small amount of efficiency, even if it was only 1-2%. Some even went as far as to claim that it was worth hundreds of billions of won. The general consensus was that such a price tag couldn’t have been possible without some kind of illicit transaction between the guild-holding conglomerates and the government.

Jong-won once asked, “Hey, is it true that Green Stone’s original price was really worth hundreds of billions of won?”

Hyun-seok replied, “What the hell are you talking about? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“It’s been said on the internet…”

Hyun-seok was an employee of the Korea Electric Power Corporation and had a degree in electrical engineering. He quickly calculated and showed them the numbers.

“There. See?”

“Damn, is this for real?”

In reality, the annual average electricity consumption in Seoul was about 47 million MWH. To simplify the arithmetic for calculating daily power consumption, it can be divided by 365, which results in over 100,000 MWH. Assuming 1% of that is around 1,000 MWH. Based on the current residential electricity supply rate of 120 won per KWH, 1 MWH would cost 120,000 won. Therefore, even with this rough calculation, it would be around 120 billion won. If we assume an efficiency of 2%, it would be 240 billion won. Even if we consider the minimum value and exclude the exact calculations, the price would still be over 100 million won, and if we generously estimate, it would exceed 200 million won.

Of course, this calculation was based on the residential supply rate. To be more precise, the cost of the raw material should be considered rather than the supply rate. The government claimed that it would cost less than 100 million won to produce it, excluding its high efficiency and lack of environmental hazards. However, people didn’t fully trust the government’s claim.

Hyun-seok explained roughly.

“So, if you calculate based on the supply value, it means that it is worth around 120 to 240 million won. If you calculate it based on the agricultural electricity supply value, it doesn’t even reach 100 million won according to the government’s standards. Well… anyway, I don’t know the exact amount, but a profit is a profit, whether it’s from the government or a company. And besides, it’s environmentally friendly, leaving aside the price aspect. Moreover, the demand from other routes is also very high.”

“Let’s summarize the main point.”

Although Hyun-seok said he would explain it easily, he frowned when he saw Jong-won’s expression and snapped at him, frowning as well.

“It’s not hundreds of billions, but it’s over 100 million, you idiot!”

“You could have just said that. Why go around in circles?”

He had gone to the United States to get a doctorate degree not too long ago, but it seemed that his head had gone dull since then. Hyun-seok shook his head.

It means that the value is between 120 million won and 240 million won, calculated based on the household electricity rate, assuming that KEPCO sells electricity without any profit. (In fact, the electricity rate in Korea is relatively cheap. One of the materials used to produce electricity is oil, but in some cases, it’s even cheaper than oil. We won’t go into details about this.) Moreover, considering that the demand for Green Stone is very high, even in the vocal route, it was a public opinion that the price of Green Stone was set too low regardless of the government’s announcement.

Amidst such public opinion, one more change that changed the world of the Slayer could be the appearance of the Smart Encyclopedias.

However, due to the naming system of the Smart Encyclopedias, many ridiculous names were created, and problems arose in that it was impossible to understand the appearance and abilities of monsters just by their names.

As a result, (Sori Co., Ltd.) changed its policy. In the case of monster names, they were decided by (Sori Co., Ltd.) based on the votes received from the Slayers, and instead, the name that the discoverer gave was updated as a nickname. It is a side note that the Slayers actively supported this policy in terms of usefulness.

Furthermore, as the performance of the Smart Encyclopedias improved, a rough monster map began to emerge. Of course, it was not made by (Sori Co., Ltd.). They only provided the map app, and the rest was written by the Slayers. The map showed the location and type of monsters, and it was a big help for the Slayers to plan their hunts.

Hyun-seok, who doesn’t often go slaying, was able to succeed in slaying more easily by using a monster encyclopedia. He had just hunted a monster called “Ju-hee, I love you” – at the time, it was still commonly known by the name given by the Slayer.

[Successfully achieved 30 consecutive one-shot kills.]

[Recognized as a light achievement.]

[A skill has been formed.]

A skill has been formed. He had heard that many Slayers were obtaining skills through the “Easy Mode,” but he had never really thought deeply about skills. He figured that one punch was enough to finish off most monsters anyway.

“My abilities are so high right now.”

In the past, during the tutorial mode, he had heard a warning that “there could be significant disadvantages in the Easy Mode due to excessive stats,” but in retrospect, he wondered if the ‘ease’ caused by excessive stats was not a disadvantage at all. Games need a certain level of tension and thrills to be fun. Would it be fun if Mike Tyson fought a kindergarten student in a boxing match?

For Hyun-seok, the mana stones dropped currently were practically useless. Think about it. Would anything change if the top-ranking user used beginner items? His stats were so high that he didn’t need to care about items or skills.

Also, since he was easily handling monsters, he didn’t receive any skills.

Except for skills that were automatically acquired, such as opening the combat field, most combat skills were obtained through “martial arts-related book items” or through repeated practice.

He had not yet purchased any martial arts-related books because he didn’t feel the need to do so – they were very expensive. As for repeated practice, he had few opportunities. On the internet, there were already skillers with more than ten active skills, but Hyun-seok had little opportunity to obtain skills.

And one more thing.

According to the notification system, Hyun-seok is currently restricted by the “level system.” While other Slayers gradually become stronger as they level up, Hyun-seok’s level doesn’t increase, and he doesn’t gain any experience.

Hyun-seok places great importance on safety. He doesn’t particularly enjoy hunting monsters, nor does he find acquiring skills to be fun. However, the profits he earns from the items dropped by monsters and magic stones are enough to make him happy.

“Let’s check out the skills for now.”

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