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A.S.S Chapter 9 (part 2): – Season 1: Preparation

After hearing the story, the police officer sympathized with Jong-won but said that they had to abide by the law. Hyun-seok patted Jong-won’s shoulder and suggested that they just let it go since it wasn’t that much money, and it would be better for their image if they just paid 4 million won each from their income. The temporary guild members watched on as they received an unexpected 16 million won in income without doing anything. They agreed to contribute 4 million won each towards the cause, which surprised even the initially opposed Chae-rim.

“Don’t you feel unjust? I helped them out, even though I could have died doing it. I didn’t even hear a thank you. What kind of situation is this?” Jong-won protested.

“But it’s the law! We have to follow the law!” the woman who had yelled at Jong-won earlier raised her voice.

“No, that ajumma is right. Let’s see!”. (‘Ajumma’ is a Korean word that is most often used to refer to middle-aged or older women since referring to an elder by name without a title in Korea is not socially acceptable. <The translator> )

Hyun-seok sighed and rubbed his head. Jong-won was known for being hot-tempered and stubborn, even though he had mellowed out over the years. He was even rumored to have been called “crazy dog” at school. Even those who were known for using their fists in school wouldn’t mess with Jong-won.

“What? Ajumma? I am ready to throw a punch! Hit me! Hit me!”

“I can’t give it to you because it’s unfair!”

“I’ll sue you. You should live according to the law! Follow the law!”

Suddenly, the woman threatened to sue, and started to poke and prod, but Jong-won didn’t back down and hit back.

“Sue? Bring it on! Who would be afraid of that!”

The fight that started like that caused a nationwide stir. The fight that took place at the police station was broadcasted from beginning to end. Interestingly enough, the person who filmed the video was none other than Sim Hyung-jae, one of the three people involved in the fight.

Whether he thought it was a rare video or was naive, he posted the video on Facebook, and it quickly became a nationwide issue, surpassing 10,000 likes in no time.

This is such a ridiculous and forced logic.

It’s like rescuing someone from the water and then demanding they hand over their bag.

The point is, since there’s a law like this, it means helping someone in danger is not the issue.

He got involved in someone else’s business and ended up getting hurt. He’s lucky nothing worse happened, but if that slayer had died, he would have had to compensate him.

Who are the ones who made such a trashy law anyway? It’s a waste of taxes.

Most people took Jong-won’s side. However, when it became known that Jong-won was a high-ranking battle slayer of I’UET, Hanjin stepped in to mediate. Hanjin is a major domestic corporation that places a great deal of importance on its brand image. Hanjin expressed regret over what had happened and offered to pay the three people involved in the fight a compensation of 20 million won, while dealing with Jong-won honestly.

After quickly downing a glass of soju, Jong-won slammed it on the table.

“Damn it, this is so messed up!”

“But isn’t it a good thing that you’re being dealt with honestly? Even though they announced it as honesty publicly, your basic salary remains the same, and your activity freedom is guaranteed, so you might even make more income.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about feeling sh*tty! Those bastards screwed me over. If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t have been able to escape properly. I could have died there. But instead of being thankful, they hit me from behind like this? Damn, man!”

Within I’UET, Jong-won is a very important figure. Although he may not know anything else, he is a strong slayer with a record of hunting orcs alone. Of course, I think other guild members could do it too if they hunted orcs alone, but it’s still impressive to hunt orcs alone.

Currently, the guild regulations specify that at least five people must form a team to hunt orcs. If Jong-won didn’t have the title of “solo orc hunter,” he might have just been expelled instead of receiving this exceptional(?) treatment. However, since Jong-won had the title of solo orc slayer and public opinion was very favorable toward him, he was likely subjected to a mere nominal punishment. That was a very fair punishment, considering Jong-won’s perspective.

“Damn! They messed with the wrong person. These bastards. Let’s see who comes out on top.”

Hyun-seok shook his head.

“Looks like his crazy side is coming out again.”

============================ Review of the Work (The Writer) ============================

I’ll mention it again in this review. I think many people would question the valuation of Greens Stone at 100 million won. The slayers are surprisingly quiet. It’s the ordinary people who are causing more of a commotion.

There are several reasons why the slayers are silent:

Firstly, relative satisfaction.

Secondly, the abundant state of resources due to the lack of absolute numbers of slayers. (We’ve set the number of slayers active throughout the country at about 4,000. This number is subject to change.)

Thirdly, the absence of a slayer rights organization.

Fourthly, the current guild structure.

Regarding the guild structure, most of the “powerful” guilds are currently run by companies. It can be said that there aren’t many guilds established by slayers themselves, except for “temporary guilds”. At least for now.

In that situation, the price set by the government is deemed essential for obtaining the consent of the “companies running large guilds”. In other words, the price of “100 million won” is the result of an agreement between the “government” as the buyer and the “companies” as the seller. I won’t explicitly state what this means. I purposely avoided mentioning it in the work. I thought it wouldn’t be easy for slayers belonging to companies to raise objections to the price agreed upon between the government and the companies.


 Price controversy (?) I will extract some of the contents of the unpublished 11th part.

<Excerpt from the 11th part>

In fact, the average annual power consumption in Seoul is about 47 million MWH. To express this in an easy-to-understand number, it’s about 47,000,000,000,000 W/H. If we roughly divide this by 365 to calculate the daily power consumption, it exceeds 100,000 MWH even with a rough calculation. (The exact number is omitted.) If we consider it as 1% of that, it would be 1,000 MWH.

Based on residential electricity consumption, the supply price of electricity is 120 won per 1 KWH. Since 1 MWH is 1,000 KWH, 1 MWH costs 120,000 won. Therefore, even with this simplified calculation, it amounts to about 120,000,000 won.

If the efficiency is good at 2%, it would be 240,000,000 won. At the very least – since we omitted the exact calculation – it would be 120 million won, and with a slightly generous estimate, it would exceed 200 million won.

This is not all of the content. I mentioned in the review that it is for rough reference only. You can check the details in the 11th part.

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