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A.S.S Chapter 9 (part 1): – Season 1: Preparation

Typically, the names of the lowest-level monsters, such as mosquitoes and mayflies, are displayed. However, a new monster recently appeared that was named Orc, but its name did not appear. This monster dropped a new type of magic stone, which was named Green Stone, and showed a distinct difference from the existing White Stone.

Green Stone was especially recognized as a next-generation energy source that would bring about a revolutionary change in human energy. When making a campfire, if you try to light a log, it doesn’t burn well. But if you sprinkle oil on it, it burns brightly. It was similar to that.

By adding Green Stone to the existing thermal power plant facilities, much more energy could be extracted with very little oil (or coal, etc.). It was a very good resource from an environmental conservation perspective because it required less combustible material. Most countries began to manage Green Stone at the national level, which led to another problem.

Illegal distribution of White Stone was discovered, and it was mostly being used as an aphrodisiac. With the attention given to Green Stone, the monitoring and management of White Stone became somewhat lax, and illegal sales and distribution became rampant. Especially, due to its special ability to upgrade existing aphrodisiacs with even small amounts, the demand for White Stone skyrocketed.

Anyway, Green Stone was currently a very rare and excellent resource worldwide, and although it varied slightly by country, in Korea, the price of one Green Stone was set at approximately 100 million won excluding tax. Considering that each one was comparable to “an enormous amount of oil,” it was not such a large amount. Moreover, even if we consider the number of Orcs that appear in a day, it was barely ten, so the supply was far too scarce compared to the demand.

In that situation, the opinion that the amount of 100 million won was ridiculously low was dominant, but surprisingly, the slayers agreed to that price. There aren’t many guilds that can safely hunt monsters that are at least as strong as orcs. And guilds that are capable of such hunting have a basic salary of at least 3 million won. If they are lucky enough to obtain a Greens Stone, they can earn up to 10 million won even if they hunt with 10 people.

Although they knew that the government was making enormous profits, the slayers surprisingly did not fight against the government, probably because it was still profitable for them. On the internet, people often said that the slayers were quiet because they still lacked a sense of community and because the slayer profession had not been around for long.

This was somewhat understandable since the slayers still preferred to join guilds established by corporations rather than establish their own guilds. Also, considering that the slayer profession had only emerged a year ago, their power and organization were still at a poor level. There was still no representative group for slayers, and there were hardly any slayers fighting for their rights.

Originally, as a private in the army, one would do anything without complaint. However, as experience accumulates, complaints arise as time goes on. The current state of the slayers can be compared to that of a private in the army. There were hardly any slayers who went against the intentions of corporations and the government.

On the other hand, Hyun-seok, who could be considered an outsider, asked Jong-won with doubt.

“Don’t you feel unfairly treated?”

“Not really. I think making 500,000 won per month is enough.”

“I see.”

When the expectation is 100 but you receive 80, it is a disappointing result. However, when the expectation is 50 and you receive 80, it is a satisfying result. Even if the amount received is the same, the degree of satisfaction felt depends on the initial expectation.

“Well… Some slayers are planning to sue the government separately. The Japanese have a union or something like that, and it seems like a representative group for slayers might be established…”

“It’s not a problem that can be solved in a short period of time.”

“Still, our value has gone up a lot thanks to the appearance of orcs.”

“I know.”

Thanks to the appearance of the orcs, the value of the top-tier slayers has increased even more. It was predicted that after this month and into next year, slayers belonging to giant guilds would see their basic salary jump drastically.

Hyun-seok muttered again.

“Come to think of it, you slayers are too passive. You could assert your rights more aggressively.”

“It’s better to just find one more orc instead of wasting time on that. It’s also bothersome. Someone will step up eventually. I’m satisfied with my current income and treatment. You also made a lot of money this time, didn’t you?”

Contrary to what is known to the world, it was not Jong-won but Hyun-seok who dealt with the orc this time. Moreover, he killed it in just one shot.

To borrow what Park Sung-hyung said to Jong-won, the orc boasts of strength to the level of “it’s still a mystery how you managed to handle this orc alone.” Anyway, it was publicly known that Jong-won handled the orc, and a few days later, he received 100 million won and divided it into n shares among the people who were in the temporary guild together. It was because they had made an agreement to divide all profits generated from slaying equally, so this resulted in unexpected gains for the three other slayers. They each received about 15 million won.

“Aren’t you feeling unjust? Honestly, you caught it alone.”

“No, not really.”

Hyun-seok was not a saint, but he was not blind to greed either. And he had no regrets about earning 15 million won with just one punch. It wasn’t even an hourly wage, but a beginner’s 15 million won. If he had earned it with great difficulty, he might have felt regret, but since it was money that he could easily earn if he set his mind to it, he didn’t feel regret at all.

Jong-won smirked.

“See, that’s exactly what slayers are like. This is enough. But still, 10 orcs are caught in a day. Even if one guild catches just three per month, that’s still a lot, isn’t it?”

Hyun-seok and Jong-won were not people with a great desire for material things, so they were discussing profits without any regrets. However, a call came from the police station. It was a call to Jong-won.

Jong-won frowned and said, “Yes, I understand. Let’s go.”

The 21st century is a rapidly changing society. It was already a changing society even before the appearance of monsters. Even before the appearance of monsters, there were many cases of people who could not keep up with the changing society where laws and institutions were constantly evolving.

As monsters appeared and slayers emerged, the changes became even more pronounced. And it has not even been a year since these changes occurred. As a result, laws and regulations related to slaying are still lacking. Among the laws related to slaying, there are also laws related to “ownership of items.”

In practice, it is more customary to follow implicit practices rather than distribute income according to the law. Guild masters who recruit slayers announce in advance how they will divide the income, and slayers who accept these conditions gather in the guild and distribute the income.

This was the case with temporary guilds, and while regular guilds varied, most adopted a format of dividing into n shares. It was predicted that such practices would soon change, but in any case, there were still many cases where n-division was used. And large-scale guilds like I’UET have details about income distribution specified in their contracts. All the income earned within I’UET is attributed to the guild, and they receive compensation in the form of performance bonuses.

However, most slayers are unaware that laws related to income distribution exist. So, this situation has occurred. It is ridiculous, but it’s the law.

Jong-won shouted out in anger.

“Those guys interfered and almost got me killed. You know that, right?”

“Anyway, we’re still alive, and we were the first in Korea to obtain the Green Stone, weren’t we?”

Jong-won, as well as Lee Chae-rim, who was summoned by the police, laughed incredulously. Not only Lee Chae-rim but also the other three who participated in slaying at that time laughed in frustration. The law stipulated that whoever first discovered and attacked the monster had priority ownership of the items dropped during slaying. However, if the slaying failed, ownership was limited to 20 percent.

Hyun-seok frowned.

“I can’t believe such a law exists.”

He thought that maybe the law was made by someone sitting at their desk, without even looking around the site, racking their brain. It seemed like a law that was fair enough in its own way, but it was unjust for the temporary team of Jong-won at the time. Jong-won was furious.

“So, you guys don’t acknowledge the favor of saving your son’s life, but you claim 20% ownership of Green Stone?”

Three middle school students who followed their parents to the meeting were sitting in a corner with their heads down, perhaps overwhelmed by Jong-won’s sharp tone. The people currently arguing with Jong-won were the parents of the middle school slayer. They were silent for a moment at Jong-won’s words, but soon opened their mouths.

“Because that’s the law.”

Jong-won was so unjustly angry that he wanted to go crazy. Actually, a 20% stake of 100 million won is only 20 million won, and it’s not that difficult for him to give it up from his position. Anyway, it’s the five people who earned the income who will give it up, and it’s a matter of each person bearing only about 4 million won.

This much can be overlooked as just bad luck or misfortune. But the money is the second issue. He was so unjustly angry.

“No. Officer. Please say something. They almost killed that kid… Hey! Come here for a second! Don’t you have to speak properly about your work!”

When Jong-won shouted out loud, the police officer stopped him.

“Calm down. Calm down.”

A woman who was suspected to be one of the three mothers also shouted out without hesitation.

“Why are you shouting at a child like that?”

“It looks like I’m not supposed to shout!”

Only the inexperienced police officer broke out in a cold sweat.

“Calm down, both of you. Calm down.”

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