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A.S.S Chapter 8 (part 2): Season 1 Preparation


The orc’s attack hit the ground awkwardly. Although it was winter and the ground was quite hard, a small pit was created. The orc raised the wooden club again. This time, he saw Jun-hwan’s back figure, hobbling to join the party. The orc moved with angry footsteps. Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Although he was not very familiar with bipedal locomotion, he was still faster than Jun-hwan, who was limping on his legs. At the moment when he was about to swing his wooden club toward Jun-hwan’s back of the head, Jong-won intervened.



Jong-won’s massive hammer clashed against the orc’s club. He swung it from bottom to top, putting his full weight behind the blow. Jong-won felt a tingling pain in his wrist.

“This guy is no joke.”

Pushed by Jong-won’s strength, the orc, who had just been striking a triumphant pose, stumbled backward a few steps, unable to regain his balance.


The orc’s gaze fixed on Jong-won. He had successfully aggroed him.

“Damn it. We need someone who can take his attack.”

Thanks to Jong-won’s attack, the orc was now completely exposed and vulnerable. If there had been another real slayer present, they could have dealt a significant blow. Not those useless fools who were too scared to even get close.

Jong-won shouted furiously, “You’re no help, so get out of here!”

The three of them flinched at Jong-won’s momentum. Even though they knew they couldn’t win, they couldn’t understand why he was still fighting. Hajongwon was furious.

“We can’t even run away because of you! run away, you stupid bastards!”

“But, but…”

“No buts… Argh!”

The orc didn’t wait for Jong-won to finish his sentence. He swung his club at him. Jong-won raised his hammer horizontally to block the attack. Tingling pain ran through his wrist, shoulder, waist, and knee.

“Damn it! You damn bastards! Can’t you hear me? Run!”

Despite the unbearable pain in his shoulder, Jong-won yelled, and the three of them started running away.

“At least his attack pattern is simple. That’s the only good thing.”

If the orc had performed an erratic attack, he would have been taken down mercilessly. He wasn’t a combat slayer specialized in quick movements. He was a slayer who aimed for a big blow while waiting for an opportunity. Although it would have been easier if Lee Chae-rim had intervened and given him some help, he didn’t really expect much from her. Of course, Lee Chae-rim was fast, but her stamina was too weak. Even allowing one hit from this club’s attack could be fatal.

“If it were me… I could take a few hits. Wait for the timing and run away…”

Jong-won, who was waiting for the timing to block the orc’s attack and escape, stopped his body. And then,

“Ah, ahhhh! Sh*t!”

He screamed. It was because the orc’s body leaned towards him. He looked about 1 meter 50 cm tall and his appearance was extremely ugly and the foul odor was so repulsive. Fortunately, before completely overwhelming Jong-won, the orc’s body disappeared, leaving behind a green magic stone and an item called an orc leather.

“What’s going on?”

Behind the orc’s body, Hyun-seok smiled with a nonchalant expression, as if he didn’t know either.

Hyun-seok was also honestly surprised. He moved under the calculation that if he could create a gap for Jong-won, who seemed to be struggling quite a bit and with no idea when the I’UET guild members would come, he could somehow escape. He quietly went behind and grabbed the orc’s waist with his left arm and struck it with all his might with his right wrist. It was like hitting a punch machine.

[First time hunting a low-level monster Orc.]

[Easy achievement recognized.]

[Bonus stat of 1 given.]

[Acquired the title Orc Slayer. Strength stat increases by 1.]

As if the shield was breaking apart without any chance, the waist of the orc was broken grotesquely, and then the H/P bar became 0.

‘What is this…’

Lee Chae-rim, who was cursing inwardly at Hyun-seok’s reckless behavior, opened her eyes wide. She didn’t even notice the rapier falling to the ground. She asked Bu-reum and Beom-su next to her.

“W-what, what just happened…?”

However, Bu-reum and Beom-su couldn’t understand what was going on either. Even Hyun-seok’s younger brother Min-seo couldn’t understand the current situation. Beom-su stuttered.

“D-did we just kill that monster in one hit…?”

“Y-yeah. If our eyes didn’t deceive us, we definitely did.”

Bu-reum and Beom-su gulped. Lee Chae-rim trembled all over.

‘I thought it was just a blowhard…’

To be honest, she had thought little of Hyun-seok from the beginning. But she didn’t know he had such an absurd ability. What’s even more absurd is that the person himself seemed to be unaware that he had such power.

Jong-won was also equally stunned.

“What was that, you?”

“Well, I didn’t expect it either, but I killed it in one hit.”

“Isn’t it because the matzah was too weak compared to this guy’s attack power? No, wait… I saw the little guy’s punches earlier… It’s no joke how bouncy he is.”

“So I was worried too. But luckily, I’m not hurt.”

“No. That’s not what I meant.”

Above all, it was Min-seo who was surprised. She approached Hyun-seok.

“Min-seo. So, you’re saying that Oppa was a slayer?”

“That’s right… I didn’t plan on telling you, though.”

He works at KEPCO, and he earns quite a bit of money from his part-time job as a translator. He lives a comfortable and peaceful life with a stable source of income. He didn’t want to live as a slayer, so he didn’t reveal it.

“Why did you hide it from me?”

“Well, it’s not like I intentionally hid it…”

Min-seo stared at Hyun-seok for about 5 seconds before smiling brightly.

“Of course, Oppa. There’s nothing you can’t do. It’s a bit unfair that you kept it a secret from me, though.”

At that moment, the I’UET guild members rushed in. The eyes of the deputy leader of I’UET, Park Sung-hyung, widened. He looked very anxious.

“What’s going on? Jong-won, show me that.”

“This? I was going to show it to you anyway…”

Park Sung-hyung took the mana stone from Jong-won’s hand without waiting for an explanation.

“…It’s a new type of mana stone.”

After that day, the world became noisy once again, starting from Korea. A new type of monster, not in animal form, began to appear. These monsters dropped a different type of mana stone from the existing ones, which emitted green light and came to be called greens tones.

And with the emergence of greenstones, the world began to change more rapidly.

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