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A.S.S Chapter 8 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

Jong-won and Hyun-seok decided to form a temporary guild. One of the things that Jong-won talked about endlessly, until his mouth went dry, was the “freedom” that comes with being a slayer. Although he belonged to I’UET, he often established temporary guilds to go slaying outside of his designated work hours or allocation.

Hyun-seok asked Jong-won to join him in slaying on weekends. They usually went after the male deer monsters that appeared in the Bukhansan area, and Hyun-seok, with his immense strength, achieved the exhilarating feat of a “one-shot one-kill” repeatedly.

It was winter.

Min-seo achieved the promised feat of being in the top 10 of the entire school, and she was able to go slaying with them at least during the winter break. With a quite pleased expression, Min-seo and Hyun-seok, who was not at all happy about this, established a temporary guild and headed to Bukhansan, where they had previously surveyed the terrain and monster appearances.

As soon as Jong-won of I’UET gathered a temporary guild, people quickly joined in. The combat slayers were Jong-won and Lee Chae-rim. Chae-rim, a female combat slayer, used a thin rapier-like sword, and mainly performed the role of dispersing the monster’s attention through fast attacks rather than strong blows. However, Chae-rim viewed Hyun-seok very unfavorably. She saw him as not even a slayer and only following along as if he were protecting his younger sibling, rather than actually being a part of the team.

So, although there was a brief scuffle in the beginning, they were able to quickly settle it by using the excuse that they knew the terrain well. As recovery slayers, Kang Boo-reum and Go Bum-soo, ordinary men, participated as auxiliary slayers. They succeeded in slaying about three male deer monsters in Bukhansan, and everyone was delighted, especially Min-seo, who was participating in slaying for the first time. She was extremely happy about the achievement of slaying three monsters in just one day.

“Don’t be so cheerful. There’s a guy like Jong-won who’s comfortable slaying monsters, but in general, even a male deer monster is a very dangerous creature.”

Upon hearing those words, Lee Chae-rim’s mood seemed relatively sour as she retorted, “You seem to know a lot for someone who’s not a slayer.”

Hyun-seok simply chuckled in response. He didn’t need to advertise himself as a slayer unless it was necessary, especially since he wasn’t planning on living his life as one anyway. If Hyun-seok were to put his name in as a combat slayer, there would be three combat slayers in total. However, male deer monsters were part of a weaker species with strong defenses but low attack power, making it unnecessary to have three combat slayers for them. In fact, one of the combat slayers was already Jong-won. When slaying male deer monsters, most teams would exclude recovery slayers, so the composition of having three combat slayers was a bit excessive.

If Hyun-seok were to add his name to the list, the composition would become incredibly inefficient. Even Jongwon would have a hard time finding a team with such an inefficient composition. Rewards would be wasted unnecessarily, as income is usually divided by 1/N, reducing the overall income.

At that moment, Lee Chae-rim discovered something. “But what is that?”

Jongwon frowned. “I don’t know. It’s my first time seeing it too. It looks really strange. It’s not an animal-type monster…?”

Lee Chae-rim’s expression became even more serious. That form… She had seen it somewhere before. It was similar to the orcs that appeared in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”!

“What should we do about that?”

Jong-won smirked.

“What can we do?”

“Excuse me?”

“We run.”


“Look at it. It doesn’t seem particularly fast. We won’t be able to outrun it.”

The monster standing before them had two legs, a reddish-brown body, held a club in its right hand, and had a face that resembled a squished pig. It was a monster that even Jong-won had never seen before. In situations like this, there was no need to rush in. There was nothing wrong with being cautious when there was no information available.

“We’ll report back and come back with more firepower.”

Fortunately, monsters tended to have a habit of not straying too far from their spawn point. It wasn’t true for all monsters, but it was generally known to be the case. There were even claims that stronger monsters had a wider radius, but that was not yet confirmed.

“Let’s run.”

Jong-won was a member of I’UET and a well-known battle slayer, and he started to run recklessly. No, to be more precise, he tried to run recklessly. But Min-seo had noticed something.

“Oppa, look over there. Someone’s trying to slay that.”

“What did you say?”

Jong-won turned around. It wasn’t the same monster as before; it was a completely new form. It was a monster that could only appear in a fantasy novel. Nobody knew how strong it was; they had to face it themselves. It could be strong or weak, but safety was important. Rushing in blindly was insane.

“These crazy people…”

However, the slayers running toward the monster looked like rookies. Jong-won quickly made a call somewhere. He had planned to handle things slowly, but it became urgent. Those thoughtless, crazy people were still running around.

“Because of those bastards, the number of deaths in statistics isn’t decreasing.”

They seemed to be newbies who had just gained some confidence. But to Jong-won, they were still rookies.

“Yes, I have my GPS on right now. This is my location. Please come quickly if possible. I don’t know, it’s a completely new form. But there are some crazy people coming towards it. I think they might die. Yes, I understand. I will keep an eye out.”

Min-seo’s feet shuffled anxiously.

“Oppa, are those people okay?”

Min-seo was an ordinary 19-year-old girl. When she saw someone in danger, she naturally wanted to help. Hyun-seok replied gruffly.

“They’re probably okay since they got involved.”

But the situation was far from okay.

Being a Slayer was a highly acclaimed profession in recent times. It wasn’t a job that anyone could do. The income was also quite substantial. On average, it was around 200 monthly according to statistics, but the statistics were inaccurate. They included people who were not involved in slaying, so it was not accurate. Slayers who did not participate in slaying had an income of zero won.

Jong-won earned about 700 monthly, which made him quite a high-income earner. At the young age of 29, he was making close to 100 million won annually. But on the other hand, it was difficult to say he was a highly paid person. This was because Jong-won was part of the top 10% elite group of slayers. Even in regular professions, elites in the top 10% receive a similar level of income. (This doesn’t mean that Jong-won’s income is low; it just means that he’s not an incredibly high-income earner.)

Regardless of the income aspect, the reason why Slayers were highly acclaimed was because of the ‘romance.’ Especially for young male students, there were many who wanted to become Slayers. A Slayer who hunted monsters. It was the romance of a man. At least for them, Slayers were almost objects of envy.

And Park Su-hyung, Shim Hyung-jae, and Oh Jun-hwan, who were childhood friends in their third year of middle school, were a somewhat unusual case of awakening as slayers at the same time. They grew up together since they were young and were alley leaders who grew up dominating the alleys. They were also quite good at using their fists, so they were always confident kids even in school. Moreover, they were quite decent slayers. They were no longer beginners. At least they thought so.

“Hey, look at that. It’s a new monster.”

“That thing looks like it might drop some really good loot.”

“That bastard looks like an orc.”

“Should we hunt it?”

“Isn’t it too dangerous?”

“Are you scared, you idiot?”

“Shut up.”

They were confident. They were the ones who, despite the usual practice of five or six combat slayers teaming up to hunt a male deer monster, had the skills to take it down with just three people. In fact, they were not particularly strong compared to others, but rather, because others prioritized safety, they were able to team up in groups of five or six. Nevertheless, they were the best in the area at hunting male deer monsters with just three people, and above all, they were not afraid.

“What’s the worst that can happen? We’ll just die.”

So the three of them charged at the newly appeared monster. They did not use any weapons separately. They were the type who fought using their fists and feet, relying on their stats, which were quite decent.

“Eat this!”

Park Su-hyung was the first to throw a punch. His fist collided with the face of the monster that seemed like an orc.

“Great. It’s hitting well!”

With a smirk of confidence, Park Su-hyung exclaimed,


He immediately let out a scream. Park Su-hyung’s fist seemed to be shattered due to the recoil from the monster’s shield. In a situation like this, it’s best to run away. He had embedded his fist in the weakness of the most confident authority, his face, but if his fist had been crushed, he would have to run away first. This means that he needs to find another way, whether it’s going to get a weapon or learn a new skill.

But they didn’t run away. This is not a game, but a reality. Such behavior is reckless. It was neither more nor less than proving that they were beginners, even though they thought of themselves as intermediate or higher.

“Damn it! This bastard got Su-hyung!”

Following that, Oh Jun-hwan kicked the orc’s thick calf with a low kick.


With a loud noise,


 Jun-hwan had to feel tremendous pain in his ankle. The orc gritted its teeth and breathed out hot air. He swung his right hand, which was holding a large wooden club. Fortunately, the attack was directed at Su-hyung, whose legs were still intact. If it had been Jun-hwan, whose legs were broken, he might have been a corpse by now.

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