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A.S.S Chapter 20 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

Kim Mun-yeol thought to himself.

‘But… according to the presentation materials, the difficulty level isn’t that high. I brought plenty of food and water. Union’s words may not be true, but they can’t be complete nonsense either.’

Without any items and with only one combat slayer, Inha, whom he glanced at, Kim Mun-yeol continued to walk. The monsters that appeared were orcs and twin-headed orcs. If they were careful and teamed up with guild members who had already infiltrated, they could defeat the monsters and clear it.

Kim Mun-yeol was also a guild leader in Aion and could be considered part of the elite slayers in Korea. He composed himself.

Hyun-seok said, “The boss may be in the sixth or seventh room.”

Park Dae-young let out a snort. “No sh*t. Everyone already knows that.”

Then, someone spoke up in a loud voice. “Excuse me. Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the source of the sound. Kang Pyeong-hwa was standing there. Even Hyun-seok was a little surprised. In Hyun-seok’s memory, Kang Pyeong-hwa was always shy and reserved, a kind and innocent girl who couldn’t even properly express her affection, yet here she was suddenly speaking up. The other people accepted it easily, but when Pyeong-hwa and Hyun-seok’s eyes met, her face flushed in embarrassment.

“Ah, no, I mean…”

As Hyun-seok and Kang Pyeong-hwa locked eyes, her mind became tangled and she blushed, bowing her head deeply. However, she knew she had to say something and opened her mouth again.

“Hyun-seok oppa is the guild leader of Inha. Have you ever seen a guild leader of another affiliation being treated so rudely?”

Park Dae-young hesitated for a moment, considering whether Pyeong-hwa’s words were correct. But then, he thought of a young girl who had stood up to him before and blushed, raising his voice.

Then, Kim Mun-yeol spoke up.

“Hey, there’s a battle going on!”

The situation suddenly became urgent. Park Dae-young quickly turned his head and saw a group of slayers slaughtering a Twin-Headed Orc and four other orcs in front of them.

Hyun-seok said, “Pyeong-hwa, over there. There’s a wounded person.”

“What? Okay!”

Kang Pyeong-hwa ran quickly. A wounded man was lying in a corner, covered in blood as if he had been splashed all over his body from a head wound. Min-seo ran over and activated a healing field.

Then, Pyeong-hwa shouted the activation command.


The man writhed in pain, but gradually his complexion improved. Aion’s healer, Choi Kang-sik, opened his eyes wide.

“Healed a severe injury like that with just one heal…?”

As Pyeong-hwa followed Hyun-seok, she was able to achieve feats that would have been impossible otherwise. Unlike combat and auxiliary slayers who could invest bonus stats in their skills, Pyeong-hwa’s current heal level was only about 3. However, if there was one thing that set her apart from ordinary slayers, it was that her heal was not just a normal heal, but a “Ratio Heal.”

There was a similar skill called “Advanced Heal,” which was a step higher and could only be obtained by raising the automatically generated heal that occurs when a recovery slayer awakens more than 30 times. Within Korea, there were only about 30 recovery slayers known to have this skill, and it was the most famous heal of all.

“Could it be… Advanced Heal…?”

‘Nah, that couldn’t be it. It was probably just a slightly better skill’, Hyun-seok thought and shook his head. He couldn’t recall the simple saying that sometimes fools people with “could it be.”

In fact, what Pyeong-hwa had unleashed was not “Advanced Heal.” Her skill was “Ratio Heal,” which restored 30% of the total H/P, not just increasing the absolute amount of H/P. She had chosen to cultivate Ratio Heal instead of Advanced Heal.

Although the cooldown time was very long and the stamina consumption was significant, once she restored 30%, subsequent heals were very fast. In a way, it could be said that its utility was even greater than that of Advanced Heal since it restored a Slayer in a state of near death to 30% in one go. (And considering Hyun-seok’s health bar, Ratio Heal was much better than Advanced Heal.)

Hyun-seok shouted, “I’ll cut in for a moment!”

Both combat slayers, Kim Mun-yeol and Park Dae-young, who were following behind, cursed at the same time. Even Kim Mun-yeol, who had managed to keep his composure on the outside, cursed roughly this time.

“What the f***! What if it jumps out first!”

“This crazy b****!!!”

Combat slayers usually work in pairs, synchronizing their movements and attacks to achieve maximum safety while hunting monsters. There are few slayers who are proficient in both attacking and defending at the same time. Instead, slayers specialize in either attack, defense, or disruption. Each combatant takes on a specific role in order to ensure the safety of the group.

Slayers must avoid sudden actions during the fight at all costs. Such actions could confuse the monsters and cause them to run in the wrong direction, putting the group in danger. In that moment of confusion, the synchronization of breathing between the slayers could be broken, leading to the loss of a slayer’s life.

Therefore, interfering with a high-level monster, such as an orc or a twin-headed orc, while they are being slain is strictly forbidden, implicitly agreed upon by the slayers. There are no laws that govern this rule. It is simply an unspoken agreement among the slayers.

However, one inexperienced slayer, as seen through the eyes of Kim Mun-yeol and Park Dae-young, broke this promise in a foolish act.

Kim Mun-yeol cursed under his breath.

“What a crazy fool!”

Crossing a stream on a bridge with a newly-walking child is an extremely risky action. For an adult, the shallow rapids and depth may not be much of an obstacle, but for a child, it can be a very daunting challenge. In a child’s world, a bridge is a powerful symbol of caution and a significant obstacle that must be approached with great care.

However, for an adult, a bridge is not much different from any other path. There is no need to walk cautiously or carefully.

Recovery Slayer Choi Kang-sik and Aion-affiliated support slayer Kim Hyo-cheon murmured in disbelief at the young player’s foolishness.

“This is insane. He’s completely lost it.”

“I can’t believe he rushed like that.”

In the meantime, the combat slayers who were focused on the battle also noticed the problem. Desperation was evident on their faces.

The support and recovery slayers who were assisting from behind shouted, “Third-party intrusion! Be especially careful of aggro and sudden movements!”

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