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A.S.S Chapter 21 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

“A third party has entered! Be especially careful of aggro and sudden actions!”

As soon as that voice was heard, the combat slayers of the ‘Superman’ guild who had entered the dungeon clearance cursed in frustration. Suddenly, a third party entered. Without them knowing, their bodies tensed up and they were on edge.

“Haat! Heuk! Hot! Hoot! Ha!”

With five cries of chants, the situation was over. It took about one second per chant. One punch per chant. The last move was a kick. It wasn’t a skilled martial artist’s kick, it was literally just a ‘kick’. And with that kick, the top-tier monster, Twin-Headed Orc, disappeared inexplicably.

“Are… Are you crazy…?”
“What, what is this…?”
“What… what kind of situation is this…?”

Three of the 12 combat slayers of the Superman guild dropped their weapons, and one collapsed in shock, while the remaining eight just stared dumbfoundedly at the man who had intruded. They had no idea what was going on. Was there anyone among the existing slayers who could kill an orc with one blow? Even if they searched their minds, they couldn’t think of such a person. Not just in Korea, but in the whole world, there shouldn’t be a slayer like that. That would have been the norm.
And the auxiliary and recovery slayers who were watching from behind were also working hard to understand the situation. Even though they were a step away and watching, they didn’t know anything more. It was even more confusing. Orcs dying with one blow. The only thing they could get from looking at it from a more objective perspective was panic.

Not only the Superman guild, but also the members of the Aion guild were thrown into a state of panic. Park Dae-young, who had been grumbling, stuttered, “I… I… I…” and Guild Leader Kim Mun-yeol just stared blankly ahead. Not only them, but the members of the Aion guild had also unconsciously ignored Inha, but when they opened the lid, weren’t they completely different slayers?

Park Dae-young’s face turned red with anger.

The reason why he didn’t respond to him was because he wasn’t even worth responding to!

It’s not really an insult to say “You’re not good” to someone who is already good at something. After all, talented people know they are talented and won’t be intimidated or angry with a single word that they are not good or something. But if you say to someone who is not good at something that they are not good, that’s an insult. It was the same logic. No matter how much Park Dae-young cursed and complained, it wouldn’t sound like much of an insult to Hyun-seok. In fact, Hyun-seok was hardly paying attention to him. Park Dae-young’s face was red with anger, and he was sweating profusely.

“Damn… what an embarrassing situation.”

Hyun-seok quickly realized that everyone was looking at him and awkwardly smiled.

Whether people were enjoying the panic, or they were surprised by Hyun-seok’s absurdity that they had ignored so far, Min-seo laughed heartily and Kang Pyeong-hwa secretly clenched her fist and whispered “Yes!”.

But as soon as their eyes met with Hyun-seok’s, Kang Pyeong-hwa quickly released her fist and lowered her head. It wasn’t Hyun-seok’s fault that he didn’t notice it. Hyun-seok smirked and said.

“We are rescue teams dispatched from the Union. I’m Yu Hyun-seok of Inha Guild, and that is Kim Mun-yeol, the guild leader of Aion Guild.”

“We need a break.”

Hyun-seok said.

“You must have heard the alert that the safe zone is gone.”

The faces of the combat slayers turned pale at Hyun-seok’s words. They probably didn’t hear it properly because they were focusing on the fight.


“Let’s talk about the details later.”

Hyun-seok stepped forward and began to walk. The slayers, who saw Hyun-seok’s almost unbelievable status, began to follow him without realizing it.

“Union’s presentation material… You may not have seen it because you’re in the dungeon, but there are two ways to attack the dungeon that just appeared. One is to break the room bit by bit as you are doing now, and the other is to break the room as quickly as possible. If you break each room within 30 minutes, you can immediately enter the next room.”

“But how…”

They were very reasonable slayers. Breaking a room within 30 minutes? That was an impossible task. That was common sense. Depending on the size of the room, there were usually four to five orcs and two to three Twin-Headed Orcs in each room. They were usually spread out enough to be able to defeat them one by one, and although it took time, they could attack them gradually.

They broke down five rooms in that way. If they attacked in that manner, it would take about 20 hours to enter the next room, and the guild members had been resting comfortably in the safe zone for the 20 hours. But to break it down within 30 minutes? That was originally an impossible task, and it was obvious.

‘If it’s you…’

A slayer who was like a monster that could make the impossible possible came in. Kim Mun-yeol, the guild leader of Aion, was dumbfounded.

‘What a monster…’

Park Dae-young was the same. He had only ignored and cursed them so far, but now he felt like he was on top of the world.

‘It wasn’t that I didn’t have items, I just didn’t need them.’

After understanding the situation,

‘Sh*t… We’re screwed.’

Worry and anxiety began to engulf him. It wasn’t just the unease of being inside the dungeon, but also the fact that he had been reckless with that monstrous Slayer, who was not an easy opponent to deal with even for someone as skilled as himself.

Setting aside the issue of why such a monstrous Slayer had not been known to the public, Hyun-seok and his team of Slayers moved on to the seventh room. As soon as they entered the room, Hyun-seok, who had unintentionally become the leader, spoke up. No one dared to interrupt him.

“The guild leaders have selected those who are physically fit to gather and deal with the orcs and twin-headed orcs in one place. For now, I will take care of the orc in front of me.”

“Yes? Okay.”


Before the guild leaders could finish speaking, Hyun-seok flew forward and with a loud bang, he inexplicably punched and killed the top-ranking monster, the orc.

‘How is that even possible…?’

‘I mean, it’s sort of like that… But to take out an orc with just one punch…’

It wasn’t really the punch of a skilled martial artist. To a layman, it might seem fine, but to someone who studied martial arts, it was quite clumsy. Moreover, the force behind that punch was unbelievable. It was simply unbelievable.

‘It’s not just clumsiness… He’s just swinging his fist wildly…’

Combat Slayers usually have some degree of martial arts training, as it can help them survive. Therefore, their eyes for martial arts are often better than those of ordinary people. To them, Hyun-seok’s punch was so clumsy that it was embarrassing to even call it a punch. What was even more disappointing was that the clumsy punch managed to kill the orc, leaving only items behind.
Hyun-seok had recently been focusing on using his strength more efficiently, so he had reduced his weight training and started learning boxing. However, his skills hadn’t improved significantly in a short amount of time.

“This is a scam…”

One of the slayers muttered in disappointment, and without realizing it, he joined in. Their strategy had come to an end that day.

“[Dungeon cleared.]
[Recognized as a very difficult achievement.]
[Total number of people: 24. The achievement level is low due to the large number of participants.]
[You receive a bonus stat of +7.]”

It wasn’t a difficult achievement, but it was recognized as a very difficult one. And for the first time, the Superman Guild and the Aion Guild had received a reward beyond an easy achievement in the ‘achievement system’ and were able to obtain a bonus stat.

People murmured, seeming both happy and disappointed.

“I thought there were only easy achievements in Easy Mode…?”

No, there were even impossible achievements. Hyun-seok didn’t bother to say that.

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