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A.S.S Chapter 21 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

As expected by Park Sung-hyung, the rescue team including Hyun-seok had arrived in just about two hours. They had rescued the survivors at the fastest speed among all the rescue teams and returned them safely. Sung-hyung immediately summoned the survivors and Aion Guild members, unbeknownst to Hyun-seok. While the ostensible purpose was to distribute rewards, identify survivors, and gather information, his real goal lay elsewhere.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mr. Hyun-seok is not a professional slayer.”

“Excuse me?”

All guild members blinked in surprise. What did he mean by not being a professional slayer? This was the person who could easily kill an orc or a twin-headed orc with one blow. Whether they were amazed or not, Sung-hyung continued.

“He never intended to live as a slayer, but he had no choice but to join the rescue team at my request.”


It was something they couldn’t understand from their perspective. With such power, he could become incredibly wealthy. Judging by what they had just seen, he could clear a dungeon on his own. They couldn’t understand why someone like him wouldn’t choose to become a full-time slayer.

“He’s not that ambitious.”

But he had over 300 Greenstones saved up. With that, he could easily make billions if he put his mind to it.

“Anyway, I hope you’ll keep Mr. Hyun-seok’s identity a secret. He doesn’t want to reveal it himself.”

Sung-hyung had misunderstood this part a little.

Recently, Hyun-seok changed a little. He had developed an interest in slaying and although he no longer pretended to be a full-time slayer as he once did, he had registered with a guild and was actively participating in slaying. He also wasn’t going out of his way to hide his identity, knowing that revealing it could lead to unwanted attention, but he wasn’t actively trying to conceal it either.

This time, he hadn’t held back his strength. Thanks to Sung-hyung consideration, Hyun-seok’s identity hadn’t been easily exposed. Of course, there were rumors spreading online about a fearsome slayer who could kill an orc in one hit, but no one believed it. It was just too illogical.

However, Hyun-seok was still considering the need for some kind of assurance that would guarantee his status and ability.

“I need something to guarantee Hyun-seok’s identity and skill. I need to discuss it with him.”

Anyway, the first guilds to succeed in rescuing someone, “Aion” and “Inha,” received some attention for a moment. However, the interest in them quickly faded as they continued to succeed in rescues.

Min-seo was a bit unhappy about it.

“Why isn’t there any news about my brother? Honestly, he did it all by himself.”

Hyun-seok noticed her dissatisfaction. He didn’t know for sure, but he thought maybe Sung-hyung had something to do with it. Sung-hyung had always shown a willingness to consider and respect his position.

Hyun-seok looked at Min-seo as if she were adorable and smirked.

“Becoming famous is just tiring.”

“Don’t you feel unfairly treated?”

“Well…let me think for a moment.”

he received a message and checked it. 500 million won was deposited from Ha Jong-won. He doesn’t know what his intention is, but he just put it aside. If it was a mistake, he would contact him on his own, he thought comfortably. He doesn’t know when 500 million won became that kind of level, but for Hyun-seok, it wasn’t the kind of money to ask and give back. Of course, not for Jong-won either. It must have been a mistake, that’s all.

“But… there are definitely times when fame is necessary.”

He’s not sure. It’s not like he doesn’t have any desire to become famous. There were times when he played online games in the past, and when he raised his nickname to the top rank, he felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Now that he thinks about it, becoming the top ranker in real life instead of a game makes his heart race in its own way.

Putting various thoughts aside, for now, he said to Min-seo like this.

“There’s nothing particularly good about becoming famous. There may be honor, but…”

In reality, if you just set your mind to it, you can become famous at any time. If you reveal that you cleared a dungeon overnight, that’s enough, or if you reveal that all of your stats are over 100, that’s enough. And if Jong-won and Park Sung-hyung guarantee it, you can quickly become the best Slayer in Korea. He knows that rumors about him are circulating on the internet like ghost stories. It’s just that nobody believes them. If Jong-won and Park Sung-hyung reveal it, then it will cause a sensation.

“But… will the benefits I can get from it really be greater than what I have now?”

He’s not sure about that. He doesn’t have any fame or attention right now. He has freedom of action. That’s a big deal. There is a clear difference between being monitored without knowing it and not being monitored through his actions. Becoming famous means losing freedom. That’s not what Hyun-seok wants. If it were Jong-won, he would try to become famous even if it were intentional.

“But, definitely…”

However, there are times like this when it is quite uncomfortable. It was difficult to reconcile opinions and assert oneself because people did not recognize him.

“I need to think of a way to reveal myself in the Slayer community, rather than becoming popular in general… Maybe I should talk to Jong-won and Sung-hyung about it.”

Min-seo grumbled, not knowing whether she understood Hyun-seok’s thoughts or not.

“Still, I feel sorry that my brother isn’t being treated well.”

Hyun-seok smirked and roughly patted Min-seo’s head. Then, the doorbell rang. Min-seo hurriedly ran to check the intercom.

“It’s him. That guy who cursed out my brother in that Aion guild…”

Kim Mun-yeol and Park Dae-young arrived at Hyun-seok’s house as the weekend approached. Kim Mun-yeol carried a large fruit basket while Park Dae-young had a bottle of expensive-looking wine. They were apologizing for the situation a few days ago when they blatantly ignored Hyun-seok.

Hyun-seok scratched the back of his head.

“Uh… yeah, well…”

Actually, Hyun-seok didn’t feel too bad about it. But he could understand their perspective. From their point of view, forming a team with a mediocre guild that could cost them their lives was unfair.

“Well, I understand. I don’t have any items, so…”

He had been lost in thought and hadn’t properly listened to their insults. Kim Mun-yeol bowed his head deeply. He looked like he was about to kneel down. Hyun-seok felt embarrassed just looking at them, like they were convicts begging for forgiveness.

Kim Mun-yeol spoke.

“We apologize again on behalf of the Aion Guild. We were very nervous at first and we were disrespectful. “

“Uh… okay…”

Hyun-seok didn’t really understand what they were talking about, but he figured it was probably about their first dungeon raid when he lost in thought. Apparently, the Aion Guild members had been gossiping behind their backs.

“Oh… I guess I looked nervous at the time.”

In fact, he wasn’t nervous but lost in his own thoughts. If he were to express this, they would feel not only disappointment but also a sense of frustration, so he decided to keep it to himself. Park Dae-young was not someone without flaws. His personality was so straightforward that he would apologize bluntly for any mistake he made.

Hyun-seok also wasn’t the type to bear a grudge, so he accepted the apology. “The gift is fine. I’ll just take it as a kind gesture. I feel uncomfortable receiving things for no reason.”

Despite Hyun-seok’s refusal, they insisted on giving him the gift package before leaving. Min-seo bounced around with a satisfied expression on her face. She didn’t seem entirely normal, given her constant use of strange exclamations such as “Oh yeah!”, “Woo-hoo!”, “Alright!”

After a few seconds had passed, Jong-won burst in, not even bothering to knock or enter the password. “Hey, Hyun-seok! You son of a b*tch! Normal Mode is up!!”

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