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A.S.S Chapter 22 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok jumped up.

“Normal Mode? Who did it?”



“I entered the Normal mode!”

Jong-won started to explain excitedly, spitting as he spoke. He pointed out the changes that occurred when he switched from Easy mode to Normal mode, such as the creation of an inventory and the generation of H/P and M/P. In addition, an information window for attack power and defense power was added to the stats page.

These changes were somewhat expected. The Slayer system was progressing in a manner similar to online games, and people had predicted these changes at least once.

However, there was another change that people did not expect.

“So…the Warrior of Lightning, right?”

Hyun-seok chuckled and then asked seriously. Jong-won, who knew why Hyun-seok was laughing, defended himself, “I didn’t come up with the name. The system named me the Warrior of Lightning.”

“According to the notification, the first Slayer to transition from Easy to Normal is the Warrior of Lightning. So, he got a special class as a reward and achievement recognition.”

Hyun-seok swallowed his saliva.

“If there is a special class…”

“There must be a normal class too.”

The commonly known general classes and hidden classes. It seems that such a system also applies to the Slayer System. Hyun-seok fell into thought for a moment.

‘If the Lightning Warrior is a special class… then the general class is just a warrior?’

He couldn’t be sure yet. The only person who had switched from Easy Mode to Normal Mode and joined the Slayer System was Jong-won, and there were no other subjects to compare and analyze. However, he could make some guesses.

“What’s your strength stat right now?”

“Me? Officially, it’s the world’s highest record. 72. Actually, it’s 82.”

According to Jong-won, it was incredibly difficult to raise stats in the first place. But then, Hyun-seok had accumulated “achievements” by slaying monsters with him. Achievements were not easy. Unless one had a ridiculous ability like Hyun-seok’s, it was a very difficult task. It wasn’t called an achievement for nothing.

Most of the dungeons recognized as easy achievements were not scattered all over the world. In the case of Korea, only a total of 19 dungeons had been discovered, and Hyun-seok had cleared most of them. Apart from that, there wasn’t much else to accumulate achievements. Hyun-seok was special in that he could accumulate a lot of achievements, and Jong-won had been able to obtain a lot of bonus stats by slaying monsters with him, announcing his strength stat as 72. And that record has not been broken yet. It was a subject that showed just how difficult it was to obtain bonus stats.

Hyun-seok said, “It seems that classes are determined based on stat distribution. Except for the early stages, you just focused entirely on strength, right?”

“Of course. Strength is everything for close combat.”

Overall, combat slayers were divided into four categories. The most common type was an attack-focused slayer who mainly raised strength but also appropriately mixed in agility to have basic abilities in fast evasion and movement. Another type was a distraction-focused slayer who mainly raised agility but also appropriately mixed in strength to use fast evasion and movement as an advantage to confuse monsters and scatter their attention while attacking. This could be applied to Lee Chae-rim, who had established a temporary guild with Hyun-seok in the past. The third type was a style that focused on raising stamina to increase their endurance, but it was actually dangerous and not very useful, so there were almost no slayers of this type.

And another type is the one that goes all-in on the strength stat, aiming for a single powerful blow while prepared to endure one or two monster attacks. As the H/P system had not yet been activated and the risk of death was very high if done incorrectly, this type of attack-oriented slayer was essentially avoided by combat slayers.

Jong-won shrugged.

“My judgment was right. The H/P has been activated now. Then I can know when I’m going to die, and just push forward with a body block and hit recklessly.”

“So what are you going to do? You can only hold out for a few minutes on the battlefield alone.”

Jong-won had very little time to unfold the battlefield. This was because the skill level for opening the battlefield had reached level 4. Now, it was less than 30 seconds. When the battlefield level was 1, it was 3 minutes, and as the battlefield level increased, the radius widened but the time became shorter. It was similar to not being able to use a better battlefield due to it being tied to M/P.

“Min-seo is here. Just follow Min-seo, what’s the problem?”

Jong-won laughed as if it were nothing. Min-seo mainly focuses on intelligence, but also invests in agility. She raised her agility as a precaution for unexpected accidents, but in fact, Hyun-seok forced her to do so, and Min-seo was in the midst of investing a lot of stats in intelligence.

Hyun-seok asked.

“How did you enter the normal mode?”

“A quest for entering normal mode came up.”

“A quest for entering normal mode?”

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