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A.S.S Chapter 22 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok raised his eyebrows. He had been forcibly switched from tutorial mode to easy mode. As a result, he had never tried the entry quest. However, Jong-won had already passed the quest when he moved from tutorial to easy mode.

“Oh, the quest where you had to get 10 orc leather, 3 green stones, and 5 Twin-headed Orc maces, and kill a total of 30 orcs. I cleared it with my past achievements being recognized.”

“What’s a past achievement?”

“It means the orcs you caught with me before. To be more precise, the orcs you caught in the dungeon were also recognized as my achievements, so the quest was cleared at the same time.”

“What? That’s cheating.”

Jong-won looked at Hyun-seok with disbelief. He agreed that luck played a role, but he didn’t want to hear such words from Hyun-seok. It was like the pot calling the kettle black. But Hyun-seok’s face stiffened a bit.

“Hey, you…”

Jong-won jumped up. Hyun-seok spoke in a low voice. He could have just thought about it silently, but he said it out loud.

“Battlefield open.”

Hyun-seok, the only slayer to have exceeded 100 intelligence stats, could unfold the battlefield whenever he wanted. His body disappeared as if it were about to vanish, and then he stood in front of the door, blocking it.

“Weren’t you missing 3 green stones?”

Hyun-seok smirked. It was clear from the look of it that the estimate was coming out well. He probably had Min-seo secretly bring out three Greenstones from his stash at home. In fact, Hyun-seok himself didn’t know the exact number. No one would think that Greenstones would be piled up in such an ordinary two-room apartment.

As a joke, Hyun-seok nudged the door. Then, boom! A huge sound exploded like a bomb, even from the iron door. Jong-won’s face turned pale.

“What the hell are you doing to a weak ordinary person, you bastard?!”

If someone had heard it, it would have been a scream of outrage. The official No. 1 in the power stat world. A special-class warrior who could be considered the most famous Slayer in Korea, currently serving as the second-in-command of the Korean Union, and an I’UET graduate, Jong-won had acted like a weak person in front of Hyun-seok.

“You’re being too petty. What harm can there be if a super high-level player drops some items for a low-level player?”

“Just ask and take it, you bastard.”

Jong-won frowned deeply.

“Don’t you remember? Back in the day, we stole panties and socks from our house and wore them secretly, saying that this kind of thing was natural between friends! You son of a b*tch!”

“Are panties and Greenstones the same thing? And when did that happen?”

“I don’t know, man! It’s been like ten years. And whether it’s panties or Greenstones, you didn’t answer my call earlier. You must be really busy.”

Jong-won walked out embarrassed. Hyun-seok chuckled as he watched his friend’s back recede.

“So that’s why you deposited 500 million won out of nowhere.”

He remembered checking the text message he had received earlier. The strange thing was that Jong-won, who was far away, suddenly said,

“Oh, right. I deposited 500 million won! I forgot to tell you! Check it out!”

As if realizing it belatedly, he shouted out loud. Although they had been friends since childhood, Hyun-seok couldn’t quite understand what was going on in Jong-won’s head, and he chuckled to him as he sat down on the sofa. Some might find the situation nonsensical and even ridiculous, but for Hyun-seok and Jong-won, it wasn’t a big deal.

“If this kind of talk gets out, we’re going to get a lot of hate.”

Jong-won knew that he had no concept, and that he was probably going to be insulted as a gullible fool, but he didn’t feel too bad about it. In fact, he felt that he and Hyun-seok could rely on each other and trust each other, unlike those people, and he got lost in his thoughts as he rationalized their actions.

‘Then, there will probably be a slayer entering normal mode soon.’

Most of the current events are happening in Korea. There is no way to confirm whether it is a coincidence or not, but most of the events (or phenomena) have originated in Korea and are spreading to the rest of the world.

‘Does this mean that the current difficulty level  is the limit of easy mode?’

The dungeons that have appeared so far are not at a very dangerous level, although it takes a long time to clear them. In Hyun-seok’s case, he could clear them in no time at all. If he cleared them faster than the time originally set, he would receive a reward for a “slightly difficult achievement” or “difficult achievement,” which meant that it was not an impossible achievement. It was said that someone else (or many people) could do it, even though it was difficult, as long as they found the right strategy.

Anyway, he thought that the current difficulty was the limit of easy mode.

“As for me… I probably won’t have a promotion quest.”

When transitioning from tutorial to easy mode, he was inevitably forced to move to the next level. As a result, the level and experience systems were limited, and any way to become stronger disappeared. This was with the exception of the achievement system.

Hyun-seok received a monster detector from Sung-hyung and either hunted boss monsters alone or went slaying with Min-seo, Pyeong-hwa, and Jong-won, accumulating achievements. Thanks to this, his remaining stats are now an impressive 320.

However, the application of the achievement system is becoming increasingly difficult. This is due to what happened yesterday. Hyun-seok was lucky enough to quickly find a new dungeon and clear it at lightning speed. However, the dungeon seemed to be quite difficult. Even in easy mode, it was the same for Hyun-seok. Just as a young child who only knows that 2+2=4 might find 2×2 difficult, there was no difference in the level of difficulty perceived by an adult whether it was 2+2 or 2×2. The difficulty was the same, but it was an impossible achievement.

[You have achieved an impossible achievement.]

[As a reward, you will receive a bonus stat of +50.]

[Due to penalties for stats outside of easy mode, it will be paid at 50% reduction.]

Up to this point, it was similar to usual.

[You have completed the achievement of achieving 10 impossible achievements.]

[This will also be recognized as an impossible achievement.]

[You will receive a bonus stat of 100 due to achieving an impossible achievement.]

[Due to the penalty, 50% deducted stats will be given.]

[You will receive the title of the one who pioneers the impossible.]

There was one thing that Hyun-seok had always felt about the Slayer system.

The achievement was distributed differently depending on “continuous actions” or a certain number, such as 10, 30, 100, etc.

Anyway, Hyun-seok achieved the impossible achievement 10 times and received a whopping bonus stat of 100. It was reduced by 50% due to penalties, but it was still impressive.

This was all good, but there was one problem.

[The achievement system will no longer apply.]

The achievement system will no longer be applied. The only way for Hyun-seok to become stronger with the experience and level systems limited was through the achievement system. But now that option has been taken away. It’s like the game’s administrator discovered a bug and put a sanction on it.

“In easy mode, there’s nothing left for me to gain.”

That means he must move on to a higher mode than easy. Hyun-seok was already worried about that and now he had to switch to normal mode.

“I can’t believe I’m worried about this… I’ve really changed.”

He never thought about becoming a Slayer, but now that he can’t get any stronger, he feels regret and heartache. He didn’t despair, but he did feel uneasy about it.

“Then all that’s left for me is…forced class change.”

Forced class change. However, he doesn’t know the conditions for it. Maybe if he raises his stat points tremendously, it’ll be possible. He feels like it could be possible if he reaches 200 or 300 points in the system.

“Wait…there was a new title.”

Due to the limitation of the achievement system, Hyun-seok was in a bit of a daze, but he finally remembered the notification sound that came from the end. When he opened the stat window, he almost passed out from shock.

“This is…insane…! What is this!”

He cursed at Jong-won and called him a scam, but the real scam was right here.

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