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A.S.S Chapter 4 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

When the battlefield opened up, Hyun-seok had to take the helm.

“Dammit… What the hell is going on here?”

He reached out his palm toward the Mayfly that was on the table, but his body momentarily lost control. His body moved completely differently from his will


With a loud noise, the table shattered completely. It didn’t just break, it broke into tiny pieces.

[You have hunted the lowest-level monster, Mayfly.]

[The lowest-level monsters do not generate monster stones.]

It was a little different from before. His body’s abilities had clearly changed from tutorial mode.

[Excessive power not suitable for Easy Mode.]

[Stats bonuses and experience points are not generated due to excessive ability beyond specifications.]

[Restrictions apply to the level system.]

[Restrictions apply to the experience point system.]

The notification sound continued to ring. He was so disoriented that he couldn’t properly hear what it meant. He looked at the shattered table.

“Is it because of the excessively high stats…?”

[No target. The battlefield disappears.]

He suddenly felt his strength draining away. He cautiously moved his hand. It felt different from before. It was as if his body suddenly became heavy.

“When the battlefield opens up… all my abilities suddenly increase.”

It seemed like that was the case. When there was prey to hunt, the battlefield opened up and the stats that he had raised up to 100 seemed to exert their power within him.

“That’s… how it is.”

He couldn’t know for sure.

“I’ll have to put in a lot of effort to get used to this power.”

Clearly, this is something that requires control. If he accidentally unleashed a battlefield and accidentally hurt an ordinary person, he could end up committing murder.

“Anyway… Let’s climb the mountain in the evening.”

It seemed like there had to be monsters in order to unfold a battlefield. Therefore, he had to climb the mountain where monsters existed and practice handling this power. After all, monsters seemed to live fairly well in the mountains.

His life, which had been so stable that it was boring, began to change little by little.


The world began to change constantly. This kind of change was of a nature that could not be explained scientifically.

In Hyun-seok’s case, the tutorial mode changed to easy mode. However, not only Hyun-seok, but also ability holders claiming to be slayers appeared from all over the world. Stories that had been circulating like urban legends or rumors became real.

The types of ability holders that appeared were broadly classified into three types. Although they had not been given exact names yet, the younger generation began to classify them on the Internet. The first type was combat slayers, the second was recovery slayers, and the third was support slayers.

Among them, the most problematic was the Battle Slayer. While each individual had different abilities, most Battle Slayers had abilities far surpassing those of ordinary people. They even caused events such as a high school student knocking out the world-famous boxer, Gloria.

Suddenly, many people who gained power began to engage in crime or accidentally caused injuries. As a result, governments around the world mobilized law enforcement to restrict the freedom of Battle Slayers and started to identify and detain them.

“Battle Slayers and assistants…”

Hyun-seok fell into thought. A Battle Slayer could not exert power alone, as experiments had proven. When a Battle Slayer fought alone, the battlefield would last a very short time, at most five minutes. During that time, they could exhibit superhuman strength, but once the time passed, the battlefield would disappear, and they would return to their original body.

However, the situation was different if there was an assistant Slayer. The role of an assistant Slayer was to assist the Battle Slayer and the recovery Slayer. They had the ability to expand the battlefield and recovery field. And although Hyun-seok did not know it yet, assistants also had the power to restore non-living creatures that were destroyed on the battlefield to their pre-battle state. This was later known as Restore.

‘Recovery Slayers have an excellent ability to treat trauma on the battlefield.’

And the recovery Slayer played a role similar to a healer in the game. It was not clear whether they had always had this ability or if it was due to their abilities not yet been fully revealed, but they possessed excellent abilities to treat trauma. Of course, there were two restrictions. The injury had to be sustained in the battle or recovery field, and the recovery field had to be deployed to exert that power. Like Battle Slayers, when a recovery Slayer deployed the recovery field, the time was very short, and the efficiency was low.

“It’s foolish to rampage with a little bit of power.”

In reality, most combat slayers who caused accidents had either an aggressive personality or were relatively young. The highest number of accidents occurred among teenagers, and there were also many accidents among those in their twenties.

While accidents did occur among those in older age groups, statistically, the likelihood of causing an accident was lower for those in their twenties than for teenagers, those in their thirties than for those in their twenties, and those in their forties than for those in their thirties.

Of course, the power of a combat slayer far exceeds that of an ordinary person. However, that doesn’t mean they can go around rampaging even in front of modern weapons. For example, in the United States, a slayer in his mid-twenties who had become very powerful was killed by police gunfire.

“For now… let’s observe the situation while taking care of our bodies.”

Each country had restrained the abilities of the gifted individuals while also feeling that their freedom was somewhat excessive. This was inevitable. These were beings that had never been seen before and couldn’t be scientifically proven, and in a way, they were still unknown. In a situation where they didn’t know where they might go or what they might do, they needed to be managed for the time being.

A few days later, another piece of information was revealed.

It has been confirmed that the newly appeared wild boars near Dobongsan have a strong resistance to weapons. This global phenomenon has been named “shield”…

So-called “shields,” monsters that cover their bodies with physical defenses, had started to appear. As a result, an unfortunate incident occurred in which a forties-aged wild boar hunter who failed to deal with the shield was killed. The shield was a concept similar to extra HP. Even the lowest-level monsters, such as flies or mosquitoes, were much stronger when they had shields.

While not posing a great threat to humans, monsters have become much stronger than before. Creatures that used to die with just a slight touch of an electric flyswatter now require at least a few hits to be taken down.

As for wild boars, their shields seem to have become even tougher, as even a veteran hunter armed with a machine gun lost their life while hunting them.

“However, it has been newly discovered that these shields are vulnerable to the power of the slayers…”

Furthermore, it has been revealed that these shields are even more susceptible to a direct hit from a slayer than to a conventional attack utilizing modern science.

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