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A.S.S Chapter 3 (part 2): Season 1: Preparation

In just one day, the world turned upside down once again. Monsters, which were no different from ordinary bugs except for their name, became even stronger. In particular, the mosquito monsters were a threat. Last night, a child died after being bitten by a mosquito monster, and over 3,000 children under the age of three around the world had died as a result. Some of them were elderly.

Even healthy adults would seek out a dermatologist after being bitten by a mosquito monster.

“Monsters. Are they evolving?”

“A worldwide disaster. 3000 young flames extinguished in one night.”

“Not even robust adults can feel safe.”

“This is a moment that requires exceptional measures.”

In reality, the number 3000 worldwide is not a particularly large figure. However, if they were all young children who died overnight, the story would be different. For parents with children, it is a terrifying prospect approaching.

“This is insane…”

Hyun-seok bit his lip slightly. He had received the notification to enter the EZ mode, and the very next day, this disaster happened. It was certain. This wasn’t a game.

Until yesterday, he had been feeling good. Thanks to being the first to achieve the merchant title, he was given a bonus stat of 3, and he raised all his other stats by 1 to reach 100. There was no immediate benefit, but having all the numbers sorted to 100 still made him feel good. What was even more bizarre was that since everyone was the first to break through their stats, they were each given a title, resulting in a bonus stat of 12.

When he went to work, everyone was talking about the same thing.

“Sir, did you hear about the news from last night?”

Approaching Hyun-seok was Kim So-hyun, a 27-year-old. She wasn’t very pretty, but due to her tough attitude and bright personality, she had a monopoly on beauty and love among the men in this electric power company.

“Ah, yeah. I heard.”

“It’s really scary. What if something really happens?”


Hyun-seok chuckled as if nothing was wrong and shrugged his shoulders. If he wanted to, he could have taken So-hyun to bed, but he didn’t mess around with the women around him. He didn’t sleep with the women around him unless they had a close relationship. It was better not to mess around with them unnecessarily.

So-hyun brought Hyun-seok a 200-won milk coffee and said,

“By the way, sir, do you know about that?”


“There’s a rumor going around on the internet. Monsters have appeared, and some people can handle those monsters… They’re called slayers, right? Um, sir?”

Hyun-seok unintentionally dropped the coffee. It was cold, so he didn’t get burned, but his pants were covered in brown coffee stains.

“Oh. I-I’m sorry. Did I startle you?”

“No, it’s not your fault.- but sir, your pants… Here, I’ll bring something to wipe it off.”

Hyun-seok’s head was spinning. There was a rumor floating around the internet. Slayer. The Slayer has appeared. Hyun-seok wasn’t the only one who had heard the sound of the Slayer’s arrival. It wasn’t yet time for work. Hyun-seok turned on his computer and checked the internet immediately.

There was no public discourse yet. Only forum posts spread like rumors were visible.

“I became a one-day Slayer. My stats are over 20. I’m so strong.”

“Oh lol, but you need to fill up your stamina points quickly.”

“Yeah, I only need to level up to 30 now. I need to clear the tutorial quickly.”

“Guys, we also need to work on raising our intelligence. It seems to be related to unlocking the combat field later on.”

“There was even a Slayer cafe that had popped up. The age range didn’t seem to be particularly high.”

“But… there are bound to be older people too. They just haven’t joined the cafe.”

Whether it was their tone of voice or their behavior, they seemed quite young. They were posting about themselves being the Slayer, but in reality, these kinds of posts were worthless.

Tutorial mode? Stats? Intelligence points? Those were just terms you’d find in a game. It was just a bunch of kids gathering around and fooling around. It was neither more nor less than that. However, Hyun-seok knew better. This was definitely not a joke.

“Monsters are appearing… Are these the abilities that are showing up? What on earth is going on…”

After the day when over 3,000 infants died overnight, countries around the world quickly took action. Since most of the monsters were small bug types, the advanced countries, which had already focused on preparing for the situation, quickly started large-scale disinfection efforts and developed vaccines to counter the poison of mosquito monsters, which were sold cheaply. Thanks to this, the number of deaths plummeted exponentially. It was fortunate, to say the least.

Same old inadequate response. Fixing the barn after losing the cow.

The incompetent Korean government. They haven’t even established a monster response agency yet.

However, that was only true for some advanced countries. Even among the so-called advanced nations, only about ten, including the United States and Japan, had responded quickly. And even then, the measures were mainly focused on the big cities, leaving the rural areas unprepared.

In the case of Korea, they couldn’t claim to have responded perfectly, but they did manage to take some measures. After that day, nationwide disinfection efforts began, and they managed to dry up the seed of the mosquito monsters.

However, the problem was that they had not established a monster response organization. President Kim Geun-hee announced a statement and publicly declared that he would establish countermeasures as soon as possible. The internet was boiling over. While they had done a tremendous job in disinfecting, the public opinion was leaning towards not trusting the government. Especially among young parents who lost their children, such tendencies were shown, and no one could blame them. Overnight, those who lost their children had to resent something, and the target was none other than the government.

-Still, they did pretty well. What else could they have done to cope with it? The government is not a group of superheroes.

-That’s right. Overnight, nationwide disinfection efforts were launched, and as a result, the number of deaths caused by mosquito monsters remained in the tens. Isn’t this a well-handled situation, even if I don’t trust the government?

While there were positive comments about the government, the internet’s public opinion was more critical of the government. Online, people spoke that way, but offline was slightly different. There was a problem in not establishing a monster response organization quickly, but many believed that they had still handled the situation well.

Hyun-seok closed his eyes slightly.

“They did pretty well, considering.”

From teenager to mid-20s, he used to write a lot of critical articles about the government’s policies, but as he entered her late 20s, that tendency has diminished significantly. At least he had become good at praising things that were done well.

“What’s the different about the Easy Mode?”

He didn’t know what had changed. The monsters had become a little stronger. They had killed off all the bugs through a large-scale disinfection operation. Of course, within a day, or even a few hours, more bugs would reappear.

It was just like it is now.

“We dried up the nest, but where did they come from again?”

Then he heard a notification sound.

[Lowest tier monster, “Day Walker,” has been discovered.]

[Combat field access granted through Easy Mode.]

[Would you like to open the combat field?]

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