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A.S.S Chapter 3 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok’s expectations were not wrong. Perhaps this was a trap in the tutorial mode, where it continuously demanded him to raise his energy points while alerting him with warning sounds. In fact, when the alarm sound continued to ring and demand that he increase his energy, Hyun-seok himself almost unknowingly raised his energy level. However, he ignored all the notifications from the tutorial mode and raised many other stats instead.


He opened the stat window and checked it again.

<Stat Window>

Name: Yoo Hyun-seok

Age: 29

Height: 181cm

Weight: 87kg – BMI: Overweight

Occupation: Slayer (4/5)

(Day Slayer)

(Mosquito Slayer)

(Ant Slayer)

(Bee Slayer)


Combat Abilities – Detailed explanation will be displayed due to tutorial mode. After leaving the tutorial mode, the explanation disappears, but users can activate it anytime they want. (Current remaining stat points – 0)

(1) Strength: 99(-9) – Affects physical strength. Strength is the most important factor in determining physical attack power. It also affects stamina, and every 1 point of strength increases H/P by 10 points.

(2) Intelligence: 99(-9) – Affects intelligence. Intelligence is the most important factor in determining non-physical attack power. It also affects mental power, and every 1 point of intelligence increases M/P by 10 points.

(3) Stamina: 99(-9) – Affects endurance. Stamina is the most important factor in determining H/P and stamina. Every 1 point of stamina increases H/P by 40 points.

(4) Agility: 99(-9) – Affects agility. Agility is the most important factor in determining evasion and accuracy. Every 1 point of agility increases evasion and accuracy by 10 points.

Non-Combat Abilities

(1) Energy: 40 – Affects energy. Energy is the most important factor in determining stamina. Every 1 point of energy increases stamina by 1 point.

He had gained 5kg in weight. According to his BMI, he was overweight, but it didn’t bother him. He had been overweight even before entering tutorial mode. It was simply due to having more skeletal muscle mass than those who didn’t exercise.

Another thing to note was that he had intentionally maxed out all his stats to 99. It wasn’t because he aimed for it, but he was earning stats for free, so he figured why not make them all the same number. However, he wasn’t sure if having higher stats made any significant difference.

“To be honest, I’m getting bored now.”

He went to the countryside to hunt for a day, killing mosquitoes, insects, and other creatures. His electric flyswatter was nothing compared to his Lighter. Last time, he had stumbled upon a beehive and burned it down entirely, pouring boiling water into an ant’s lair to commit mass slaughter.

But raising all his stats to 99 was an incredibly strenuous task. It was fascinating and enjoyable at first, but he couldn’t keep doing it any longer.

“Nothing gets better.”

There had to be some merit in having such high stats, but there was none. It was just a numerical increase, and there were no significant changes on the surface. Perhaps due to his mood, he felt like his stamina had slightly improved, but that was all.

“I think it’s a good thing I didn’t raise my stamina.”

He had ignored the notification sound telling him to increase his stamina in tutorial mode. He didn’t fill it to a certain level, which was half of his max stat. Upon studying his stat window, he found out that if he didn’t exceed half of his maximum stat, he would receive a penalty on his overall ability points equivalent to his max stat and stamina stat points. The minimum limit was 10, and this rule applied to stats beyond that.

Currently, his maximum stat was around 100 points, and his stamina stat was supposed to be 50 points, but it was only at 41. Therefore, he was suffering a penalty of -9 points.

“Let’s quickly raise it to 100.”

‘I am not sure what made it better, but the tutorial mode became a source of energy for my monotonous life. And since I had started, why not keep going until I reached 100?’ Hyun-seok thought to himself. He had a slight tendency towards obsessive-compulsive disorder. He always hung his clothes perfectly straight on hangers and kept his bed neatly made. He also categorized his cosmetics by their purpose and kept them well organized. Considering that many men didn’t even bother to properly apply their skin cleanser or lotion, Hyun-seok was a bit of an outlier.

Armed with a small flamethrower (?) using a lighter, and an electric fly swatter, he once again went on the hunt – although calling it a “hunt” was a bit of a stretch as the area was just a nearby stream – and caught 100 creatures, earning him 1 stat point.

“This time, it’s strength.”

There was no particular reason, but since strength was the stat point at the top of the list, he invested in it first. It had become a part of his daily routine.

He ignored the notification sound telling him to rest. But then he heard another notification sound.

“You have reached the limit point in tutorial mode.”

“You have fulfilled the conditions for clearing tutorial mode. You will be forcibly switched to Easy mode.”

“You are the first Slayer to reach 100 strength points. You will be granted the title of ‘Merchant.’ This title can be applied separately from the Slayer title.”

“As the first Merchant title, you will be granted 3 bonus stats.”

Originally, to clear tutorial mode, he had to increase his stamina points. But with his strength surpassing 100, the tutorial mode was cleared.

“Something seems to have changed after reaching 100 points.”

“You are entering Easy mode.”

“You currently possess stats that are too high, disregarding the advice of tutorial mode.”

“This may interfere with your progress in Easy mode. There will be a penalty.”

The constant notification sounds swirling around in his head made him lose focus.

“What’s Easy Mode?”

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