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DB: CxD Chapter 53: He’s Still Alive

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“Hey, kid, I’m telling you the truth.” Renkon sighed, “You would rather believe that guy over your people?”

“Can you prove that Frieza destroyed our planet?” Raditz asked.

“Of course, I saw it with my own eyes… Uh, I recorded it too, so please take some time to give Vegeta a copy of it too.” Renkon said, then made a gesture with his hand.


Suddenly, lightning flicked across Renkon’s fingers, and a small item appeared in his palm.

Renkon pressed a button and a holographic image appeared on the scene.

The video was showing Planet Vegeta and above it a huge planetary destruction Ki bomb.

“That’s Frieza’s technique. His face isn’t clear, but it’s definitely him.” Renkon smiled.

Raditz’s face changed colors again and again.


A few seconds later, the Ki bomb blasted Vegeta Planet, turning it into dust.

“Are you kidding me?” Krillin was frightened.

That’s an entire planet! A-And it got destroyed so easily?

Who is Frieza?

Goku also looked stunned.

Is there such a powerful person in the universe?

Can people actually destroy planets?

I’m not their opponent at all.

“Wait a minute!” Raditz felt sick in the stomach, and at the same, he got in touch with Vegeta through the detector.


A certain planet.

Vegeta and Nappa had just finished cleaning the battlefield, and at this time they were also listening to the conversation on Earth.

“Unexpectedly, that fellow Renkon is still alive, and he’s on Earth!” Nappa looked surprised.

“Humph, that’s only normal.” Vegeta snorted, “If he were dead, it would have been abnormal.”

“Hey, Raditz, how powerful is Renkon?” Nappa asked.

“Well, let me see… Uh, this is ridiculous. His power level is only 100.” Raditz almost laughed out loud, “Is this still the same genius warrior from back then?”

Vegeta didn’t speak and only frowned slightly.

Back then, I was defeated by his 100 power level.

Do you think such a thing is still real?

You’re so naïve.

“Vegeta, is what he said true? Is it Frieza who destroyed our planet?” Raditz asked.

“Humph, the destruction of that planet and the life and death of my parent have nothing to do with me.” Vegeta clenched his fists.

“The thing that annoys me now is that Frieza used us as puppets! I will never forget him!”

“Vegeta, what should we do next? Shall I take Kakarot and Renkon back with me?” Raditz asked, “The problem is that my spaceship cannot carry the three of us.”

Vegeta said nothing.

Renkon is not as simple as Raditz and Nappa think.

“Let me ask them first, maybe the two of them don’t want to leave Earth at all.” Raditz snorted and said with a smile, “If this is the case, I’ll just kill them.”

“Whatever, do as you want.” Vegeta didn’t object.

“That’s it.” Raditz smiled slightly and stopped the call.

“Hahahaha, this is ridiculous, he said that his Power Level is only 100! Hahaha, how is that even possible? Even a kid can kill him, Am I right Vegeta?” Nappa laughed.

“Humph, if you think so, you will die miserably.” Vegeta snorted.

“What do you mean?” Nappa didn’t understand.

“Clean up the place, then the two of us will leave and go to Earth at once,” Vegeta ordered.

“To Earth? What are you going to do there? Bring these two guys back with us?” Nappa asked.

“Stop asking so many questions,” Vegeta said coldly.

“Yes…” Nappa responded immediately.

Five minutes later.

Shoo! Shoo!

Two spaceships rushed into the starry sky and traveled quickly in the direction of Earth.

“Vegeta, did you say that Frieza destroyed our planet?” Nappa still didn’t get it, and couldn’t help but ask, “I think it’s unlikely, why would he destroy us? What good will it do for him? We Saiyans helped him take down a lot of other planets.”

“You idiot, if you communicate through the detector, Frieza will overhear us.” Vegeta snorted.

What an idiot.

“Ah… sorry…” Nappa reacted immediately.

However, without the detector, it’s impossible to communicate with Vegeta.

This hurts.


Distant starry sky.

Frieza’s spaceship.

What they didn’t expect, that Frieza would hear this conversation.

“Oh~ So Renkon is on Earth?” Frieza clenched his fist tightly, while his whole body trembled.

At the thought of being crushed against the ground by Renkon, Frieza got furious.

I must make him pay for this.

When you hit me last time, I wasn’t using my full strength.

And at that time, I had to return to my first form in order not to waste too much energy.

Also, that fat cat was backing you up so I didn’t dare to do anything.

But now, since you have returned to the Seventh Universe, this is going to be your end.

Frieza sneered.

“How far are we from Earth?” Frieza asked.

Kikono, the genius scientist next to Frieza quickly searched for Earth on his computer.

“Earth is in an extremely remote galaxy… it’s very far away from where we are now. If we fly over there with our spaceship, it will probably take a year.” Kikono quickly replied.

“One year?” Frieza was taken aback.

Is it that far?

“Forget it, pay close attention to Vegeta and his team’s movement first.” Frieza ordered, “Read their information through their detectors, I want to see what they see and hear what they hear.”

“Yes!” Kikono quickly responded.

“It’s best if they can take the initiative to come and seek revenge, I don’t want to run that far.” Frieza smiled evilly.

“Lord Frieza is wise,” Berryblue said.

“Berryblue, you did a good job. Vegeta’s Power Level has only increased by3,000 in recent years.” Frieza smiled.

“You don’t need to praise me, Lord Frieza, this is my duty.” Berryblue saluted.

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