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Chapter 2: The cooking I Am Proud Of

F.S Chapter 2: The cooking I Am Proud Of

“Fantasy system? Cooking talent? Is this real?”

Suddenly, Mu Fan tried looking for the source of the sound, but he didn’t see anyone, He thought about how he reincarnated in this world and calmed down. His heart was full of curiosity. He focused on his soul and suddenly something emerged in front of his eyes.

Host: Mu Fan

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Cultivation: Level 1 [close to a normal adult] (First-order)

Fan fiction Fantasy talent:

Cooking talent [level 1]

Light novel talent: [level 1] last life talent.




Special Ability: [not turned on] It will turn on when the host opens five talents.

Store :[not turned on] turn on using Fantasy points.

Current primary task:[ Give the Lovely Sagiri food!]

Introduction: This system is opened to help the host in his daily life, as long as there are enough Fantasy points, the host could acquire various talents from Anime and novels. I wish for the host to become the strongest man in this world.

“Haha, This system is simply tailored for me. it will make me omnipotent in this world.”


Mu Fan looked at the status bar in front of his eyes and couldn’t but laugh. Although it couldn’t tell him what talent he could acquire, he knew many talents in novels and animes, The store would allow him to choose which one he wants to get. Such system made Mu Fan have many doubts, but when he saw the current task, his mouth twitched.


He was just going to make breakfast for his sister. How did it change to a task?

Are you sure this is a system like the ones in the novels? Those are usually cold, but isn’t this one quite wonderful?

What food should I cook?

“It looks like there is also a novice package.” At this moment, Mu Fan suddenly thought of this package he was just given, he thought about the bag in this system. He saw the package inside and he couldn’t help but feel joy, he quickly said: “Open The novice pack.”

Mu Fan’s voice fell, suddenly a voice came from the bag. From the package, a few rays of golden light flew out of it and directly went toward the system status.

–Congratulation Host: Primary cooking skill: Secret Chinese plain noodle soup method acquired–

–Congratulation Host: First order strength reached–

–Fantasy point: 10—

Secret plain noodle soup: After learning this skill, you will master the way to cook plain noodle soup, also your strength will upgrade to the second order.

“Use it.”

Mu Fan was really happy in his heart. This would be a great help for him. His current cooking skills were first class. He was already much more skilled compared to his past life. Just having the Cooking talent would make him have some mastery in cuisine. As for his overall strength, he had strength comparable to normal adults. If he uses the skill he should exceed that.

The two items disappeared at the same time from system’s bag. Suddenly the cooking method of the Plain Noodle Soup poured into Mu Fan’s mind. Then a warm feeling flowed all over his body.

–Congratulation host: Cultivation upgrade: Second order {Strength above Normal adults}–

Hearing the system’s prompt, Mu Fan Subconsciously clenched his fists and punched. His fist pieced the air and made a howling sound. Even standing far away, you could feel the power.

This is his power.

In his heart, Mu Fan felt ecstasy. He felt that his strength is double what it was before. This cultivation thing is really good, If I were to upgrade even more won’t I be invincible? However, even if didn’t turn invincible, Mu Fan didn’t worry, the system was in his body anyway. After all, he got those good things just by opening the novice pack.

As for the rest of the fantasy points, Mu Fan directly used them to open the Store. Anyway, the system said as long as the store was opened, he can exchange talent of various characters, so those fantasy points didn’t matter.

Golden light flashed and the store was opened by Mu Fan. There were many talents that could be exchanged such as writing light novel talent, Singing talent, Drawing talent… They all need a number of Fantasy points to be unlocked, there were more advanced things like teleport and space manipulation… But those need hundreds of fantasy points.

But now those few fantasy points he had were already spent on opening the store, for now, he should focus on completing the first task, so he closed the mall and started preparing Food for Sagiri.

Mu Fan explored his memory, he was looking for the way to make Chinese food, at present he only knew how to make Chinese food, that plain noodle soup which was common traditional food in China. This food had a long history, the best thing about it is its freshness and lightness.

When he saw this he was filled with joy, this dish was simply tailored for Sagiri, Because it was light and didn’t contain meet just like Sagiri likes it… If it was this it certainly would satisfy Sagiri.

After thinking about this, Mu Fan started preparing it, he mixed the flour and water and began making it as the knowledge about this dish appearing in his head.

He wasn’t as fast as a professional chef, but his cooking was at that level.

He took the spinach and cabbage and other vegetables and put them into the pot, then he added water to adjust the soup’s flavor. On the other side, the water on the pan started to boil. Mu Fan stretched the noodles and put them into the pan. As for the vegetables, they were already cooked.

After doing this, Mu Fan found a box of concentrated soup on the fridge, he put it in the pan and after melting the rich aroma filled the place.

Then after putting everything into the pot he added water to adjust the soup, at the other side, the water started to boil, so Mu Fan picked the noodles and put them into two large bowls, then put the Vegetables into the Bowls as well.

When Mu Fan Brought the two bowls into the dining table, an extremely rich aroma quickly filled the living room…

“Smells good!”

With this tempting aroma, even Mu Fan couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

At this moment, A notification sounded from the system in his mind

–Secret plain noodle: Rating: 60 points! The host needs to continue working hard so he can grasp a girl’s stomach and not let her dump food–

Hearing this sound, Mu Fan couldn’t help sweating. This was the best noodles he made, whether the appearance or taste of this dish, it seemed extremely delicious. He didn’t expect the system to only give it 60 rating.

The key to gasp a girl’s stomach? He wasn’t ready to cook for any other girl.

Mu Fan stayed silent for a while, but he thought he should agree with the system’s evaluation. One of the ways to make delicious food is cooking all of it, but he didn’t cook everything as the soup wasn’t cooked by him. The system evaluated everything, his cooking skills were satisfactory but the ingredients were lacking, he didn’t make the soup and the seasoning and vegetables weren’t of good quality. So getting 60 points was very reasonable.

However although he only got 60, Mu Fan was looking forward to his sister’s reaction, after all, if she was satisfied, his cooking skills would be upgraded again.

“Ding Ding—“

At the time when he was thinking, a low pitched sound of knocking sounded from upstairs, It seems like Sagiri is really starving.

“Coming.” Mu Fan shouted quickly and took the plates.

He carried the dinner upstairs and put the dish in front of her room and said: “Sagiri, I am going to school, the food is in front of your door.”

He waited for a long time, and there was still no answer.

Mu Fan resultantly shook his head, after all, Sagiri still didn’t want to come out, he couldn’t directly open the door and enter. That would be very impolite toward Sagiri, he could only wait for her to open up.

In Mu Fan’s opponent, Sagiri was his sister. He naturally can’t rest assured if she is alone at home. After all, something might go wrong. He greatly wished for her to open the door and talk with him…

After that, Mu Fan returned to the table and ate, he couldn’t help but lick his lips after finishing. Although this was his first time cooking, the taste was delicious. he was completely satisfied by it.

Afterward, Mu Fan was preparing to leave, noticed the newspaper on the table.

“Urban Daily: A stripper was sighted on Akihabara who would lift his clothes and stand naked in public, please be careful when going out.”

Seeing this, Mu Fan shuddered. He didn’t expect such madness to happen in Akihabara.

Thinking of this, Mu Fan put his backpack on the table and confirmed that everything is closed two or three times. After determining that everything is closed, he put on his backpack and locked the door and left, before he leaves he confirmed that the door was closed, he had a pretty sister at home, he didn’t want her to suffer and see those perverts.