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Chapter 1: My little sister Sagiri!

F.S Chapter 1: My little sister Sagiri!

April, the season of Sakura blossom, Early in the morning, the soft breeze took some petals into the room through the open window. A handsome young man with short black hair was sitting on the sofa. he was holding his Phone with his left hand while listening to his friend who called him.

“Mu fan, this isn’t good!”

An eager voice sounded from the other side of the phone: “The restaurant that we are working in was caught using expired ingredient by the industry of commerce department. The boss has fled with his wife already and we wouldn’t be able to get our salary this month.”

“So? Is there any way to solve this problem?”

Listening to Mu fan calm words, the guy on the phone sighed and said: “There is no solution. The owner left, We don’t have work anymore. If you need money you can always tell me, I will help however I could…”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small matter. I will try to figure out something myself. Thanks, Tomoya san.” Mu Fan said his thanks and ended the call, he leaned his body on the couch as he looked at the neat living room.

“Crossing over to another world does really exist!”

Mu Fan Originally was a small admin of a Chinese website. He pulled an all-nighter then he went to sleep. As he woke up he found himself in another person’s body in this strange place…

However, after several hours, he accepted this body’s memories. This world wasn’t the one he once lived in, it was a parallel plane that was very similar to his own, this wasn’t China anymore, he was living in Tokyo Japan.

In fact, he was now called Mu Fan, He was an authentic Chinese, a 17 years old teen who studied two years in high school.

His father had run a restaurant in China, Then he took him to Japan to further develop. He married a beautiful woman who had a child. After that, he left him with his sister and went with his new wife for the honeymoon.

The result was like that of a drama, Both of the new weds suffered misfortune on this trip…

So he was left with only this two-story house and a sister named Sagiri.

The accident was a pity, Mu Fan never stepped out of the house after the accident. He didn’t even go to school, Not only that, even his sister shut herself in her room and didn’t come out since.

In such case, Mu Fan thought that this only existed in novels. Sagiri was still in shock, Mu Fan believed that if she didn’t go to school, she wouldn’t come out of the room and won’t even bath.

Speaking of Sagiri, She has a long silvery hair, her eyes were aquamarine in color with a delicate and pure face, her skin was snow white, and she was a very lovely girl.

Of course, this is what she looked in Mu Fan’s memories… Because he didn’t see her for a long time.

In the end, Mu Fan summered his memories… He had parents but they both died, And his sister was a shut-in.

Although Mu Fan who was an only child always wanted a cute young Sister, Finding one so suddenly made his head hurt.

Now Mu Fan was facing a great Crisis.

It’s a Crisis of survival.

Originally, His wage was enough for his daily expenses. However, when he crossed over, his boss was blinded by greed…

This damned guy.

Mu Fan Reached through his pocket and took all the money that was left. After searching for a few times, He found 10.000 Yen. Over the last half year, The family’s savings were spent. So when this money is spent, he and his sister will starve.

“Dong Dong- -“

Suddenly a low pitched knock sounded on top of his head which pulled Mu Fan out of his thoughts.

“Wait, I will get it right away!” Mu Fan Shouted subconsciously.

“Wait…Why Am I so skilled?”

After saying this, Mu Fan couldn’t help but smile, In his memories, Sagiri didn’t want to get out of her Room, so the only way to communicate was this Floor language.

Floor language Level: Max

With this Talent hitting Max level, Mu Fan basically understood the meaning of every knock, this one’s meaning is: “I am very hungry. Why haven’t you cooked yet?”

He took up his cell phone and looked at the Time. Mu Fan’s face changed. He didn’t expect to space out for this long. If he didn’t hurry up, he would be late for the first day of this semester.

Today was the first day of this semester. It would be shameful to arrive late.
Mu Fan was originally in his twenties, but now he returned to the age of 17.

However, he still had to adapt to the present life, he hastily went to the kitchen which was just next to this room.

“This kitchen is really advanced.”

The clean kitchen made Mu Fan’s moon brighten up. He went to the fridge to take a look at some ingredients. There were many vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, and tomatoes. There was little to no meat because Sagiri didn’t want to eat it. So the former Mu Fan didn’t prepare any.

Of course, Mu Fan now couldn’t afford to buy it.

“But it’s good having such a good younger sister!” Mu Fan couldn’t help but sight. Because in the memories of his predecessor’s cooking skills made him seem like someone with no experience in cooking. Without worrying about the possibility of starving with his sister, Mu Fan attached the apron to his body. He was prepared to start cooking for Sagiri, suddenly an electronic tone was heard in his mind:

–The Fantasy system detected the host’s thoughts and is loading.–

–The Fantasy system is now turned on. Since the host opened the system for the first time, he will get a free talent.–

–Fantasy system’s cooking talent is being opened—

–Cooking talent Installed—

–Confirming the Host—

–Procedure in progress—

–Ding—-For activating the cooking talent, the host received a novice package—

The host should complete this task: –Give The lovely Sagiri perfect food! Mission Goal: The food has to satisfy Sagiri. Reward: Cooking talent will be upgraded, and a random cooking skill will be acquired and some fantasy points.–