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Chapter 4: The Young teacher

F.S Chapter 4: The Young teacher

Mu Fan arrived at Shizuka’s office which wasn’t that far from class A.

The door of the office was always open, this place was always quiet and peaceful, Mu Fan knocked on the door then walked in.

Looking at Mu Fan who just entered, Shizuka sat on the chair with one leg over the other. She picked up a Cigarette from her pocket and ignited it skillfully. She took a sip then spit out the smoke.

“Ah, it really hurts a lot!!”

Mu Fan was stunned. What kind of teacher would smoke in front of his student in school?

“Teacher, I remember that the school seems to have a rule that forbids smoking…”

“Yeah and?”

Shizuka looked coldly at Mu Fan, then she picked up an eyebrow and said: “Mu Fan, do you know what kind of pressure a teacher have to endure while working? Every day not only do I need to prepare lessons, I need to maintain my image… I also have to deal with some troublemakers who don’t lesson during class, and occasionally a Cigarette can quickly ease the mood, what do you think Mu Fan?”

“Ha ha…”

Mu Fan smiled loudly and continued to listen. The thing he said was like a stone thrown at his feet. He didn’t think one day he would be criticized by someone on his first day of school and be treated as a troublemaker.

What could he do other than smiling?

Mu Fan didn’t speak, Shizuka continued smoking while her beautiful eyes looked at Mu Fan and said: “Coming late on the first day of school, you’re really something.”

“I guess a student your age must be thinking about home, and you must have stuck in the jam on the road that’s why you were absent-minded in class and arrived late this morning?”

“Sensei really guessed correctly, it’s my first day and I’m not really accustomed to this life yet. Can you let me adapt first”

Mu Fan turned his eyes, But this sentence couldn’t go out, and even if he did say it who would’ve believed him? This kind of story was like a child boasting.

“Indeed, comparing our ages…”


Mu Fan spoke halfway when he felt danger, his face changed as he subconsciously stepped back.

A calm fist was in mid-air, Mu Fan sucked cold air when he looked at it. The power behind this punch made the air blow his face. Fortunately, this morning he was strengthened by the system which made his reaction speed a lot faster, or else he wouldn’t be able to avoid this punch.

This person is really dangerous, she deserved her reputation.

“Didn’t I tell you before that you can’t mention a woman’s age?”

“Haha, yeah actually I wanted to say that my ideas are the same ideas as a beautiful and young teacher like you!”

Listening to the cold voice in his ear, Mu Fan quickly changed the topic while scratching his head and laughing.

At this moment, He remembered all the memories the original owner of the body had with Shizuka.

She wasn’t just the language teacher. She was also the life guidance teacher. She was very concerned about her students. She often placed him in charge of various activities in school.

“Oh sensei is happy to know that Mu Fan is such a well behaved student.”

Fortunately, when she heard Mu Fan’s compliment, her face showed a hint of happiness. She sat back on her seat and her slender legs were crossed again.

Mu Fan couldn’t help but twitch, he didn’t expect this to be solved so easily because of a compliment.

Women are really fickle beings.

However they all have a unified shortcoming, they all love to be complimented.

“Let’s change the subject, Mu fan do you have friends?”

“Yeah, I have friends in school and a sister at home.”

When he heard the question, Mu Fan thought for a moment about the teenager he met when he worked at the restaurant, his name was Tomoya, he was the one who called him before.”

In his memory, Tomoya was also attending this school. He was in class B. The relationship between the two was pretty good, If they meet at school they will be friends.

“You have a sister in your family?” Shizuka picked her eyebrows and looked at Mu Fan with a hint of softness. She whispered: “Were you late this morning because of her?”

“That’s right.” Mu Fan spread his hands, the reason was mostly that it’s his first time in this world and what he was going through. After all, he needs some time to adapt to the new life.

“What’s going on at home?”

Shizuka knocked on the table with her hand and said: “You should relax and study at school. There are many clubs here, you haven’t participated in any Right? A high school life without club activities is lacking.”

“That’s a good idea.”

Mu Fan’s heart was moved. He didn’t have anything now anyway, so it’ better to go look for a club. He should wait until he finds a good way to make money.

“Sensei, I will go look at the clubs this noon.”

Thinking about this Mu Fan immediately said: “If there is nothing else, I will go back to class first.”

“Okay.” Shizuka nodded: “I will arrange some activity for you if you didn’t find anything you like!”

“Ok got it.”

Shizuka promised, Mu Fan quickly opened the door to leave.

He couldn’t stay with this violent teacher anymore, afraid of saying something wrong again.

After going out, Mu Fan was relieved as he thought about himself how terrifying that was. When he faces her he needs to be vigilant and cautious about anything he says, otherwise, he will be punched.

You may not believe it, but someone with a system was afraid of a female teacher.

However, he was interested in the club that Shizuka will arrange for him.