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Chapter 5: The Minister of Food Yuuki Asuna

F.S Chapter 5: The Minister of Food Yuuki Asuna

After waiting the entire morning, Mu Fan bought some milk and pineapple buns to eat. After leaving the canteen, he went looking for a club.

“Although the pineapple buns taste very good, if it’s about nutrition, it’s not as good as a normal meal. The food in the cafeteria is not as delicious though…”

Mu Fan secretly thought while he walked.

Of course, the noodles soup he ate in the morning wasn’t something he could find in the school.

He had to solve this crisis early so he can eat good food.

Soon, Mu Fan arrived beside the notice board of the school and raised his head to look for a club.

“Archery club? A club to train archery skills.” Seeing this introduction, Mu Fan thought wondered then he directly removed this club from the list, he is going to starve and archery isn’t the solution.

“Game community: Leader: Kazuto Kirigaya, Ingame nickname: Kirito, Leader’s message: The new game “SAO” will open seven days later. It is 70% realistic high-end adventure game, whoever like to join the community and create miracles together is welcome to join. Note: The game helmet is worth hundred thousand yen free of charge.”

“That game!”

Mu Fan mouth twitched. He thought that the game department was making games not paying them. Even the game equipment is taken care of by the club. It’s a community dedicated to playing games.

However even though his heart was moved by this, he wouldn’t be able to afford to play games now.

“Although the game helmet is provided by the club, I only have 10000 yen, they will be spent and I will starve with my sister if I don’t found a solution and gaming isn’t the solution.” Mu Fan looked helpless, before transmigrating, he spent his life writing novels and playing games.

But now he needed to survive, it’s impossible to just lay back and play games all day long, he won’t be able to join now, so maybe in the future.

“Looking at other clubs…” Mu Fan glanced down and one of the communities caught his interest.

“Cooking art department: Leader: Yuuki Asuna. For those who want to make their own food and try to be the perfect cook!”

After seeing the handwriting on the notice board, Mu Fan was shocked.

For a moment, an idea emerged in Mu Fan’s mind. “If the food in school isn’t good, make your own and supply the student and earn your living expenses.”

With this idea, Mu Fan no longer though.

He learned two recipes. Although only plain noodles and golden fried rice, he still can learn more and make a living.

Then if he began to sell as a member of the club, the news will spread. He believed that many students will be more than happy to buy food from him.

After getting enough money he could open the small restaurant that his father owned.

In addition, other talents would be opened as he gains more Fantasy points, it may not take too long for him to become an all-rounder…

After all, the ingredient in the Club is provided by the cook, not the club so no one would object to him selling his food.

Thinking to here, Mu Fan was happy, he took his phone and looked at the time.

“It’s noon now, there should be someone in the club. I will go and see.”

The club room wasn’t that far from the notice board, it didn’t take him long before he reached the door of the club room.

“Please come in.”

After knocking on the Door, Mu Fan heard a very familiar sound which made him feel strange at heart. Mu Fan didn’t think much as he pushed the door open.

Just as he entered the room, a bright and tidy room greeted him with five or six white tables and chairs. There was a kitchen fully equipped with modern stoves, a microwave, and an oven. The cooking tools and pans were all available. As for spices and dishes they should be available too.

Since the room was spacious it looked more like a small restaurant that was elegantly decorated.

“Is this the cooking art club room?”

Mu Fan was stunned with surprise as he didn’t expect the club room to be so well prepared. If he wasn’t sure he entered the club room he would’ve thought that he entered a restaurant. However, this was good, the better it’s decorated, the more chances his plan will work.

“Mu… Mu Fan, how are you?”

The familiar voice came again, the lovely girl named Tendou Machi was in front of him, she was the class A president, Because of her gentle character, she was loved by everyone in the class.

Hearing Mu Fan’s question, Tendou Machi embarrassingly smiled: “Because she was buying her ingredients, I was helping her out.”

“Are you good friend with the leader?” Mu Fan asked curiously.

“Because I like cooking very much, I come here to meet Asuna. But because I am busy every day, I rarely come. You can say I am only filling the number so the club won’t be disbanded. Why are you here?”

“I came to join the club.” Mu Fan said the truth.



“It’s not impossible…”

Tendou hesitated and licked her lips, then she stretched her hand and pointed at the kitchen and said: “Since you want to join, then you should know something about cooking. You can go and show me your skills.”

“Why?” Mu Fan was slightly surprised. Although he wanted to join the club to learn cooking, why should he cook before he joins what kind of rule is this?

“Well because our president, Asuna is very popular with boys, today many guys came here to approach her by joining the club, but they were ignorant about cooking. It’s really messy, so in order for the club to not be flooded with them, I made this rule…”

“Approaching Asuna?”

Tendou said helplessly.

Listening to the reason, Mu Fan glanced at the name and recalled the name of the president.

Immediately, Memories of the former owner emerged and he suddenly realized.

Yuuki Asuna, her father is the CEO of RECT Inc, coupled with her beautiful look, Most guys wanted to approach her.

The former owner heard of her many times as his classmates often talked about her, even some of them loved her in secret.

Mu Fan didn’t expect Yuuki Asuna who belonged to a wealthy family would like cooking like any ordinary person, she even founded the cooking art club.

The more you know the more you will be shocked.

I don’t think she is as terrible as they said.