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Chapter 6: Food department golden fried rice

F.S Chapter 6: Food department golden fried rice.

When he was thinking, he realized that he was in front of Tendou as the latter said faintly: “Mu Fan, You wouldn’t be here to join for the same reason as those other guys, right?”

“I certainly came here to learn more about cooking.”

Mu Fan smiled as he said loudly, he didn’t expect the president Yuuki Asuna of this club would be that Yuuki Asuna as he came here entirely to make money.

Mu Fan went toward the stove and glanced at the pot, pans, and knives that were neatly placed on the shelves. Everything here was new, this place was well prepared.

However these pieces of equipment only play a supporting role in cooking, the most important things are the chef and the ingredients.

“It’s possible to join as long as I can cook right?”

“Well as long as you can make food that could be eaten, you can join the club.” When she heard Mu Fan’s words, she smiled. Although many people wanted to join because they wanted to approach Asuna, they didn’t know how to cook.

After all, there weren’t many girls who can cook in this era, let alone boys. So when she heard that Mu Fan can cook, she was surprised.


However, suddenly her stomach made such a sound which made her face turn red.

Hearing this voice, Mu Fan glimpsed around, when he saw her face he couldn’t help but ask: “Class president, Are you… Hungry?”

“I haven’t eaten since morning…” Tendou lowered her head and said embarrassedly. In fact, she planned on having lunch with Asuna, but due to the lack of ingredients, Aunsa left to get some and has yet to return, she could only wait.

“Are you sure I can cook using those ingredients?” Mu Fans eyes looked at Tendou, he had some doubts about joining the club, but he didn’t say anything as he asked her.

“As long as I return them tomorrow there is no problem. I will cook something for myself” Hearing Mu Fan’s question, Tendou’s face became redder as she said.

“Oh? Class-president can actually cook?” Mu Fan asked curiously.

“A little bit, but it’s far worse than Asuna’s cooking because her cooking is really something else.” Tendou said helplessly.

“In that case, I will solve your problem, what ingredients are left here?” Mu Fan said with a chuckle, although it surprised him knowing that Asuna was so good at cooking, he still decided to join the club and proceed with his plan.

With Fantasy system giving him talents, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Tendou pointed her finger and said: “Everything is in the fridge.”

Mu Fan turned around and opened the fridge. There weren’t many ingredients. There was only some shrimp, carrot, ham and onions as well as some egg and rice.

Seeing this, Mu Fan’s eyes flashed. Although there weren’t many ingredients, it’s enough to make the thing he wanted to make.

“Class president, Do you mind eating fried rice?”

“I eat it occasionally at home.”

Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Tendou nodded and suddenly realized something. Turning around and looking at Mu fan with hesitation, then she asked slyly: “Mu Fan, You wouldn’t be thinking of making fried rice right?”

Egg fried rice is very simple to prepare. Most people who don’t know how to cook can make it. You can even directly buy it from any store.

To be straightforward, it’s harder to make egg fried rice than cooking instant noodles. But is making fried rice can be called cooking?

“Yeah, but my fried rice isn’t the ordinary egg fried rice, It’s called Golden fried rice.”

Mu Fan was not surprised by the fact that he couldn’t express himself. After all, he was making the simple fried rice. He sounded like those guys who came to the club to approach Asuna.

However, although fried rice was simple to make, it’s also a challenging dish. Different chefs make different fried rice with different taste. And his golden fried rice is different from the ordinary fried rice.

“Golden fried rice? What is that?” Like a surprised child she asked Mu Fan, she heard of egg fried rice, but it’s her first time hearing about the golden fried rice.

“You should see it then.” Mu Fan gently smiled, first, he picked the rice from the fridge, then he put it into a basin and began carefully washing it.

For the fried rice, the first step was to wash the rice and removed anything else that was with it or else it will affect the taste.

At the same time, Mu Fan filled the kettle with water and fired the stove to begin boiling the water. Washing the rice and boiling the water at the same time can shorten the time.

After the rice was washed, Mu Fan poured the rice over the water into a filter. The rice was being steamed.

These steps are all to prepare the golden fried rice. The rice was releasing steam. Not only did the rice seem good it would definitively taste better too

Taking advantage of the time the rice is being steamed, Mu Fan picked the green beans, onions and a knife from the shelf for cutting vegetables.

From beginning to end, Tendou stared at Mu Fan from the side watching curiously. She looked at how he was skilled with the knife, she couldn’t help but gulp as those cooking skills should be honed over several years of practice.

Next, Mu Fan started handling eggs. It was hard after all. He separated the egg yolk from the white. The golden fried rice was made using only the yolk as the white wasn’t needed.

After a while, Mu Fan picked the steamed rice which made a strong aroma fill the place.

After taking the recipe directly from the system, Mu Fan could cook the fried rice perfectly. The rice in the recipe should stay overnight to be perfect, but using his talent he could tell that he could also pick it up now and wouldn’t need to wait for an entire night.

Next, he waited for it to cool a little, then he opened the fire under the pot at the maximum heat. He added the vegetable oil to the pan and waited until it warmed. Then he quickly placed the green onion in the pan, then he added the Rice and egg yolk and salt and white pepper and started stirring it skillfully.

In the process of frying the rice, Mu Fan was counting the time in his heart. He controlled the heat which was very important in this process. After all, if he used too much heat and let it for a little longer than necessary, the rice would be burnt.

At the right time, Mu Fan turned off the fire and poured the rice into a plate.

As he poured out the fried rice, an intriguing aroma spread instantaneously inside the club room. Under the sunlight that was projected through the window, the fried rice was wrapped around by a golden luster. The egg yolk and rice formed a very uniform color.

After he finished, a notification sounded inside Mu Fan’s mind.

–Golden fried rice: Rating: 65 points! This is a food that people can enjoy!–