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Chapter 7: Choice

F.S Chapter 7: Choice

Hearing the system’s notification, Mu Fan was surprised, even though it was only five-point higher than the previous dish. But when he saw the comment of the system, he was moved and hurriedly placed the plate on the table.

“Class president, try the Golden fried rice that I prepared.”

According to the system, the food can make people satisfied so tried to verify that.

Looking at the plate in front of her, Tendou couldn’t help but swallow.

However, she was accustomed to eating here, so she sat on a chair and picked up a spoon and began.

Mu Fan looked at her elegance when eating and sighed. His eating habits are completely different than hers. As long as he was hungry he wouldn’t care how he looked as long as he eats.

By the time Tendou sent her first spoonful of rice into her mouth, she was stunned.

The strong yolk scent wrapped with the soft rice spread all over her taste buds. The fried rice wasn’t as greasy as she imagined, but instead, it was really fragrant. The perfect combination of the flavors including the faint taste of the green onion made the taste overwhelming. All of a sudden Tendou was hooked up.

She took a small breath and continued eating, she was unable to stop herself. While enjoying the meal like a child, she praised and said: “It’s really delicious! I have eaten fried rice before, but not one as perfect as this. How did you do this?”

“It takes many years of cooking and improving the recipes to do this. For example, I am practicing every day.”

Mu Fan’s face wasn’t cheeky. In fact, he knows how many years it takes to make such a delicious food. He could do it thanks to the previous owner and his understanding toward cooking.

Of course, there is also the system who provided the recipe or else there wouldn’t be any golden fried rice now.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d be this good at cooking, you’ve hidden well.”

She was convinced by Mu Fan’s words as she continued to send spoonful after another into her mouth.

Mu Fan’s golden fried rice was completely eaten by this grown-up child. After eating she placed the spoon and the plate on the table, her petite body leaned on the chair while touching the slightly uplifted stomach and said in satisfaction: “gochiso sama deshita! Thanks, Mu Fan.”

Looking at the cute girl, Mu Fan couldn’t help but smile as he took the plate and the spoon and laughed: “You’re welcome. Can I join the club now?”

“Of course you can!”

Tendou sat up straight with a serious face and said: “With you joining the club, the number should be sufficient. I believe with you and Asuna’s cooking, the can make the club really popular.”

“Thanks a lot.” Mu Fan smiled and walked toward the stove with the plate. After joining the club, it was time to begin his plan.

“Mu Fan, you just cooked so let me handle the dishwashing.” Tendou Machi stood up from her chair and walked over to grab the plates from Mu Fan’s hands with a smile.

“I appreciate the help.” Mu Fan nodded his head, then stretched his fingers to his face and said with a chuckle: “However before you help, you should wipe the grain of Rice off of your mouth.”

Tendou was surprised. She took a small mirror from her pocket and looked at her face, she had a grain of rice beside her mouth. She remembered the way she ate in front of Mu Fan and her face couldn’t help but turn red as she quickly wiped the grain off and looked at Mu Fan: “This should be ok.”

Mu Fan smiled, he didn’t think that his class president had such a cute side. Seeing how she was determined to help, he didn’t say know as they washed the plates together.

After all the cooking art club is called like that for a reason, learning cooking is one of the things you do here, and cleaning after eating is a part of what they should do so this place could always be healthy.

After finishing, Tendou took the black plastic bag full of garbage from Mu Fan’s hand and said with a smile: “Mu Fan, let me through it, besides I’m leaving tomorrow, could you help me tell Asuna?”



Mu Fan nodded his head. According to her, she is just hanging out in here. She won’t be able to come every day. she only has to watch over the club when Asuna wasn’t here.

After she left, everything was ok, He had no choice but to wait for Asuna’s return, so he took out his phone and started typing.

Now, besides his cooking talent, he had the talent of writing novel which was his talent in his previous life.

As for the other talents, he decided to wait and not by any talent for now. When needed he would just buy a first-rate talent or raise his cooking talent or writing talent to the next level.

The writing talent can’t be wasted, he should write and publish it in Akihabara.

When it comes to Akihabara, it is very close to the place he lives in. There are many cultures in that place, and many different things are published like novels and manga and animes, also many products are bought there as anime figures and cosplay costumes.

Akihabara gained the nickname Akihabara Electric Town shortly after World War II for being a major shopping center for household electronic goods and the post-war black market.

Nowadays, Akihabara is considered by many to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for video games, anime, manga, and computer goods. Icons from popular anime and manga are displayed prominently on the shops in the area, and numerous maid cafés are found throughout the district.

The culture in Akihabara nowadays affected the entire world as different otaku’s from the world visit it constantly. Therefore, Mu Fan wanted to sell his novel there, the light novel was one of the three most sold goods there, along with Manga and games.

Fortunately, his talent would help him in this.