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Chapter 8: Yuuki Asuna!

F.S Chapter 8: Yuuki Asuna!

For the preparation of Book, Mu Fan didn’t worry. He searched the internet to look for what type of books are popular nowadays.

In the Fantasy store, there are many books from his last live. If he spent some Fantasy points, he would be able to get any book he wants and draw as his own

After all, this was a world with many anime characters. They wouldn’t know the novels from his world.

However, Why… Why is the ACG culture here so crappy? All the novels are about the same. Some overpowered Character will transmigrate to another word with cheats. This kind of novel where ever it is published it would get hundreds of fans all over the world.

Well, that’s fine too, after all this is the era of ACG.

So now he was searching for novels, he didn’t want to make a book and it turns out that it was already published. That would be a crime so he couldn’t afford to do something like that without searching.

Copying someone else’s work isn’t a simple crime.

Next, Mu Fan started searching for novels. But he didn’t find anything he knew, he found the best seller ones, one called “Love Affair” and “Fantasy System” and “Dark flames goblin”… He didn’t hear anything about those works before.

Sure enough, there were no books from his former world.

Looking at the sale details of these books, Mu Fan couldn’t help but take in a cold breath. Those books had the same sale detail as the best sellers from his past world. Fortunately, he had his fantasy system and his writing talent. He really wanted to make a book and sell in Akihabara.

There are many books in this world.

But… Mu fan looked at the names and his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. The pen names were “Sayane” and “Eromanga”. Those two were Akihabara best sellers.

“Yes, I won’t be able to face those two, I should just make light novels, let’s drop the manga thing.” Mu Fan looked at the two names and dropped the idea of making a manga.

For now, writing novels is the most secure way to make money. There were many publishers in this world which made it hard for him to choose.

So he began searching for the most popular one of those. There was Kadokawa, Fukimi and Jump j-book, but their style was different. Before he was in the Qidian, which was easy because it’s the biggest publisher in China. But now he had to select from those three and he had to select a novel to publish.

Mu Fan hesitated for a bit, then he stayed in the interface of the Jump J-book library.

There was a big event going there which made him happy. A competition to decide the king of this year, the author needs to submit his work and as long as it gets chosen in the newcomers draft, he will immediately get 50,000 yen. The rest will be decided later and the king would get millions of yen directly.

50,000 yen wasn’t a small number for him, and the king’s reward doesn’t have any relation to the sales. Jump J-Book is really the best for newcomers.

Mu Fan was happy. He was short on money. He chose to participate in this event and win himself some funds to solve the crisis he was in.

Thinking about this, Mu fan remembered Tomoya-san who said that he was a famous blogger and knew some people in the Jump J-Book.

Let’s see what the best seller here is, then write a novel and then ask Tomoya-san.

“Open Fantasy Store and search for light novels.”

“I.S Infinite Stratos!”

The first thing that appeared in front of him is this work.

In fact, this famous work was very popular in his past life but he didn’t like it that much, because the plot was weak and boring, except for the harem part. The reason that it was a hit in that era was that there weren’t many authors who write about a single boy in a school full of girls.

In this era, many novels were having that setting and many have harem too. It would be difficult for this novel to shine in this world.

In the end, Mu Fan found the novel he wanted.

“Exchange ‘Accel World’!”

Mu Fan murmured in his heart and the little fantasy points he had disappeared. The novel disappeared from the store and appeared directly into his mind.

This novel was extremely popular in his past life. Although some people couldn’t stand it because the protagonist was a fat boy, people who could see clearly knows that this was a famous work and it seemed natural to Mu Fan. Also, this novel was within the rules of the competition as the competition main genre is a game. Perhaps this novel will create a sales miracle in this world.

Seeing that there is still no one coming to the club room, Mu Fan started typing on his phone the novel he had in his memory, After a just a little bit Mu Fan hit the 3,000 words mark, due to the novel being in his memory and his talent in writing he was way faster than normal person.

“Ano… Who might you be?”

While Mu Fan had his head down looking at his phone, a beautiful female voice called out.

Mu Fan looked up and was stunned.

It was a beautiful girl dressed in a white short-sleeved school uniform. She was wearing an exquisite skirt complementing her pretty figure, matched with tight white stockings which gave a very pure feeling.

Her hair was brown, silky and ran over to her shoulder, a savory neck and a delicate beautiful face that looked at him with a gentle smile.

Looking at this pretty girl, Mu Fan was stunned for a few seconds and instantly a name flashed in his heart.

Regardless of the character or family or beauty, She was recognized by any boy in the school. She was…

Yuuki Asuna.