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Chapter 9: who knows where you spent your money?

F.S Chapter 9: who knows where you spent your money?

“Sorry, did I bother you?” Asuna looked at Mu Fan in apology.


Mu Fan shook his head but he was secretly surprised, Asuna wasn’t as arrogant as he imagined. On the contrary, she was treating people in a gentle and polite way.

This is so like a young lady who received an elite education since she was a child.

“Hello, my name is Mu Fan. I am a new member of the club and I already got the approval of Tendou-san.”

Mu Fan stood up and smiled as he introduced himself. Since he wanted to use the club for his plans, he needed to leave a good impression on the president of the club.

“Oh, a new member, hello, I’m Yuuki Asuna, Glad to meet you.”

Mu Fan’s gentle tone made Asuna let out a little sigh of relief and her alert went down slightly. How many boys tried to join the club? Too many and all of them only knew how to wash dishes. Although she was polite, she was still on alert toward strangers.

But since Tendou agreed, he shouldn’t be like the other boys, right?

After she introduced herself to Mu Fan politely, she questioned: “Mu Fan, did you just meet Tendou-san?”

“Yes.” Mu Fan nodded and said honestly: “Tendou-asn left because something happened and made me wait until you come back.”

“Ah!” Hearing Mu Fan saying that Tendou left, Asuna couldn’t help but let out a cry while covering her mouth with her hand and took out her phone and said to Mu Fan in apology: “Sorry Mu fan, can you wait for a bit?”

“Oh, sure!”

Mu Fan first glanced then nodded, apparently forming a good relationship with Asuna is what matters. So this time he shouldn’t be bothered and simply stood there. However, his eyes stayed at the brand new phone in Asuna’s hand, it was the latest mobile phone out there which was worth 400,000 yen.

As expected of the daughter of the president of RECT.

“Machi-san, have you had your lunch? Won’t there be a problem if you didn’t?” Asuna took her mobile phone and send a message to Tendou.

“Oh? Asuna, Don’t worry I’ve already eaten.”

“You ate?” Asuna was slightly surprised.

“Well, did you go back to the club?”

“Well, I just came back.”

“Then you should’ve met Mu Fan-san right? He is a new member I let in, the food he made was super delicious. He was the one who cooked for me before I left.”

“Well, since I know that you ate already I am relieved.”

“Well then goodbye!”

Putting the phone down, Asuna looked at Mu Fan with a hint of surprise in her eyes. As the new semester began the club will be disbanded if there were no new members. Actually, she was starting to think of accepting people so the club can still go on. She didn’t expect too much from Mu Fan, she just hoped that he wasn’t like the other boys.

He couldn’t imagine that rice could leave such an impression on Tendou. It seems like the one cooking is the real thing.

There won’t be any problem with him joining the club.

Asuna returned her phone into her pocket with her face still showing surprise she asked Mu Fan: “Mu Fan-san, can you cook?”

“Almost, I heart that the president went to buy ingredients. Did you find what you were looking for” Mu Fan said modestly? He heard from Tendou that Asuna’s cooking is on a whole different level and didn’t want to exaggerate. He wasn’t that good and if he said he was he would lose more than what he can gain.

This time, Mu Fan saying this made Asuna believe that he can cook, she looked with a hint of joy and nodded, and then she smiled and said: “Well then, welcome to the club. From tomorrow the club can resume its activities.”

“Well, I will stay and help after school.” Mu Fan smiled and since tomorrow the activities will begin, he could discuss with Asuna about running the club like a small restaurant.

“Well, thank you, Mu Fan-san.”

“You can call me Mu Fan.”

Mu Fan smiled and was about to discuss the business with Asuna, but unexpectedly the door of the club was suddenly pushed open. A slender figure in a black outfit and a smooth hair entered, he seemed to be seventeen years old boy. He put his camera on the table as he sat.

“All of you in the food club, Do you have any good food? Bring it to me.”

“Good food?”

Asuna face was flushed with embarrassment. She received an elite education since her childhood but she wasn’t good at talking to those type of people. She was on full alert. Just when he was about to start talking and saying that they don’t have any good food here, Mu Fan took a step in front of Asuna and said to the boy with a smile: “There is golden fried rice, Sir, are you ready to order?”

At Mu Fan’s words, Asuna and the boy were both surprised. He was full of doubt about Mu Fan’s golden fried rice.

At the next moment, the boy picked up an eyebrow and asked: “I didn’t think that the little food club actually used words of a waiter in a restaurant. This is really interesting, But golden fried Rice? What kind of fried rice is it? Let me give it a try. And give me a glass of water I haven’t had a rest since morning, I am thirsty!”

“Ok.” Mu Fan nodded and turned around, picked up a disposable cup and filled it with water then put it on the table.

It may be due to the weather, the boy drunk all of the water inside the cup and put it back into the table.

Seeing that the boy finished drinking, Mu Fan narrowed his eyes and smiled: “It is okay to cook for you but I will charge you for the Golden Fried Rice.”

“What? Charge me?”

The boy frowned and reached out to the table and knocked on it:: “Didn’t you read that thing outside the club, it says that tasting the food is for free? Why do I have to pay?”

“Mu Fan-san?”

Yuuki Asuna was looking at Mu Fan from behind and didn’t understand what Mu fan wanted to do. Does it mean that he had an ulterior motive by joining the club?

“Rest assured, our ingredient is paid for. can we just give it to him for free every time he comes?”

Mu Fan gently smiled at Asuna, and then turned to look at the boy and said: “The food club can indeed let you taste for free, but that is only tasting. You haven’t eaten this late in the day. I know that you went to a gaming center to play games there and you don’t have money to eat that’s why you came here.”

“You!” The boy’s eyes flashed with irritation as he clenched his teeth. But he was a bit hungry and was too lazy to care about them now so he said: “Yes, give me a plate!”

“Wait a moment sir, the customer should first determine the price of what he is ordering before he orders. The golden fried rice I make isn’t cheap at all.” Mu Fan reminded kindly.

“Oh, how expensive can a bowl of fried rice be, I can afford it.” The boy grinned and raised his finger pointing at the camera on the table. He looked proud and showed off the camera.

“The camera is good.”

Mu Fan smiled, he remembered that this camera’s price was about 300,000 yen.

But… In front of Yuuki Asuna who just took a phone with 400,000 as a price, it looked silly.

At this moment, Mu Fan narrowed his eyes and smiled innocently: “Since this gentleman is so rich, I’m not going to charge you much. The price of the Golden Fried Rice is 2,000 yen if you want to eat. I will have to trouble you to make your order. There is some vegetable here, so I will make some vegetable soup too free of charge.”

2,000 yen isn’t too much in Japan nowadays.

“2,000 yen?” The boy couldn’t help but take a cold breath as his mouth twitched.

What’s with this price, it’s just a bowl of fried rice made by the food club.

Are you trying to rob me?