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F.S Chapter 15: Asuna’s first Indirect kiss.

Asuna didn’t notice Mu Fan behind her. She was humming a song while she was cleaning the club room.
It’s a rare opportunity to listen to the school’s goddess sing, so naturally, Mu Fan didn’t want to miss it.
Asuna was singing a song about youth and love. The lyrics and the melody were all good. Together with her voice, it sounded really good. Mu Fan’s mood eased while he listened to her.
Of course, if she didn’t know how to sing, even if she was the school’s Goddess he would still stop her.
It’s not wrong a to sing, but it’s wrong to scare people by a song.
But since it’s nice to listen to, he didn’t stop her.
“You’re so early, president!”
When she finished singing, Mu fan greeted her from behind.
Hearing the sudden voice behind her, Asuna Shuddered and when she thought that she was singing just now, her face couldn’t help but turn red. She turned around and looked at Mu Fan and asked “Mu Fan… When did you arrive?”
“From the first sentence you song.”
Hearing what he said and looking at the smile on his face, her face turned even redder as she said: “Sorry, it must’ve been a bother listening to me sing.”
“How can that be.”
Mu fan put his backpack on the chair and smiled lightly: ” You sang nicely. After listening to you sing I felt very relaxed.”
“Really?” A look of delight appeared in Asuna’s eyes. Some may not believe it but both girls and boys love to be praised by others.
“En.” Mu fan nodded then asked: “If you love singing so much why didn’t you join the singing community?”
“Everybody there is so skilled that I’m afraid that I may drag them down if I joined.”
“Is that so, I felt that you could join the community without a problem. What’s the name of that song?” Mu Fan asked, this song was familiar to him but since it’s a different world he won’t know what it’s called.
Asuna smiled slightly and said: “It’s the upcoming anime from the light novel Koi Kaze, this songs name is Love Wind. I heard it accidentally and felt the melody was very nice so I remembered it while I am singing right now.”
“Love wind?”
Mu Fan suddenly realized why the song was so familiar, it’s one of the top three best sellers novel “Koi Kaze”.
(Tl: I put it as Love Affair before, btw I think he named it as another novel but it’s really Koi Kaze.)
I can’t believe that those three novels are going to be animated. I really don’t know when My Accel World will be able to do this.
Mu Fan suddenly saw a glass of water half filled, he remembered that he didn’t complete the glass Asuna gave him yesterday so he picked it up normally and finished it.
At this time, Seeing Mu Fan drink from the glass on the table, Asuna’s face turned red and her head was letting out steam.
“Mu… Mu Fan?”
“What is it?”
Mu Fan licked his lips and raised his head when he saw Asuna reddening, he couldn’t help but be surprised and his eyes widened. He didn’t expect Asuna to be like that. So he asked urgently: “President, Are you ok? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?”
Looking at Mu Fan getting closer, Asuna’s face turned even redder.
“Are you really ok?”
Asuna pointed at the Glass of water Mu Fan finished and shyly said: “That glass is mine…”
“Yours?’ Mu Fan was slightly surprised, he didn’t respond for a while then said: “What about mine?”
“I cleaned yours early in the morning.”
“Oh, I see.” Realising this, Mu fan sat on the chair and waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind.”
The glass was hers, she drunk half and she wanted to drink the other half later, she didn’t expect Mu Fan to come and drink it.
Young girls were too careful, in her eyes, Just now Mu Fan had an indirect kiss with her.
And that same person said only one sentence, I don’t Mind.
You don’t mind But I do Mind.
This was my first kiss, It’s not that simple.
Asuna was almost crying. Many guys would put love letters in her desk and shoe case. She rejected all of them. She didn’t expect her first kiss would be gone like this.
Mu Fan didn’t notice Asuna’s change in expression as he went out of the room. He took a chalk and wroke on the board.
Seeing Mu Fan writing something, Asuna’s eyes revealed a hint of curiosity and she couldn’t help but go out to see what he wrote.
“Plain noodles: 2,000 Yen? Golden Fried Rice: 2,000 Yen?”
After Asuna whispered what she saw on the board, She looked at Mu Fan weirdly and asked: “Mu fan, are we gonna serve those two types of food?”
Mu Fan waved his hand and told the truth: “I currently have only those two dishes that I can cook.”
Although Mu Fan has the golden Fried Rice and the Plain noodles, he can’t cook other things as good as those two, Maybe not even as good as Asuna’s.
Asuna Humbly smiled and said: “In fact, I may know a lot but I can’t make anything as good as your Fried Rice, If I cook and put such a price, I can tell that the students come to eat it. So these two dishes are enough for now. I will help as much as I can.”
“Sorry to trouble you president!”
Asuna volunteered to help him which made Mu Fan feel happy. He realized that he didn’t have much money and most ingredients were bought by Asuna. He decided to use her ingredients and then divide their money fifty/fifty. He just didn’t know whether the students will really come and whether or not he could a hundred customers in a week’s time and gain that 100,000 Yen to complete the task.
After he finished the preparation, Mu Fan took his phone and send a message to Tomoya: “Are you here? I wrote a light novel preparing for the Jump J-Book competition, Do you have anyone who is experienced in editing?”
After knowing Tomoya from work, Mu fan knew that the latter also need to work every morning, so he wasn’t really anxious about getting the replay, he just sat there and waited.
Before long, the phone rang.
Tomoya sent a message which said: “Of course I know an editor. Mu Fan after so long you finally remembered me. I just arrived and I didn’t see your message. I’m in the second years class B right now. Did you really write a novel? Can send it to me first.”
Mu Fan’s mouth twitched, although his predecessor wasn’t that great, he wasn’t that bad right?
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