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F.S Chapter 14: Fast Writer!

However, in Mu fan’s heart, he thought that some of his mother’s savings were given to her without him knowing about it. He couldn’t help but touch the sliver silky like hairs of Sagiri as he smiled and said: “Don’t worry, When I’m a bit older, I will open father’s restaurant again. If I’m short on money I will ask for your help.”
Mu Fan naturally didn’t Ask Sagiri to give him money. In fact, he liked Sagiri’s proposal as he always considered reopening his father’s restaurant.
But that would need some funds which he currently doesn’t have. Moreover, he only knows two dishes to cook, the plain noodles and the Golden Fried Rice. He would need to wait until he learns more dishes to open a restaurant.
Feeling the warmness of Mu Fan’s hand on her head, Sagiri face was dyed red with a blush. She shook her head and took the food and closed the door again.
“Er, Originally I wanted to enter her room for a while, I didn’t expect her to close the door again.” Remembering the bashful face of his sister, Mu fan couldn’t help but laugh.
My sister is so cute!
Although she eventually left, she did come out once and he was relieved as he saw her for the first time. This can’t be rushed, it’s better to let her adapt and walk out of the room by herself.
Feeding my sister is completed.
Well, I should go and see my cute sister’s room next time.
“Ding– Because of the host’s desire, a new task was created: the host needs to enter his sister’s room. the reward will be some fantasy points–“
Mu Fan’s eyes widened. It really was a fantasy system. He thought about what task will come out, he didn’t expect the task would be because he wanted to be closer to his sister.
There was no deadline for this task, and it gave just some fantasy points. It’s necessary to enter her room in the future to help her change and get out of that room. That would require courage to do.
Wait for my lovely sister, our road is just starting.
He made a bowl of golden fried rice for himself and ate it. then he took a bottle of barley tea he used to drink and returned to his room. He sat down on a chair and poured a cup for himself and opened his notebook.
This notebook was about a year old, it’s 80% new, there was no problem in writing on it.
Mu Fan first registered an account on the official website of Jump j-book, he downloaded the website’s own writing tool that would directly save the draft to a source online so he won’t lose anything he wrote.
Mu Fan opened the software, there was a ranking on the software of the author who wrote more than others today. Senju Muramasa was at the top of that list.
“it seems like the author of ‘The Legend of the Phantom Blade’.”
Mu Fan was secretly astonished because he didn’t expect Senju Muramasa to not only be the best seller but also a diligent author. She was more diligent than the lazy author Yamada Elf who he liked at the same time. Although he can write really well, the author writes slowly, he couldn’t stay first place.
Mu Fan though for a moment, then he wrote a few words on the software as his temporary pen name: “I want to repair immortality, And mana is boundless!”
The pen name is already registered.
“This is ok!”
Mu Fan didn’t think that 
Mu Fan was silent for a while then he wrote again: “Mu Fan doesn’t eat today!”
This pen name is already registered
“Where Do not sleep!”
Another one: “The most handsome Mu Fan in History!”
The pen name was still taken.
After dozens of trials, Mu Fan sighed. there are many authors. He slammed his hand and wrote again: “Twilight!”
Registration Successful!
Seeing the registration was finally successful. Mu fan took a deep breath and put his hands on the keyboard and started remembering the story of Accel World in his mind with his eyes closed. the suddenly he opened his eyes and started typing.
Because he purchased the novel from the System, although there are some flows, there was nothing wrong with his writing. Mu Fan already wrote about 10,000 Words today. After some time, the software showed that he wrote 30,000 words already.
Together with what he wrote today, there are about 40,000 words in total.
After opening the software again, he saw that he was currently in first place, as the one who was first before was pushed down to the second position with 20,000 words.
The official website was bustling due to the emergence of this new author named “Twilight”. how many days can he stay in the first place?
Dark Devil: Does anyone know who is this ‘Twilight’ who just took first place in the ranking?
Fantasy Fairy Biography: It’s unclear which old veteran he is, it’s impossible for a new character to have this kind of writing speed that can exceed Senju Murasama and occupy the first place.
Magic Creation Record: I think the author is probably using the software for the first time. The normal authors could only write about 20,000 words in a short period of time. I think he had only written about 10,000 words in another software, but in a matter of hours, it became 40,000 words. He should’ve done this for the sake of getting some reputation.
When they saw the words of Magic Creation Record, there were some admirers. Most people couldn’t believe that someone could write 40,000 words in several hours.
Upon seeing this, Mu Fan closed the website directly. Not many people are able to do what he just did. But even if they think he can’t he was too lazy to prove that he can.
if it wasn’t because of his laziness, he would’ve continued to write, but normal authors need to think about the plot of their stories.
Because Mu Fan was an author of his own stories before, he knew what he should do and what he shouldn’t so that he doesn’t draw too much attention toward himself.
This time, Mu Fan took A4 sized papers and pushed them into the printer.
Because Japan publishes the novels directly, it’s totally different from Qidian, as in Qidian you need the editor to see it and accept it before you can publish it.
After printing the manuscript, Mu Fan was too tired, he simply laid on the bed and fell asleep.
The next day, Mu fan went to the club early in the morning, he was surprised that Asuna arrived ahead of him.
At this time, she was cleaning the club room diligently. Mu Fan stood behind of her as he cast his gaze on her perfect body.
A cute hairpin was attached to her hair, her white neck was exposed, her face was glowing and it’s obvious that she didn’t use any makeups. She looked pure and beautiful to the extreme.
Of course, the most eye-catching thing is her stocking that covered her round legs. She looked like an elf, pure and beautiful. Even Mu Fan, who was a gentleman couldn’t help but look at her for a few times and swallow…
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