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Chapter 13: Saving!

Mu Fan was satisfied with Sagiri and he was also pleasantly surprised. This showed that Sagiri loved his plain noodles.
I didn’t expect that my dear sister would eat two portions of noodles herself.
Mu Fan entered the kitchen and started preparing the noodles. Not long after, two bowls of noodles were prepared.
He held the bowls and carried them to the second floor, then he reached out and knocked on the door gently. “I’m sorry for coming back late Sagiri. I prepared the noodles from this morning. Also, there is something important I want to talk to you about can you open the door?”
As he unexpectedly transmigrated, there was only one person that could be called family for him. Mu Fan didn’t want his sister to stay like this for long so he wanted to take care of this quickly. Sooner or later he would have to solve this problem.
The most important thing is that he didn’t even see Sagiri before, he could only rely on the memories left in the body when he came to this world. So he really wanted to look at her.
The former owner of this body could actually master the floor language. Mu Fan didn’t have a sister before, but as he transmigrated, the memories of this body influenced him. Fortunately, he could actually think for himself and didn’t get influenced to the point of being a sis-con.
However, in his mind, he still remembers the first time Sagiri came to this home. He wanted to see what she looks like now.
At this moment, Mu Fan felt a chill as he thought that he was just about to get influenced by his predecessor, he wouldn’t turn into a sis-con, right?
However, After waiting for a few moments, there was still no response. Mu Fan could only sigh as he decided to give up for today. After all, he only made her want to eat his food, he can’t expect her to go out right now.
Mu Fan put the plate on the ground and turned away and was ready to walk down the stair.
“Creeeeeek” (sfx: door opening.)
At this time, the door was slightly pushed open behind him. Mu Fan couldn’t help but turn away.
A beautiful girl with two butterflies in her silver hair which reached to her waist appeared behind the door.
She was dressed in lovely pink pajamas which revealed her white long neck and her two legs were exposed. she was wearing cute pink slippers on her small feet.
From this first look, Mu Fan’s heart was full of emotions of wanting to love and cherish her.
My sister was really too cute.
Mu fan stood in amazement at his sister, suddenly weird words were said to describe his sister, he isn’t turning into a sis-con, right?
No wonder his predecessor was a sis-con, with such a lovely little sister with no blood relations between them and with no friends, he wasn’t to blame.
Even his heart shouted that she was just too cute.
She found that Mu Fan was staring at her for a while and her face was a little red. She hesitated slightly and then said: “Long time no see, Onii-chan…”
When he heard Sagiri’s voice, Mu Fan returned to reality from the surprise state he was in. because the voice of his sister was too low, he couldn’t hear what she was saying still, he smiled at her and said: “Long time no see, Sagiri.”
After saying this, Mu Fan sighed in his heart.
In his memory, he only saw her once before. This was the first time he saw her after coming here. In a moment his head was filled with ideas, but he didn’t know what to do and what to say to her.
After being silent for a moment, Sagiri seemed reluctant to maintain the silence, so the slightly opened door was once again closed.
Seeing the door was about to close, Mu fan couldn’t help but try to say something after all his sister for the first time opened the door for him he couldn’t just let her close it again. He didn’t know how long it will take him to see her again if she closed that door. so he honestly said: “Sagiri, I actually have to in the school those days, so I may be late daily…”
Just as he said this, the door that was getting closed was opened again, Sagiri’s innocent face showed out from the door while looking at Mu Fan with a complex look and said.
“No… Onii-chan… Don’t leave me.”
Her voice was like a mosquito as she looked at Mu fan. He was afraid that he heard her wrongly so he couldn’t help but ask: “What did you say, Sagiri?”
“I said, Don’t leave me, Please don’t leave me alone at home… Onii-chan!”
It seems like it took some courage for her to say this. She was tightly clenching her pajamas while saying this loudly. Although the voice was still small, it was louder than before which made Mu Fan hear her clearly.
Mu Fan’s eyes widened in surprise, He thought this could happen after a year or two, but he didn’t expect his sister to be so dependent on him.
However, listening to the chocked voice of Sagiri, Mu fan felt guilty. My cute sister finally came out, and he made her cry.
Mu Fan quickly moved forward and reached out his hand and patted Sagiri’s head to comfort her. “Relax, Sagiri, Your brother is just going to work. I will come back early every day.”
In fact, Mu Fan joining the club means that he had to go there for a while after school. So he will return home later from now one.
However, to his surprise, after listening to his words, Sagiri asked in a puzzled tone: “Onii-chan going to work because he doesn’t have any living expenses?”
“No, it’s just time for your big brother to grow up.” Mu Fan patted his sister and smiled. He naturally won’t tell his sister that he had only 10,000 Yen. Sagiri is worrying about him, but he is the one that should be responsible for the family now.
Now that he had the fantasy system, It won’t be difficult for him to earn some money to feed himself and his sister.
There was a hint of confusion in her voice, her head was low as she said: “Onii-chan if you don’t have money, you can tell me I have some savings myself, it will be enough for a while. Another thing, Onii-chan, the food you cooked was so delicious that you can reopen you fathers restaurant with the money.”
When he heard Sagiri’s words, Mu Fan had some doubt about whether he heard correctly or not. In his memory, Sagiri didn’t leave her room. where could she get the money from? Going out now and saying she has some savings that they could spend for a while?
If he remembers correctly, Sagiri is in junior high school.
In contrast, his predecessor couldn’t do anything compared to his sister.