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Chapter 12: Let’s Divide Equally

After Waiting for Uehara to leave, Mu Fan handed over the 2,000 Yen to Asuna, then he smiled and said: “Yuuki-san, this is yours.”
Mu Fan naturally didn’t think that he could go and call Asuna by her name directly, and After thinking about it he decided to call her by her surname.
“Mine?” Asuna was slightly surprised while looking at Mu Fan. She didn’t immediately took the money from Mu Fan and was puzzled as she asked: “But it was obviously you who made the food, it’s your effort. Why are you giving it to me?”
“But the ingredients were something you bought yourself.”
Mu Fan smiled and put the 2,000 Yen on the table. Although he knew that she won’t care about the 10,000 Yen not to mention 2,000.
Although Mu Fan lacked money, he didn’t fall so low as to take other people’s ingredients to make money. In addition, the money that he took was recorded by the system and it didn’t matter if he used it or not. Even if it would affect the progress of the task he won’t really take them.
Seeing Mu Fan’s attitude, Asuna was embarrassed to refuse any longer. Although she didn’t care about 2,000 Yen, but in order to express her respect toward Mu Fan, she decided to equally split the money between them, so she extended her hand which was holding a thousand Yen and said: “Well, I bought the ingredients and you cooked so let’s split the money.”
Rejection seems to be impossible, in the end, he took the money.
Now in order to feed his sister, money can’t be wasted. As he took the money and was about to talk about the plans for the club, the bell rang, which meant that the lunch break was over.
“We should go back to class.”
Mu Fan and Asuna walked out of the club and locked the doors as they moved to return to their respective classes. Because their classes were close to each other, Mu Fan and Asuna walked together for a while which made most of the student look at Mu Fan with envy. As they reached their destination they waved goodbye to each other and went in.
Time passed quickly minute by minute. There weren’t many courses in the afternoon. Mu Fan was completely relaxed, he wrote about ten thousand words while he was in the classroom.
The sun was going down while it’s beautiful sun rays were turning red. The students were each going back home laughing and on playing on their way.
During this time, not many students were inside the school except for those that have club activities no one else is here.
Among them is Mu Fan who joined the cooking club.
Mu Fan promised that he would go and help. So after school, he directly went toward the club.
Originally, the ingredients were at the doorway, Asuna was ready to move them inside. Mu Fan glanced at her body and immediately shook his head. He decided to move those things himself as Asuna looked delicate and couldn’t handle such hard work. besides, he didn’t think that she did something like this before.
“Mu Fan, You are tired, take a break and drink this glass of water!” Mu fan put all the ingredients in the fridge and just as he finished and sat down, Asuna took a glass of water and gave it to him.
“It’s okay, this is nothing at all.” Mu fan waved his hand since he was strengthened by the system, his physical ability increased greatly, so he wasn’t tired.
After taking a sip of water, Mu Fan calmed down and thought about his plan. He looked at Asuna and asked: “What do you say if we work together on this club and change that rule of just tasting something to buying something instead. They still can taste but just a little bit not a full plate and if they liked it and wanted more they can order a full plate and get charged. What do you think?”
Now that Mu Fan displayed his cooking skills Mu Fan could make this suggestion, but Asuna doesn’t really care about money, and she was the president of the club so if she didn’t agree, then his plan can’t be done.
“Of course we can do that because when the club started I thought of doing that too.”
Hearing Mu Fan’s suggestion, Asuna agreed immediately.
In fact, Even thought Asuna was the eldest Daughter of such a wealthy family, she always dreamt of having her own free life. SHe acts like a mature lady just for the sake of the family.
However, in high school, she really wanted freedom and for the sake of her dream, she created the cooking club.
It happened that Mu Fan told her that he wanted to work with her in this club, which was what she hoped for all along. So that’s why she directly agreed to Mu Fan’s proposal.
“Thank you very much!”
Seeing that Asuna agreed, Mu Fan felt happy, after all, if she didn’t agree, he won’t be able to proceed with his plan and even the task won’t be completed and he would face the punishment of failer.
Due to the time being late, Mu Fan and Asuna quickly cleaned the club room and left. As they went out of the school gate, a good looking car was waiting for Asuna. As Asuna got in the car, Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh. Her life isn’t something that can be matched.
Tonight, Mu Fan needed to finish the remaining 20,000 words for accel world.
As he reached his home, Mu Fan looked at the doors and windows, he was relieved when he saw that nothing changed. It seems nothing happened to his sister when he wasn’t here.
However, just as he took out the key and opened the door, a rush of knocking sounded upstairs.
“I’m going to starve why are you so late?”
Getting this message as soon as he returns made Mu Fan’s mouth twitch. It seems so weird that he could understand such a thing from just knocking.
“Wait a little and food would be ready soon! I will give you another thing today.”
Mu Fan looked helplessly as he raised his head and shouted. He was going to prepare the Golden fried rice but a sound was heard from upstairs again.
“No, I want what you made this morning, and I need two bowls!”
Mu Fan felt the importance of mastering another language after understanding this floor language.