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F.S Chapter 17: The Devil that was treated

“You saw the board outside, But a bowl of plain noodles require 2,000 Yen!”
Mu Fan stood up and looked at the weird looking girl in front of him, this so-called “Great Devil”. He asked in a slightly skeptical tone. He seriously doubted the intelligence of this little girl. He needed to ask her to confirm whether she had the money or not before letting her eat.
The girl’s face full of shock as she said: “Ha, It’s an honor for you that this great devil is willing to eat in your club. You still want me to pay?”
“This child can’t be saved anymore.”
Mu Fan couldn’t help put his hand on his forehead as he was silent for a moment. Suddenly, he thought of something, he stared at the red-haired girl and said: “It can’t be, is the Great Devil Satania can’t afford a meal for just 2,000 Yen? Really?”
“That’s not it, it’s really not! I certainly have 2,000 Yen!”
After this provocation by Mu fan, Satania bit her lips and took out 2,000 Yen from her pocket. She put it on the table with a look of triumph: “Of course, I do have that much money. I’m Satania The great devil, how could I lack money to eat?”
“Since you have them, you can eat, then.”
Mu Fan grabbed the Money and put them in his pocket while grinning. He smiled as Asuna was already in the kitchen and said: “Ok, one Bowl Plain noodles!”
Hearing Mu Fan words, Asuna smiled and nodded, she was helping Mu Fan prepare the necessary ingredients. Although she didn’t know much about Mu Fan’s recipe, Asuna who knew how to cook somewhat could tell the ingredients needed.
Looking at Asuna starting to prepare the ingredients, Mu Fan was happy in his heart, he had to say that Asuna was really clever and bright assistant.
He just didn’t know who was the president of the club anymore… as their positions seem reversed.
After thinking about this, Mu Fan looked at Satania and smiled: “Can the guest wait for a moment, the food will be ready right away!”
Satania stared at Mu Fan who left with the 2,000 Yen, then she realized what just happened. Tears appeared in the corner of her eyes. She put her hand on the table and buried her head in her arms, and then she said: “Hey… Morning pineapple bag was robbed by a dog, Coming here to eat and was robbed instead.”
“The pineapple bag was robbed by a dog, that devil is really a failure.”
Standing in the kitchen, Mu Fan saw her unwillingness as she was mourning on the table.
She was really a brainless girl, he can lie to her face all night and she wouldn’t notice. If his sister was like this, she wouldn’t be shutting herself in her room and would have already gone out long ago.
She was anything like Asuna, Who was gentle, beautiful and smart. Other’s couldn’t really understand her thought easily.
With the joint effort of Asuna and Mu Fan, A bowl of Plain noodles will be soon made. A strong flavor spread throughout the kitchen. Even if the two made it, they couldn’t help but swallow when they smelled it.
–Plain noodles, 75 points! When you eat it, you will be immersed in the illusion of delicious food! If girls were to eat it, there will be unexpected results.–
The result was expected by Mu Fan. After all, Asuna selected the best ingredients.
Plus he had cooked enough of it that he can now raise it to 75 points without too much difficulty.
Mu Fan walked as he held the bowl and the aroma was spreading all over the place.
He placed the bowl on the table and said: “This is your order, Enjoy your meal!”
Smelling the fragrance coming in front of her, Satania’s small nose moved first, she looked up and saw the bowl full of noodles and her eyes suddenly shined. She took her chopstick and started eating.
The noodles were smooth and soft, but they were also tough. It contained a special chewy taste. The Fresh juicy feeling made her endlessly joyful.
Gradually, Satania’s face started blushing, her lips slightly opened and a strange feeling spread all over her body. She only felt the world in front of her had changed and she also seems to have changed. The world was beautiful, she was the Devil King while sitting on her throne and many demons were serving her. Many beautiful angels came to hell and opened their wings. They slid on her body and licked her all over. Every part of her body was licked as she felt all the pores in her body were opened. She couldn’t help but let out an “Ah-“due to excitement.
“This… Isn’t just a bowl of noodles, is it?”
Satania’s face was completely red as her breathing was hard, Watching her Mu Fan’s eyes widened. He couldn’t keep looking at her as he turned toward Asuna to discover Asuna looking at him with contempt as if she was saying, I didn’t expect you to do this, and even to such a lovely little girl.
“President, why are you looking at me like this? I didn’t put anything weird in there you know.”
Mu Fan wanted to cry but there were no tears. Who knew that this little devil, who claims she came from hell, to like this bowl of noodles so much that it had the effect of an aphrodisiac.
At this time, Mu Fan remembered the notification of the system. 
“President, do you want to try a bowl?”
Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Asuna became frightened, she rushed to the kitchen then shook her head and said: “No! I don’t want any! I have already eaten this morning.”
“Is there no trust between people anymore? I really didn’t put any drugs in there. What are you so afraid of?”
Asuna looked on high alert while she held a knife on her hand to defend herself. Mu Fan was speechless. But since Asuna didn’t want to, he didn’t force her, he could only wait for the little devil to finish eating.
“It’s so delicious! If I have time in the future I will take you to hell with me so you can become the chef of my family!”
Satania drank the soup, then put the bowl on the table and looked at Mu Fan. She already forgot what she was doing. Now she only thought that those 2,000 Yen for this bowl was worth it. This bowl of noodles was better than anything she ate in the past.
“Please don’t, I still want to live longer.”
Mu Fan couldn’t believe her saying that he should go to hell.
Were still in high school, do you want me to die this early?