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F.S Chapter 18: The Little Angel

Only that bowl of noodles was bought for the entire morning which meant Mu Fan earned only 1,000 Yen. But Mu Fan wasn’t worried at all after all this was the first day the cooking club started selling food.
When it was time for class, Mu Fan and Asuna closed the club room and went toward their respective class.
Mu Fan entered his class and sat down, his predecessor was always staying low key so he didn’t have that many friends.
Mu Fan was happy about this because he could relax and write without anyone bothering him. He wanted to finish fast so he could start publishing his novel when this book ends, he will just purchase another one from the Fantasy store.
First, after earning some money, He can start playing ‘SAO’ that was more real than any VR they had in his world.
Mu Fan read about it before, they said that you can feel everything like it’s real, if the weather is getting cold in the game you will feel cold, but there is a sensory adjustment tool, so the user can adjust it however he want, so basically you can make it so you can’t feel a thing inside the game.
Of course, that’s a suggestion for the female players. As a man, he felt that the more real it is the more interesting it will be. Besides he had a Gaming talent waiting to be purchased in the Fantasy Store.
However, the game seems to be produced by Asuna’s father company ‘RECT’ with some other companies.
And it’ clear that Asuna didn’t know that.
Mu Fan was surprised after sitting down because there was a pretty face on the table beside his table. She had smooth skin, pale blond hair, and was somewhat small. This little girl was turning her own textbook as she seemed to be reviewing.
The girl noticed Mu Fan’s stare and turned around to look at him. Her face was full of a sweet and lovely smile as she extended her hand toward Mu Fan and said: “Hello, I’m the new student. My name Zeruel Tenma White, Were table mate so I hope you can take care of me from now on. And if you feel troubled you can tell me, and I will help however I can.”
This time the sun rays went through the window and shined on her face. She looked like an angel descending to the mundane world, she was spotless and beautiful.
This girl really gave Mu Fan the feeling that she was an angel.
Mu Fan awoke from the daze he was in as he remembered that he was staring at her for a long time. A look of embarrassment appeared on her face because of it so he said: “Hi, I’m Mu Fan, please take care of me.”
Looking at the embarrassment on her face, Mu Fan smiled at her and said: “Mu Fan, You look Cute.”
“Cute? Me… Cute?”
Mu Fan turned around and looked at the petite girl. If she were to tell him that she was in Middle school, he would’ve believed her. She was loli in high school.
“Mu Fan, Are you in a bad mood? Is it difficult for you to speak with me?”
“My dream is to make everyone happy and you are my table mate so I will make sure you are happy.”
“Is that something you can do?”
Mu fan shook his head helplessly, but in front of such a gentle girl, he couldn’t really lose his temper.
The girl was so gentle that her dream was to make others happy.
In case he bullies her, he would probably be public enemy number one.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Mu Fan could only smile.
Hearing his words, she clasped her hand over her chest and said: “Since Mu Fan-san is All right, then I’m happy.”
Are you stupid? Can you only feel happy for the sake of others?
Mu fan rolled his eyes and when he wanted to continue talking, the bell for the first period rang. The teacher came in, Zeruel introduced herself and returned to her seat.
Mu Fan didn’t pay attention at all as he was writing his novel. He already passed high school before, so he was focusing on completing Accel world.
Also even if he wanted to learn, he could purchase it from the Fantasy store. As long as he spends 10 Fantasy point he could memorize everything from elementary school to university.
However, Mu Fan didn’t want to have that kind of knowledge now.
He would take it before the test to pass.
Mu Fan continued to type on his phone although it’s a little slower than a computer, he can still write, it’s better than nothing at all. But while he was writing he always felt that there is someone looking at him, and when he turned back, he didn’t find anyone.
Why is it so quiet?
After thinking about this, Mu Fan sucked in cold breath as he looked in front of him, but he found out that the teacher wasn’t paying attention to him, it wasn’t the violent teacher’s class.
Soon the morning period passed and now Mu Fan completed around 5,000 words. However as time pass by, Mu fan’s feeling of being watched was increasing.
This made him write lower than ever.
The noon bell sounded and several girls gathered around Zeruel showering her with all sorts of questions.
For example, what school she went to before, or how old she was or where she lived.
This kind of girls talk didn’t interest Mu Fan, instead of listening. Mu Fan turned off the writing software and went to the Cooking club.
However as soon as he arrived, Mu Fan was surprised by the number of students gathered inside the club room. At first glance, you could tell that there was more than 20 student gathered here.
This scene made Mu Fan super surprised for a long time. Did he become famous and attracted these many students?
Asuna was recording everyone’s order and when Mu Fan noticed her, he quickly moved toward her and asked: “President, why are there so many people?”
Asuna was surprised by Mu Fan’s question. If he remembers correctly, this morning only that little devil came. But now there were more than 20 students.
This was… Really incredible.


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