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F.S Chapter 19: Asuna’s Mysterious Friend

Looking at Mu Fan who is full of doubt, Asuna smiled and pointed at the screen of her mobile phone then smiled and said: “Haven’t you seen the schools forum? These people were attracted by the guy from the press club’s announcement that he posted here.”
Mu Fan took the phone from her hand and looked at the screen. On the forum, there was a post by Uehara saying “Golden fried rice for 2,000 Yen.”
It was the guy from yesterday.
Mu Fan was surprised as he opened the post from Asuna’s mobile phone. This was probably Uehara’s view of the Golden Fried Rice. He first had his doubt about the golden fried rice and finally was shocked by its taste.
If you want to try delicious food and look at the School’s Goddess Yuuki Asuna at the same time, go to the cooking club. They will surely satisfy you.
“Wow… I will go and try.”
Originally Mu Fan thought that they came here for the food, but it turned out only a few of them did as for the rest they came for Asuna.
In this school, the identity of Asuna is enough to attract most students, not to mention that the food was good.
Watching a beauty while eating is something every student wanted to do.
While Mu Fan was preparing to return the phone to Asuna’s phone, The Phone shook. A software opened and words flashed. “Kotone Kashiwagi”: “Asuna, are you free on Sunday? Can you go to Akihabara with me? Besides, could you come to my home and be my model? Your look is suitable for the female in my Manga.”
“President, someone is talking to you.”
Mu Fan naturally didn’t have the habit of invading someone’s privacy. just now he saw it by accident. When he saw that someone wanted to talk to Asuna he directly returned the phone to her.
“Oh, thank you.”
Asuna thanked him and took her phone and looked at the message on the screen.
Mu Fan tied an apron around his waist and after washing his hands, he took a look at the notes Asuna took. Most of them were Golden Fried Rice. In Fact, the Golden Rice wasn’t just delicious, it’s also easy and quick to make. When he arrived, Asuna already washed the rice and put it into the pot. Mu Fan directly started cooking the Golden Fried Rice.
Mu Fan was grateful for Uehara’s post. After all, as long as it goes like this, he could have 20 or so people eating here every day. He will soon complete the quest and his cooking skill will level up.
Not long after he started cooking, The Golden Fried Rice was ready. Asuna already finished her conversation on the phone as soon as the Rice was put into the plate. She directly took the plate and started distributing and after a short period of time, more than 10 dishes were served.
After tasting the Golden Fried Rice, some of the students said in satisfaction that they will come again tomorrow while some others directly ordered another plate.
Mu Fan looked at his phone to check the forum and all the students were praising the Golden Fried Rice. This made him feel that the club’s reputation will soon spread around the school really fast. He hoped that he could attract more students.
In just one day, the comments on the forum rose to more than hundred. And all of them were talking about the cooking club, those that already tasted the dishes there were praising as for those who didn’t they were eager to go and try.
“Mu Fan, This is your 24,000 Yen!”
As the afternoon break passed quickly, all the people returned to their classes. Asuna smiled and handed over 24,000 Yen to Mu Fan, his share for today’s sails.
“Only after one day, I made 25,000 Yen!”
After receiving his earnings, Mu Fan’s was excited. This meant that his cooking skills were recognized by the students. In just a few more days, he will complete the task.
“You worked hard, President!” Mu Fan looked at Asuna and said seriously. He knew that it will be hard as there are only the two of them in the club and they will be busy from now on.
“It’s okay. Seeing many people in the club made me very happy.  I like this atmosphere.”
Asuna loved cooking and created this club just for cooking. Today, she helped Mu Fan prepare the Golden fried Rice and plain noodles without cooking anything herself. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for that.
Mu Fan was secretly relieved, he knew that Asuna didn’t need to work as her family was well off, and operating this cooking club was just out of her own interest. He was worried that she wouldn’t sick to the club.
But fortunately, it looks like Asuna was very fond of the club.
Next Asuna wanted to try making the Golden Fried Rice herself. After she finished she put the plate on the table.
–Golden Fried Rice, 60 points! Just Okay, can be satisfying–
Looking at the Fried Rice cooked by Asuna, Mu Fan nodded with satisfaction. He had to say that Asuna was really something. With his teaching, she already learned every step to cooking the Golden Fried Rice and she even scored 60 points.
“President, Congratulations! You can sell this Fried Rice for 2,000 Yen.”
When Mu Fan tasted it, although it wasn’t as good as his, it was really delicious.
Hearing Mu Fan’s compliment, Asuna also took a spoon and tried it: “But it isn’t as good as the one you make.”
“Relax, as long as you keep practicing, you will be able to do even more.”
“Okay, thank you, Fan!”
Mu Fan’s eyelids were picked up. This is the first time that someone called him with just his name. His felt somewhat unnatural.
After returning to the classroom, Mu Fan was preparing to continue writing as he took his mobile phone. Suddenly he remembered the message that he saw in Asuna’s phone. He realized that something was wrong.
Kotone Kashiwagi?
How can this name be so familiar?
After thinking for a while, Mu Fan realized something.
Wasn’t that the manga artist who rivals Eromanga-sensei? Both were well-known artists.
And he even wanted to go out with Asuna to Akihabara and then he wanted her to go with him to his home. Did Asuna fall in love with him?
The more he thought of this, the more horrified Mu Fan got.
What kind of person is this Kotone Kashiwagi? Was he really just a good friend of Asuna?


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