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F.S Chapter 20: The First Crisis of the Cooking Club

In the next three days, Mu fan took his classes as usual and the rest of his time would be in the club room working with Asuna. In the morning of the third day, Mu Fan received some guests and suddenly he heard a pleasant sound from the system.
This sound proved that he had 100 Guest and earned 100,000 Yen and so his task was completed.
–Congratulations on completing the task, your cooking talent has leveled up and you gained some fantasy points–
With this notification, Mu Fan’s body trembled with excitement. Originally he thought that he will be able to complete this task just by the week’s end. Mu fan opened his status to check.
【Host: Mu Fan
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Cultivation: Level 2 [Strength above Normal adults] (Second order)
Fan fiction Fantasy talent: 
Cooking talent [level 3] [Recipe: Plain Noodle, Golden Fried Rice.]
Light novel talent: [level 1] last life talent.  Light novels: Accel World
Special ability: [Not turned on] Turn on after opening five talents.
Fantasy Store: [Open Level 1]
Fantasy value: 1
Current primary task: Enter Sagiri’s room 】
Seeing his status, Mu Fan smiled. There was only one task remaining. However, this task was giving Mu Fan a headache.
Although his relationship with Sagiri is better now, Sagiri didn’t step out of the room. He couldn’t take a step into the room too. He could only send the food to the doorsteps. It seems really difficult to enter his sister’s room.
“Sagiri, How difficult is it that you can’t do it?”
Mu Fan smiled helplessly, fortunately for him there was no time limit for this task. Mu Fan believed that one day he will make Sagiri open up to him and he would be able to enter her room.
At noon, a middle-aged man wearing a black suit tightly wrapping his fat body arrived in front of the Cooking club door. He looked gloomy while looking at the sign put on by Mu Fan.
Ishikawa Rock, the one running the schools restaurant and a well-known chef. Recently he received complains that the restaurant food was getting unpalatable. Therefore, less and less student were going to the restaurant these days.
Looking at the increasingly less popular restaurant, Ishikawa understood that his own restaurant will be forced to stop.
The student came again even though they complained about the food before. However, recently students would leave without saying a word and the restaurant was getting less customers.
Is it because they didn’t want to eat in the morning anymore?
Ishikawa had his doubt, but after some inquiry, he discovered the reason for the lack of customers. The students were going to the cooking club to eat.
It seems that they grabbed a lot of his customers.
“How delicious can the food cooked by students be?”
Ishikawa didn’t think that he would lose in front of a kid when it comes to cooking.
He once read the post in the school’s forum and believes that this success was due to the cooking club having a beautiful lady who was famous in the school.
As for the dishes they should be ordinary.
After getting this information, Ishikawa told his boss about this and they both decided to find out in the cooking club.
“Hey, a bowl of Fried Rice and noodles were sold at such a high price. Is there anyone stupid enough to buy it? It seems that I, his senior in the industry, should teach him what it means to not cheat customers.”
Looking at the price, Ishikawa looked gloomy, he looked in disdain as he entered the club room.
“Welcome, what do you want to order?”
Just as he entered, a beautiful tall girl with long silky hair full of smile welcomed him.
“Are you… Yuuki Asuna?”
Although he worked in a restaurant, He was operating the restaurant for many years, even though he was that old, he felt shocked looking at Asuna.
Ishikawa glanced at Mu Fan who was busy cooking and coughed: “Hello Miss, My name is Ishikawa Rock, could you please call your club president, I have very important things to talk with him.”
Asuna looked puzzled at the man in front of her. The club received many customers and all of them were students, she didn’t expect someone other than a student would come.
This made Asuna’s heart full of surprise. After listening to Ishikawa’s introduction, she was wondering why she is having a bad feeling about this.
“Hello, I’m the president of the cooking club, Yuuki Asuna, what does Ishikawa-san want to talk to me about?” After a few seconds, Asuna used her social etiquette and kept a smile on her face as he asked Ishikawa.
“The president of this club is a lady?”
When Ishikawa heard Asuna’s answer, he was surprised. He thought that if the club president was that guy he would have a difficult time. But if the lady here is the president, then this is much simpler.
Although Asuna was a lady from a high ranking family, and although she was taught a lot of social skills since she was young, in his eyes she was but a child.
After thinking for a bit, Ishikawa said: “It is like this, I think that you have a lot of customers coming every day to your club room. You don’t have enough seats and many students don’t have any place to eat because of that. I want to merge the cooking club and the school’s restaurant and let Mu Fan-san cook his Golden Fried Rice and Plain noodle there. There is a lot of seats there and it can help accommodate a lot of people. The ingredients will be provided by me and at the end of each month we would give you a share of the sales.”
In fact, as soon as he entered, he took a fancy to the popularity of this place. In his opponent as long as he acquired the cooking club into his restaurant in the name of a merge, the restaurant’s revenue would increase dramatically. As for them, he could just give them some pocket money as a cost for working there.
Hearing his words, Asuna understood his thought instantly and her face changed. She looked at him and apologized: “Ishikawa-san, I’m sorry, although we do sell our food here, this is started out of interest and isn’t something like a work. Furthermore, this isn’t something I can decide on alone.”
“Miss Yuuki is the president of the cooking club, so can’t you make the decision?”
Ishikawa was calm, he expected Asuna would say something like that, he smiled and tapped his finger on the table then looked at Asuna and said: “No one in your family knows that you are running this cooking club right? I wonder what will happen if they knew?”
Hearing the slightly threatening words from Ishikawa, Asuna’s face became pale.


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