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F.S Chapter 21: Our Cooking Club.

Hearing Ishikawa’s threat, Asuna’s heart suddenly sank. From the day of her birth, her family decided everything for her. In their eyes, she’s just a human doll that they could order as they like.
However, she hoped to have a free life since she was a child. She didn’t want to walk the future that her family planned for her. Her feelings kept on growing by the year until she reached high school and opened the cooking club.
Obviously, everything in the club was going smoothly since Mu Fan became a member. But this Ishikawa wanted to merge the club with the school’s restaurant.
The club business was going smoothly by the joint effort of her and Mu Fan, she wouldn’t be able to manage the club alone and if she didn’t respond to Ishikawa right now, she will have to transfer to an all-girl school.
At this moment, Even as educated as she was, Asuna found it hard to make a decision.
She thought about everything she knew to find a way out of this situation. She didn’t know how to deal with the man in front of her.
What should I do? Asuna was hesitant as she couldn’t make a decision.
“What do you say? Are accepting or not? My time is limited.” Looking at her hesitation, Ishikawa asked with a smile.
He guessed what Asuna was thinking. She is only a High school student after all, after a bit of threat she couldn’t stay calm. He assumed it won’t take her long to agree with his decision.
“Do you really want to do it?”
Hearing Ishikawa’s words, Asuna became even more anxious. At this moment, a warm hand pressed her on her shoulder causing her flustered heart to suddenly calm down.
“Don’t agree.”
The soft voice entered Asuna’s ears and calmed her down even more. She looked back and was surprised to find that Mu Fan was standing behind her and looked at her with a smile.
Asuna looked at Mu Fan and already knew what decision she had to make. She took a deep breath and raised her head and looked seriously: “Sorry Ishikawa-san, I can’t accept your request.”
He was confident that she would accept but when he heard her reply he was shocked. His face changed as he stood from his chair and said coldly:”Miss, Do you know what you are just saying? Aren’t you afraid of this matter will be known by your family?”
“Even if this is known to my family and I have to change school, I won’t accept to destroy the cooking club. Because this is just my club, it’s our club. It’s the joint effort of me and Mu Fan and even Tendou. I won’t accept something that would trample on our club.”
Asuna stared at Ishikawa coldly. The originally refined face was ice cold right now.
Is this really the same person?
Mu Fan was slightly surprised. In fact, he noticed Ishikawa from the moment he entered. Also, he already heard his request.
Mu Fan was annoyed about that man he always thought of how Asuna was always having trouble with her family and wanted to encourage her now. He didn’t expect her to have this kind of powerful superiority aura.
This lady is really unexpectedly strong.
On the other side, Ishikawa was overwhelmed by Asuna’s powerful response. Just a little while back she was stuttering and couldn’t speak and now she could speak like this.
“Okay… Since your being like this, then don’t blame me later.”
After a while, Ishikawa only said this, he thought that he could control Asuna. However, he didn’t expect that Asuna had this kind of powerful personality. She was unwilling to accept which made him stunned. He finally chewed his teeth and said that. He thought that it’s no problem whether they work for him or shut down the club, his restaurant will resume his normal business again.
Asuna’s face changed, but she didn’t say anything else.
Mu Fan was surprised by what Ishikawa said. he didn’t expect Asuna to fall into such crisis. She has been under pressure to operate the cooking club. This girl was working so hard, naturally, Mu Fan won’t leave her alone. So he quickly called Ishikawa who was about to leave and said.
“There is another way.”
Are you ready to compromise?
After hearing the voice behind him, Ishikawa smirked into his heart and looked back at Mu Fan. This is for the best, as the club can operate normally even if Asuna was to transfer. His first goal was to merge the cooking club with the restaurant which is having a shortage of staff. This would make both parties gain.
“Uncle, you want the restaurant and the club to merge? But I don’t want to leave the cooking club, so what about a duel (Shokugeki).”
Ishikawa’s eyelids twitched but he looked at Mu Fan’s childish face and thought that he should tolerate the word Uncle for his own goal “You don’t want to leave you cooking club. Since you’re a chef too then let’s settle it with a duel. I will decide what we cook.” Do you dare to keep going like this?
Although Ishikawa hasn’t tried Mu Fan’s food before, he naturally wasn’t foolish enough to compare with Mu Fan’s Plain noodle and Golden Fried Rice.
As long as his food is better than Mu Fan’s, he will make both of them join the restaurant to work.
“Yes, since both of us are chefs, it’s better to settle it like this.”
Mu Fan nodded in agreement.
Ishikawa took a glance at the club’s kitchen, he noticed that there was no meat, his two plat didn’t contain any meat.
Silently, Ishikawa grinned and said: “So we’ll each cook a simple meat dish. How is it?”
“Mu Fan, don’t accept his duel. Before Ishikawa came to work here, he was working in a restaurant outside. So let’s forget about this, I know that you can manage the club even without me being here”
Asuna’s face changed, she stepped forward so she could warn Mu Fan. She remembered Mu Fan saying that he could only cook Plain noodles and Golden Fried Rice. These two dishes didn’t contain meat, so it’s quite impossible to win.
Hearing Asuna’s reminder, Mu Fan shook his head. Because Asuna’s shorter than him he reached his hand and patted her head to comfort her and said: “Be assured. Well, just because he started cooking before me doesn’t mean he is better. As long as I’m here I won’t let him threaten you and I won’t let him make you transfer out of this school.”
Looking at Mu Fan face, Asuna was slightly surprised.
“Because… the club was born anew with our joint effort, we must continue working hard together to develop the club and become livelier. how can we be defeated here?”
Asuna was still standing there looking at the firm figure in front of her. Her eyes couldn’t help but started watering. She bit her lips and nodded her head. She said softly: “I believe our club will continue to work and Mu Fan will certainly win against him.”


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