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F.S Chapter 22: Mu Fan’s Chinese Cuisine

“When will we start?”
Mu Fan entered the kitchen and asked. The club’s kitchen was big enough for three people to use at the same time. So they could have their Shokugeki here.
“We do it now, and will have the students here judge our dishes,” Ishikawa said as he pulled several green peppers from the fridge.
“Ok.” Mu Fan nodded and didn’t say anything else, because he already heard the system notification in his head.
–Defeat Ishikawa Rock who is the chef in the school’s restaurant in this Shokugeki. The reward will be some Fantasy points—
Although the task will only give him few fantasy points, it was better than nothing.
Thinking about this, Mu Fan glanced at Ishikawa Rock and the material he took from the fridge. He concluded that the latter would make Green Pepper Pork.
But, Mu Fan won’t admit defeat when it comes to Chinese cuisine, as a Chinese person how could he do that. He closed his eyes and opened the Fantasy store.
The Many recipes appeared in front of Mu Fan, Magical Tofu recipe and many more.
In here, as long as you have enough Fantasy points you can get any recipe.
Mu Fan’s eyes finally shined as locked on a recipe.
“Exchange for Green Pepper Pork Recipe.”
Since Ishikawa wanted to compete, Then Mu Fan will prove that he can cook better than him.
The fantasy points he received this morning disappeared for this recipe. The knowledge from the recipe appeared like that inside Mu Fan’s mind.
This recipe is simple and doesn’t need that much fantasy points, but if he wanted more difficult ones it would cost him 5 or even ten fantasy points, of course, the harder the recipe, the higher the requirement for the cooking skill.
“Really, you are preparing to lose before I even start?”
Ishikawa prepared the ingredients then glanced at Mu Fan who was standing there with his eyes closed. He snickered in his hear, he didn’t forget to make fun of Mu Fan: “It’s about time for you to give up, if you don’t you will humiliate yourself.”
“Uncle, please rest assured, I won’t admit defeat that easily.”
After all the knowledge about this new recipe was inside his head, Mu Fan opened his eyes and smiled a little then ignored Ishikawa. He turned toward Asuna and asked: “I need your help, president, can you help me?”
Asuna pointed at herself with a strange expression: “I might drag you down. I’m not as skilled as You.”
“No.” Mu Fan shook his head and thought about the way to start cooking this new dishes, then clapped his hands together and face Asuna seriously: “This dish can’t be made by me alone, this is the food that will decide the future of our club. So it has to be the two of us making it, Please!”
“Mu Fan you don’t have to be polite, the cooking club depends on you, and if ask for help from me then I should help.”
Asuna smiled and quickly wore her apron and arrived at Mu Fan’s side and asked: “What should I do now?”
“I will trouble you to cut the green pepper and the bamboo shoots into fine strips, they must all have the same size, so this is something only you can do.”
Because of how skilled she was with the knife, Mu Fan gave the task of cutting the ingredients to Asuna.
It’s possible for them to work together since Ishikawa wants to close the club.
“I will try, but Pepper and Shredded pork need to be joined with onion and garlic, right?” Asuna’s eyebrows were furrowed, she didn’t like to eat Green Pepper, Onion or Garlic and because of this those weren’t used on her home.
“Rest assured Asuna, I won’t put any onion in the food, what I am cooking is an authentic Chinese cuisine! It’s not the same Green Pepper Pork that you know.” Mu Fan smiled a bit as he knew that most people in Japan didn’t like Green Pepper. 
The recipe was different than the regular Green Pepper Pork, thus he wasn’t worried.
At the same time, Mu Fan quickly shredded the piece of pork, added an appropriate amount of egg’s white, starch, cooking wine, and salt. In less than half an hour it will turn into tasty pork.
Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Asuna didn’t ask anymore and bit her red lips. She picked up a knife and started cutting the green pepper and bamboo shoot into strips with the same size.
“Yes like this.”
Seeing Asuna’s skill with the knife Mu Fan smiled. He grabbed some fresh Persimmon from the fridge and cut them into cubes then put some soy sauce on them then put them into a saucer.
“Mu Fan, What is the use of Persimmon?” Asuna continued using her knife as she watched Mu Fan and asked in surprise. In her memory, Green Pepper and Persimmon are two ingredients that were impossible to fuse.
“Of course, it’s very useful you don’t like it?”
Mu Fan glanced at Ishikawa who was stirring onion and garlic on the side of the pot and said: “He is using normal ways. My approach is different.”
Hearing Mu Fan’s explanation, Asuna’s heart was filled with curiosity and didn’t disturb Mu Fan anymore. She just watched quietly.
Since there wasn’t much time, Mu Fan didn’t explain further either. He heated the oil in the pan and added the fried bamboo to the oil.
When he knew it was time, he added the shredded pork into the oil, he waited for the pork’s color to change. Then he added the Green Pepper which made the oil sprinkle. After some time he added a little bit of oil again.
The next step is to put everything into the oil, which includes the sauce.
In fact, the reason why Persimmon was introduced in the recipe was that it has a slightly bitter taste and can regulate the sweetness of the dish which will add a prominent flavor to the dish. And also this made it possible to avoid using onion, garlic and the like. It was very suitable for people who didn’t like onion and garlic.
But, without waiting for Mu Fan to finish, a petite blonde girl with long hair and school uniform came along with another tall girl with short hair.
“Oh, it’s Vigne and Gabriel?”
Mu Fan looked up and saw two people who came in. In the last few days, Mu Fan felt the eyes looking at him increasing. He felt some gazes on him even in class.
This made Mu Fan feel somewhat strange. It’s logically impossible to attract people’s attention with his personality. So why were there people staring at him in class?
 Mu Fan didn’t seize any opportunity to talk to his classmates, he wanted to get along with his classmate, but why is a guy like him being started by that little angel?
However, Mu Fan who reached the most crucial step in his dish didn’t have time to care about them. After this step, he needs to add some seasoning and fry it some more and it will be done.
But Ishikawa didn’t wait for Mu Fan. He was already done so he quickly went out from the kitchen with two plates in his hand as put them in front of the two girls, who didn’t order yet and said with a smile:”You two misses are the last two people coming to the cooking club today, so this dish is for you to taste. Please try it.”
(Tl: These two girls are Vigne and Gabriel but he said blonde hair, so I confused her last time for her sister Zeruel. So the girl from class is Gabriel before turning into a shut-in probably.)


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