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F.S Chapter 23: Glowing Green Pepper Pork

(Tl: I was mistaken last time, it was Vigne, not Satania.)
Since Vigne and Gabriel, were constantly hearing about the food from the cooking club, they decided to come and try it.
However, just as they walked in, Ishikawa gave them the Green Pepper Pork.
“This… Can we really eat this for free?”
Looking at the dish on the table, Vigne couldn’t ask as she didn’t eat anything since morning and was starving.
“Of course, you can enjoy the dish as long as you can judge and score whose dish is better.” Ishikawa said while smiling.
As he was speaking Ishikawa glanced at Mu Fan who was still busy in the kitchen… In his heart, he sneered. He prepared this dish for many years now and the lad thinks he can cook it better than him.
Because of this dish, he could open a restaurant and got some fame and after that, he opened the school’s restaurant.
Every day many students order this dish, Ishikawa was somewhat confident in this dish. In his opinion, his dish being better than Mu Fan’s was certain.
“Well, I heard the food served here is better, so we came to give it a try, but I didn’t think we could eat for free.” Gabriel looked at Vigne with a smile.
“Emm, I didn’t eat meat for a long time now.”
The beautiful pairs licked their lips and thanked Ishikawa: “Thank you for this gist, uncle from the cooking club. Then I won’t speak more, let’s eat.”
Hearing these words, Ishikawa rolled his eyes and his face turned red. He wasn’t one from the cooking club. he was the chef of the restaurant.
The Cooling club is better the school’s restaurant? The girl with pale blond hair who seemed like a mixed beauty can say such hurtful words. How can you say I am an uncle? I’m only 30 years old you know.
“Uncle, do you have a fever? Why is your face red?”
Come on, why is everyone calling me uncle? Ishikawa took a deep breath and calmed down and endured being called an uncle. After a while, his face revealed a smile and said to the two of them: “Please don’t talk anymore, the Green Pepper Pork needs to be eaten while it’s hot.”
“Ok, thank you, uncle. I will taste and tell you my opinion.”
The two put their hand together and said “Itadakimasu.” and both of them took their chopsticks and
Placed a piece of pork in their mouths, when she savored it, Gabriel turned toward Ishikawa and praised: “Uncle, this dish is one of the best I ever ate. Continue working hard!”
On the other side, Vigne also nodded with satisfaction. She smiled and said “Well, it’s already equivalent to medium level cuisine which I ate before. Nice job uncle!”
“Gabriel, although the food in the hell and heaven are different, the level of the chefs is almost the same.”
“When I return to heaven I will bring some for you.”
“Okay, I will also bring some next time I go to hell.”
Ishikawa listened to their conversation and couldn’t really understand what the hell they were saying.
Heaven? Hell? What are they talking about?
Are you going to heaven?
What is the identity of these two? How can they know good food? How can they know what he cooked was medium level cuisine? Is my Green Pepper Pork only medium cuisine?
In this case, Vigne looked up and smiled: “Uncle, according to the standard of me and Gabriel, This Green Pepper Pork can get 60 points.”
“60 points?”
Ishikawa’s face twitched a few times and then he smiled and asked: “Isn’t it possible to get the score a little bit higher.”
“It’s quite high already.”
Vigne opened her mouth and looked at Ishikawa innocently: “Uncle, I and Gabriel already gave you the best score we can give, are you trying to correct out scores?”
I thought the students in this didn’t taste that much food before, but I didn’t expect to encounter two students with such unique insights and have tasted many types of food.
Ishikawa was irritated, but he noticed that Asuna was aware of the situation here, so he couldn’t ask for more points anymore.
In fact, there is some student that also evaluated his Green Pepper Pork to about 60 points.
Since I got 60, then he probably won’t be getting past 50.
Ishikawa looked at Mu Fan and though.
At this time, Mu Fan’s dish was ready. Asuna took two plates and put them in front of Gabriel and Vigne.
“Mu Fan-san? Are you the chef here?”
Gabriel recognized Mu Fan her classmate with just glance. She sat next to Mu Fan so she remembered him directly.
A hint of surprise could be seen on her face. Whether inside the class or after class, Mu Fan was only pressing on his mobile phone. She didn’t expect him to be the chef of the cooking club.
“Well, this is the cooking club that I manage with President.”
Mu Fan said indifferently, the dish was best when it was eaten hot. Mu Fan didn’t waste time on the introduction. He directly put his hand on the lid and smiled: “Please taste my dish and give me a score for it.”
 As soon as Mu Fan’s voice fell, he opened the lid and a dazzling golden light flashed out from the plate. Everyone couldn’t open their eyes due to the light.
The gleam shocked everyone.
“This… Is the dish actually glowing?”
Seeing this, Ishikawa’s eyes widened in horror as he was startled.


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