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F.S Chapter 46: Game Production!

At noon, making a Fried Shredded pork and green pepper along with a Golden Fried Rice, Mu Fan sat opposite to Asuna and Eriri. After eating and seeing that no one in the club, they cleaned up and left.

But before returning, Mu Fan’s uniform was caught by Eriri in the corner, he couldn’t help but call her.

“What’s wrong, Eriri-san?”

Mu Fan’s eyes were weird as he asked, he could guess that Eriri hated him, but that seemed to change?

“Don’t ask too much!”

Eriri was red as her blue eyes glanced carefully around. Seeing that no one in the corridor. Before he could say anything, she dragged him up to the roof.

“What is it? There is no need to be nervous, is this necessary?” Mu fan stood and looked at Eriri and he couldn’t help smile.

“Of course, it’s necessary!”

After trying to pull the door shut, Eriri turned around and smiled proudly: “No one can hear our conversation now.”

So mysterious?

Mu Fan’s face Twitched. He didn’t know why, but this reminded him of a certain Manga genre.

Female: Is it really okay here? Asking shyly.

Male: Don’t worry, no one would now, only the two of us are here.

Female: Okay, but be gentle.

Male: I will.

Mu Fan shook his head and quickly smashed this thought and said: “What do you want to talk about?”

Eriri bit her lips and asked: “Mu Fan, are you a light novel writer?”

“Well, I said so when we were in Akihabara.” Mu Fan Nodded.

Hearing this, Eriri bit her lips and hesitated a little before blushing and saying: “I have a friend who invited me to join her game production department to draw the illustration and game scenes, but they lack the story for the game to make it fun.”

“Is it R-18 type of game?”

In Mu Fan’s opinion, no normal game could make Eriri this shy and nervous. If it was normal, Eriri would have probably told him while Asuna was around.


Eriri’s face was beat red as she screamed at Mu Fan: “Are making this difficult for me on purpose?”

“I want to know the genre, so I can write it?”

Mu Fan spread his hand, it wasn’t a problem with his light novel writing talent. The reaction shown by Eriri confirmed that the game is an R-18 type.

That kind of game generally have a lot of lines, different options and the player can go in different directions. Of course, some option can lead to a direct game over.

All in all, it wasn’t difficult to make such a game, there are two things to take note of.

One, the plot should be attractive, second, drawing should be really good to attract an audience which shouldn’t be a problem with his and Eriri’s talent. Well the most difficult thing is the story.


Eriri finally admitted it in sorrow and looked at Mu Fan and asked: “Will you do it? Or should I look for someone else?”

I can’t even ask someone else, can I? Eriri thought.

Mu Fan’s eyes squinted as he looked at the books store in his Fantasy system. There were a lot of R-18 game stories, like Princess Lover, White Album game versions.

Now, Eriri, dares to challenge him?

“I can try.”

Mu Fan nodded, but still worriedly asked: “But should there be a limit of 18 years old to play the game?” He and he Eriri weren’t 18 yet, doesn’t this make it wrong for them to make the game.

“It’s just prevents us from playing the game not making it!”

“Well, what you said is justified, I am speechless.” Mu Fan around feeling stupid asking that question.

“Then, we set the time after school tomorrow, let’s go together.” Eriri was delighted at first, but to avoid Mu Fan noticing, she grinned and said: “But don’t be proud, if the story is bad, we won’t accept it.”

“When I write, you won’t be able get your eyes of the story.”

Mu Fan smiled faintly, he had a system, he wasn’t afraid of using it.

Looking at Mu Fan’s face, Eriri snorted and looked at the time: “Class is about to starts, we should go back.”


But again, this is to his advantage, if the game became popular, then he would be closer to his shut in life style of his dream.

Eriri turned around and wanted to open the door but couldn’t.

“Well? Can you open it?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He pushed the door but he felt something behind it preventing it from opening so he said: “Eriri-san, it seems like the door is blocked from the other side.”

“Eh? How will we go to class?”

Eriri frowned and thought that Mu Fan was lying to her. But as she pushed the door again, she really couldn’t open it. She couldn’t help turn to Mu Fan and ask: “Can you use you phone? Call your friend to come and help.”

“My Phone is still in the club charging. It has no power after I wrote in the morning.” Mu Fan smiled a bit and didn’t expect to be locked on the roof.

“What about your phone?”

“If I brought it, would I ask you?” Eriri bit her teeth.

Mu Fan was helpless. Now they could only try and shout for help, but as he was about to do it, the class bell rang, all students entered their classes and no one noticed them at all…