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F.S Chapter 45: Strange Eriri!

At noon in the Cooking Club, as always, the place was full of people. Many people were waiting in line for the dishes that will shine.

“Mu Fan, there are so many people, why are you not motivated, do need my help today?”

Looking at the listless Mu Fan, Asuna asked.

After so many days of practice, Asuna finally mastered the Technique of making Golden Fired Rice and the Noodles. Although she couldn’t make Green Pepper Pork yet, she could make the other two with a rating of 60.

I really don’t want to see Gabriel.

Mu Fan was helpless. He was a boy after all, what should he say when he goes to Gabriel’s house?

No No.

Mu Fan glanced at Asuna and found her really eager to cook. She could already run the club alone.

The life of Asuna isn’t what she wants? But that’s the life I want.

“No, there are so many guests, it’s already hard for you, I will cook.”

In any case, the most important thing is to manage the Club first.

Today there are more guests than usual because the school Restaurant reserved some seats for the cooking club.

Compared to Mu Fan, Asuna was still too slow to cook alone.

“That’s okay, but I’m not tired, because my friend will come and help.” Asuna said with a smile.

“Who?” Mu Fan Asked.

“She is also a friend of yours.”

“No, I don’t remember having any friend in school beside Tomoya…”

Mu Fan heart was a bit strange. At this moment, footstep came from the door, and someone suddenly stood in front of the kitchen. Mu Fan looked up and saw a petite, cute girl dressed in while school uniform. Her beautiful legs were covered in a black sock over her knees presenting a very cute image.

“Look, it’s the school beauty, Eriri!”

The blonde ponytailed Girl walked in causing a commotion in the cooking club, especially boys.

Mu Fan wasn’t surprised by this, in fact, the appearance and reputation Eriri had in school weren’t lower than Asuna’s, both of them were School beauties with a noble background.

Just their appearance here would make everything different. And there is something else that most boys would be jealous of, he knew both of them, and he knew the secret of one of them as well.

“Eriri-chan, Over here!” Asuna stood in the kitchen and waved at Eriri.

Hearing Asuna’s voice, Eriri smiled and quickly walked in the kitchen.

When she entered, she saw Mu fan and her eyes flashed with a strange color as she said: “Mu Fan, why are you here?”

“I am the Chef here, Naturally where would I be if not in the kitchen?” Seeing Eriri came over, Mu Fan suddenly understood who the friend who would come and help.

Asuna also explained with a smile: “Well, I told you before that the chef here is your classmate.”

“He is the best chef I’ve seen.”

Mu Fan was amazed, he didn’t say that Asuna’s evaluation was too high.

“Is… He that good?” Eriri seemed to here something incredible and looked at Mu Fan in surprise.

“Wait, what with that look? It’s like you don’t believe it and I’m a fake chef.” Mu Fan rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “As a book artist, it’s not visible from her appearance. Who is the painter? That person probably doesn’t seem to be a book artist in real life, who would know if he is?”

“Do you want to die?”

Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Eriri’s face instantly blushed while she was also mad at Mu fan. Shaking his head as Eriri moved toward Mu Fan with her Ponytail.

The attack made Mu Fan quickly reach out his hand and press her head. Eriri couldn’t reach Mu Fan anymore as he stopped her with a hand on her head.

Mu Fan was surprised to see Eriri not able to get out of his hand and seemed to figure a way to deal with her…

“Mu Fan, you can’t bully a girl.” Asuna saw this and walked over. She smiled at Eriri and said: “Eriri-san, it seems like your relationship with Mu Fan is very good.”

“I don’t have any relation to him.” Eriri saw she couldn’t beat Mu Fan and turned around with an unhappy face.

“Good then, I will give you a few dishes when I’m done, I believe you would like it.”

Eriri licked her mouth as she quickly put on an apron and asked: “All I need is to put the dishes on the tables Right?”

“Well, be careful.”

Mu fan took advantage of the spare time to put the plate in Eriri’s hands. Asuna was very stable and isn’t clumsy, but Eriri was a ‘Miss’, he thinks it’s necessary to remind her and show her how it’s done.

“I didn’t come here to get your gratitude, I come to help Asuna.”

The reminder made Eriri inexplicably red as she revealed her white Canines: “Hey, this is easy, I don’t need you to show me how to do it.”

After saying this, Eriri brought the Golden Fried Rice and Noodles on the plate to the corresponding tables.

With Eriri’s help, the work became much easier. After finishing, Eriri took a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on her forehead and said to Asuna: “Asuna, this is tiring, are you this busy every day?”

“Yeah, but thanks to you, it got a little easier.” Asuna said as she pulled out a glass of Orange Juice from the Fridge and handed it to Eriri.

“Thank you.”

Eriri took a sip of the Juice and suddenly waved at Asuna and whispered: “Asuna, is Mu Fan… really a light novel writer?”


Asuna nodded and explained: “Mu Fan’s book had already passed the ASCCI Media Works Editor and it should be soon on sale, why is there a problem?”

“No, I’m just a little curious.” Eriri shook her head, and a pretty smile appeared on her face.


Asuna cleaned up and looked at Eriri with a weird look. She felt that Today, Eriri was a little strange compared to usual, but she didn’t know why.