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F.S Chapter 44: Let Gabriel Tutor you.

“Wait, Sensei, I didn’t finish yet.”

As the fist moved through the air, Mu Fan’s face changed, he quickly moved his hands in front of his face as he said.


His hands suddenly were numbed as the fist of his teacher reached them. Mu Fan breathed cold air. Fortunately, his strength was sufficient to block at least one attack.

“What do you want to say more?” Hiratsuka looked angrily at Mu Fan.

However, she was surprised by Mu Fan’s strength and reaction speed. He already exceeded the power of a normal high school student by blocking that punch.

It seems like he can block a few more punches…

“Mu Fan, you still don’t admit your mistake in trying to deceive Sensei?” Vgine looked from the side surprised as she tried to help Mu Fan.

“Sensei, before you hit me, you should first confirm whether I was lying to you or not, after that, you can hit me, alright?”

Mu Fan’s face was purple. He finally understood why Hiratsuka got the title of the Iron fist lady. And also why she doesn’t have a boyfriend… It’s estimated that every man who tried to date her would get a taste of her iron fist.

“It’s true, it’s too early for me to hit you, I will do it after next week…”

Hearing Mu Fan’s explanation, Hiratsuka put down her fist, but her tone was full of suspicion. This isn’t a surprise, as his predecessor was only average when it comes to studying, and not to mention lately he didn’t pay attention to class as he was writing his novel.

“Since Sensei said that, if I can’t get first place every time, I will not write my novel inside class anymore.” Mu Fan was relieved, he felt that today’s matters must be solved so he can write in class in the future. It’s not good to be called every day to the teacher’s office.

“Top place? Are you kidding me?”

In the beginning, Hiratsuka didn’t believe Mu Fan, he didn’t get the first place even in middle school, and each time his results would get lower, and this semester he was lazy all the time, and next week, the exams start. If he fails, she was afraid he would turn into a bad student, and as a teacher, she didn’t want that to happen.

Helping the student go to the right path is a teacher’s responsibility, she didn’t want to see her student going astray in front of her.

“I can think about it if you pass every subject.”

Hiratsuka sighed and took out a cigarette from her pocket. She took a sip and said to Mu Fan: “Of course, if you pass, I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

In Fact, with Gabriel, Vigne, Stania and the others in his class, she didn’t have hope for him to get first place. She simply promised so he can get motivated and study hard for the next test.

“Sensei, since you already promised, I can go back now right?”

Seeing That Hiratsuka agreed, Mu Fan was delighted as he said with a smile.

“As your teacher, did you see me go back on my words before?”


Mu Fan shook his head seriously: “Sensei, since there is nothing else, I will go back first, and everything will be solved after the exams.”

 “There is one more thing…”

Before Mu Fan left, Hiratsuka stopped him: “I have one more thing to say.”

“What is it?” Mu Fan slightly glimpsed at her, he didn’t do anything except for being distracted in classes.

Is it that difficult to convince you?

I still have to go to the cooking club later.

Mu Fan sighed as it was really hard to convince this teacher of his.

“Be reassured, I won’t hold you back now!”

Hiratsuka quietly glared at Mu fan and said: “Today Gabriel didn’t come to school, Do you know why?”

“I don’t.” Mu Fan said the truth, he was busy all day yesterday and come today morning to school, how would he know.

“As her neighbor, she didn’t come to school, and you didn’t even ask why or see what’s wrong with her?” Hiratsuka said surprised.

“How did you know she is my neighbor?” Mu Fan said with amazement, Gabriel lived just on the opposite side of the street, in a sense, she was really his neighbor, but how did his teacher know?

Thinking about this, Mu Fan looked at the other person in the office, Vigne with a puzzled look.

It seems like she revealed this to their teacher.

Seeing Mu Fan looking at her, Vigne faces reddened, she was embarrassed as she said: “Mu Fan, Things are like this. Today, Gabriel didn’t come to classes, and her mobile phone isn’t working either. I wanted you to check on her after school. If there is no problem tell her to come to class tomorrow.”

Mu Fan’s eyes widened. Please, she is your friend, why don’t you go yourself? Why should I go look for her?

In addition, it was really strange for that happy Gabriel to not come to school without informing her teacher of classmates.

Mu Fan doubts were revealed as Vigne looked at him with pity and said: “I’m going to a maid coffee, I don’t have time tonight, so all I could do is ask you to please go in my stead.”

To be honest, Vigne was beautiful and a gentle girl, Mu Fan couldn’t turn her down as he said: “Well I will visit her after school.”

“Thank you, Mu Fan, you’re really a good guy!” Seeing Mu Fan agree, Vigne couldn’t help walk forward with excitement.”

“Good guy?”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched, he didn’t expect after a few days in this world, someone would draw the good guy card in his face. This is really a failure…

At this time, Hiratsuka looked at Mu Fan and said: “Gabriel transferred to our school with great grades. As punishment for today, you will handle her returning to school tomorrow, also you will ask her any question you don’t understand. I believe she could help you with her personality.”

Teacher, you’re really naïve. With the system what use would be getting Gabriel to teach me?

Me teaching her is more like it.

However, why do I feel that there is something behind all this?

Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh, he had to agree, as it would be the only way to leave now.

So can I leave now?

Of course, Mu Fan couldn’t really say this out loud. Looking at Hiratsuka, Mu Fan really couldn’t refuse. Well, she is his neighbor, so I won’t hurt to visit her later.

In addition, a gentleman doesn’t fight women. That’s not right.

Wait until I get my 18 Dragon palm strike to counter your iron fist and will see what happens then.

“I know, Sensei!”

Mu fan promised and left the office, he will just accept this now until he is strong enough.

I don’t know whether you will regret your word about me being first in class first or until I get stronger!