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F.S Chapter 43: Clench your Teeth, Mu Fan.

Mu Fan was lazy to pay attention to Eriri, don’t mention the student’s gossip. The moment bell sounded, he continued toward his future.

Mu Fan had to say, without Gabriel bothering him, his typing accelerated a lot.

However, just before the class ended, Mu Fan heard a voice: “Mu Fan, Hiratsuka-Sensei asked you to meet her in her office!”

“Ok, I will go!”



“Huh? Wait, who was talking to me?”

After five seconds, Mu Fan reacted and looked around, but he didn’t find the one who spoke to him.

Mu Fan couldn’t help scratch his head and wondered. Is it because I was talking to the fairy for too long I started imagining?”

Otherwise, how come a girl talked to me in school?

Doesn’t matter, I will sleep for now and start writing again when class begins.

Mu Fan lowered his head again only for another girl to come forward toward him and say: “Mu Fan, Hiratsuka-sensei called you, why aren’t you going yet? I just went to her office, and I saw her going crazy because you didn’t go. Do you want to taste her iron fist?”

“So, that really did happen?”

Mu Fan recalled the voice he heard and understood that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Thinking about his teacher’s iron fist, Mu Fan was full of horror.

“I will go now!”

Mu Fan said nothing else as he stood up and flew toward her office. As he reached the door, he knocked.

“Please come in.”

Hiratsuka’s voice came, so Mu Fan hurriedly entered.

Really, who said that this teacher was cute?

If someday I were to die, please report this teacher because she is the only one in this world who can do it.

In the future, online games should add to this job.

Job: Teacher!

Power: Sent the students soul to the afterlife…

As Mu Fan opened the door and entered, he found that he wasn’t the only one there, his Good “Friends” Satania and Vigne were also there.

“Mu Fan, I asked your classmates to call you two time before you actually come. It seems like you rebelling!” As soon as he entered the office, Hiratsuka stood up and looked at Mu Fan with a kind smile.

His teacher’s beauty was something others can’t deny, her body was tall and slender, but her character was on the bad side. That kind smile looked to Mu Fan like a devil’s smile.

In fact, he was speechless. He didn’t know who actually told him the first time as he thought he was hallucinating which delayed him for so long. He looked at his teacher’s face and asked: “Sensei, the education bureau doesn’t allow physical harm to the students and also, I didn’t make any mistakes recently right?”

“No mistakes?”

Hiratsuka looked at Mu Fan and smiled: “Now, all teachers are reporting to me, especially the history teacher, saying that you were often playing with your phone during classes or sleeping. Usually, you would be distracted in class, but last weak all the teachers reported you.”

The bald history teacher actually reported him, isn’t he afraid of me blowing his bald head?

Mu Fan was annoyed for a while as he didn’t expect himself to be discovered by Hiratsuka.

Looking at the teacher moving toward him step by step, Mu Fan’s face turned white. He took a deep breath before looking at Satania, then he retreated back to the corner, and his back touched the wall.

“Clench your teeth, Mu Fan.”

“Sensei, I actually have a reason to play with my phone in class.” Seeing that there is no way for retreat anymore, Mu Fan looked at Hiratsuka and raised his hands in surrender.

“What reason?”

“In fact, Sensei, I was using my phone in class because I’m currently writing a Novel and fighting for my own dream!” Mu Fan took his phone and pointed at the page he wrote as he said righteously.

In fact, his dream was to live as a Hikikomori. This is just so he can get that kind of life.


Hiratsuka took Mu Fan’s phone and saw the novel written in it. Her tone eased up as she said: “Although you can work for your dreams, class is class. You’ve been using your phone in class, what is the difference, do you want to trouble me that much? Or are you not even thinking about me at all?”

“How can I trouble the young and beautiful sensei.”

Mu Fan quickly waved his hands and explained: “Actually, I joined a club in school already.”

Hiratsuka quietly stared at Mu Fan and said: “What club?”

“The cooking club.”

When Mu Fan said this, he was paying attention to Hiratsuka’s actions, he was on high alert, fearing that she would throw a punch at him.

“Well, Sensei, I actually tried Mu Fan’s food. It was really delicious.”

Hearing Mu Fan’s explanation, Vigne added.

Mu Fan saw that Vigne took the initiative to help him and his heart was filled with joy and quickly gave a thumb up to her in his mind.

Vigne, you’re really a cute little angle compared to Gabriel.

Hearing this, Hiratsuka’s face calmed down as she sat down and said in surprise: “I didn’t expect that in this era where there is no boy interested in cooking, you would actually pick it.”

“Really, Sensei, you can ask Asuna-san in the Second year class C to prove it. In fact, except for when I’m writing my novel, I’m always searching for new recipes.”

“No need for proof, I believe Vigne.”

Mu Fan was speechless. You believe in Vigne, but you don’t believe in me?

Am I just a problem child in your eyes?

Hiratsuka overlapped her legs and said: “But this interferes with your study. The monthly test will start next week, what are you going to do about it? Doing that would affect your results.”

“Sensei, how about I get first place in class for the next text?” Seeing her tone was eased, Mu Fan quickly said.

“You, getting first?” Hiratsuka again was angered.

“Sensei, it’s wrong to look down on your students.” Looking at her calmly, Mu Fan shook his head.

“So you want to get first place in the whole class.”

Hiratsuka clenched her fist and cracked them before she said: “So… You are getting first place in playing with your phone in class, do you think I’m an idiot?”

The voice died down, and another was heard as Vigne yelled and the iron fist of Hiratsuka moved through the air.

“Clench your teeth, Mu Fan.”