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F.S Chapter 42: Not going to school!

“All the talents in the system with a maxed level sound very tempting.”

Mu fan pondered a bit, if he wanted his reputation to spread all over the world, he would face many difficulties. Therefore he wasn’t in a hurry. His system is here, and the talents won’t run away.

On the other world, Mu Fan was interested in the Spiritual power Hatsune talked about. He couldn’t help but ask: “So what is the meaning of spiritual power and why is my soul power is weak?”


Hatsune was silent for a bit then explained: “Once the soul of master gets stronger, Master would be able to form a world in his mind. Just like the world of the virtual game. But now, Master’s mental strength is very weak and you can’t form a world yet so we can only talk when you are in the game.”

In novels, the system would always come with a fairy to help the user.

Mu Fan understood what Hatsune said and asked: “Is there a talent in the system that helps cultivate my mental power?”

“Of course, for example, the gaming talent. It isn’t just being good at games, it will make masters reflex and other things needed to be stronger which includes mental strength. So when facing danger, Master would be able to react without any delay.”

“However, the best talent for cultivating the mental strength would be magic talent. But that talent needs too many Fantasy points. Master can get other skills first and later get the magic talent. With the power of magic, master won’t find it hard to stay 10 or even half a month without sleep.”

Listening to Hatsune’s explanation, Mu Fan’s heart was filled with joy. Doesn’t that mean I can cultivate for that long without sleep?

If others heard his thought, they wouldn’t know what he wanted. Does he want to be an immortal?

Youngster, you don’t have any mana or Fantasy system, so stop dreaming.

At this time, Mu Fan’s face was ugly, the time to leave is here. So he quickly created his character and bid farewell to Hatsune.

He got a fairy inside the game, and it seems playing would be interesting in the future.

After exiting the game, Mu Fan took a shower opened his mobile. He was surprised to find that there are dozens of missed calls Kagurazaka Ayame.

He quickly dialed back.

“Mu Fan-san, you are finally picking up.”

Laughing bitterly as she continued: “I thought that after you left, you changed your mind and didn’t want to sign with us anymore.”

“Of course not, I was just busy with some things.” Mu Fan said apologetically.

“I can rest assured then.”

As a well-known editor, Kagurazaka could tell the potential of the novel Accel World, so she wasn’t willing to give on Mu Fan. After knowing that he promised, she said: “Mu fan sensei, I have sent the proposed contract to your mail. If you feel that there is anything that should be changed call me and if you accept, sign the two copies and sent them back.”

“So Fast?”

Mu Fan was a little bit surprised. He took his phone and looked at the mailbox to see the contract Kagurazaka sent.

Mu Fan carefully read the contract which was divided into different agreements. The novel’s copyright for newcomers is always the same, it will belong to the ASCII Media Works.

As a newcomer he can’t reject anything they state, so he directly printed the contract and signed them. After ASCII Media works get the contract, they would sign it and return a copy to Mu Fan.

The next day, Mu Fan was awakened by a rush of knocking on the door.


Mu Fan frowned as he opened the door only to see Tomoya riding his bike as he looked at him.

“Mu Fan, why do you look like that?”

Looking at Mu Fan’s black circle under his eyes and couldn’t help ask.

You still ask it’s because you came so early waking me up before even the sun is fully up.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and took the game device and handed it to Tomoya as he said: “I tested my helmet yesterday and made a character, I could only say that this game is too good.”

“Thank you Mu Fan! I already said that the game made by RECT can’t be bad!”

Tomoya took the device and smiled. He then glanced at Mu Fan again and said: “Mu Fan, I still have a few newspapers to send. I can’t wait to talk to you, I will look for you in school.”


Mu Fan also knew that Tomoya was working early in the morning, so he didn’t continue bothering him, but he was bothered by Tomoya instead. When he returned to his house, Mu Fan started preparing his and his sister’s breakfast. After he finished, he took his backpack and walked to school.

Because he agreed with Asuna that the club activities will start in the Afternoon, Mu Fan went directly to class.

“Huh? Gabriel isn’t coming today?”

Mu Fan put his bag on his seat, but he saw that Gabriel’s seat was empty and couldn’t help being curious.

Strange, this is really weird.

Mu fan couldn’t help but secretly be surprised, with Gabriel’s personality it isn’t easy for her to be late to school.

But she’s surprisingly late today.

Probably there is something home…

Mu Fan moved his bag and sat down.

As far as he could see, Eriri was standing beside her seat and smiling while talking with her classmates.

When she noticed Mu Fan’s sight, Eriri couldn’t help but look back after opening her mouth toward Mu Fan which made Mu Fan open his mouth.

“If you say anything about Akihabara, you’re dead!”

Mu Fan guessed this by reading her lips.

“I’m not interested in exposing Kashiwagi-Sensei who could only draw poor ladies without breasts.”

Mu fan grinned and moved his mouth to convey what he wanted to say.


Eriri almost rushed toward him.

“Eriri-san, what’s wrong?”

Looking at the blushing Eriri, her classmates couldn’t help ask in concern.

“Ah, nothing!” Eriri’s face showed her fear as she turned back and smiled at them.

However, the girls weren’t deceived as they looked at the direction Eriri was looking at and found Mu Fan by the window. High school girls tended to gossip too much, they picked their brows at this scene as they thought.

It seems like there is something between Mu Fan and Eriri!