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F.S Chapter 41: Hatsune is very Cute!

“Fantasy System?”

When he heard the explanation of the System’s fairy, Mu Fan was a little scared: “I have a Fairy in the System? But why did you not come out earlier, why did you only come when I entered the game?”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to! How can master think of me like that?”

The voice said with dissatisfaction: “It’s because master’s soul is too weak that he doesn’t have his own spiritual space which makes me only appear inside the virtual space of the game. I can only appear here, and you can only see me inside the game. But I know everything that happens in the real world, I just can’t talk to you.”

“So that’s the reason.”

Mu Fan nodded as he somewhat got what she meant. He thought a little and asked: “Can you make your own body inside the game? It’s troublesome to be talking to myself like this.”

“Master, I already have a body.”

The voice seemed to come from behind him, so he turned around only to see rays of light appear from nowhere. Suddenly a girl’s figure with a twin-tail appeared.


Looking at the girl, Mu Fan’s eyes opened in surprise.

Aren’t you… Hatsune Miku?

Isn’t this a mistake, my system’s fairy is Hatsune Miku?

If he remembers correctly, this girl is the most popular virtual idol who had millions of fans.

Hatsune Miku…

Looking down, Mu Fan saw the girl and his body was petrified. Because Hatsune Miku was currently nude.

Fortunately, this is a virtual space. Although it somewhat feels real, his body won’t react. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sure that he could control himself.

“Please, Master don’t look at me like that!”

Noticing the strange look on Mu Fan’s eyes, She blushed as she said shyly.

Nonsense, if I don’t look, would it still be a man?

“Hatsune, can you wear your clothes?”

Mu Fan blinked, he was a man, even more, he was an otaku who like this kind of 2D characters.

“Hatsune? Is that my name?” Hatsune said questionably.


Mu Fan looked at her surprisingly: “don’t you know your name?”

Hatsune shook her head and said: “Master, I have no name from the day I was born.”

“You will be called Hatsune Miku from now on!” Mu Fan smiled, anyway, His system’s fairy looked the same as Hatsune Miku, and it didn’t matter if he called her so.

“Is this the name given to me by Master? Although I don’t know what my real name is, it like it very much.” Hatsune’s hands clasped together as she raised her chest happily.

“Well, Hatsune is your name, can you put some clothes on first?”

Mu Fan’s breathing increased as he smirked. He was faced with a naked girl and couldn’t help look even though it’s a virtual space and not real at all. Hatsune seemed so real to him that it was difficult for him not to act on impulse.

Hatsune bowed her head and said shyly: “Master, I came without clothes, you can customize clothes for me by imagining it.”


Mu Fan’s mouth twitched a bit. Hatsune’s words reminded him of the dress-up games. As long as he thinks about it, her clothes will change.

Let’s say, a girl asked you to dress her up every day, what will you do?

Of course, you will dress her up every day with the most beautiful clothes that suit her.

But it wasn’t time for that now.

With curiosity, Mu Fan closed his eyes and thought about Hatsune’s clothes in his mind. Suddenly Hatsune’s appearance changed.

She was wearing exactly what he imagined, wearing a black skirt, her shoulders were exposed, and the rest of her arms were covered, her legs were covered with a black over the knee socks. She looked so pretty as if she was a fairy.

“Well, this is more like Hatsune.”

Looking at her new appearance, Mu Fan nodded in satisfaction.

If he were to return to his previous world and people saw her, no one could know what would happen.

Hastune was really cute.

“Good clothes, thank you, master.” Hatsune looked at her new clothes and turned in a circle from joy.

“I will have you dressed up in all kind of styles that would look good on you.”

Mu fan said with a smile, in his memory, there were many costumes for Hatsune. He can change her clothes dozens of time from his memory already.

“Thank you, Master!” Hatsune was delighted.

“So Hatsune, you can only appear in this virtual space of the game. That means that you can play SAO with me?” Mu Fan asked curiously since the system’s fairy can appear in this virtual game, that means she can enter SAO as well.

“Yes, Master!”

Hatsune smiled and said: “As the owner enters the game, my body will shrink ten times and I will exist as your navigation pixie in the game.”

When he heard her words, Mu Fan was a little excited. Doesn’t that mean that I will have a fairy with me in the game while others don’t?

However, compared to that, Mu Fam was more curious about his own system, so he asked: “So what is the system?”

“Of course, the system helps the owner to move toward becoming the ultimate omnipotent Male in the world.”

“Who founded the system?”

Mu Fan asked the question he was most curious about.

“Mm… I don’t know.”

Hatsune shook her head and continued: “I was always asleep. Only when master entered into the virtual space did I wake up. As the system’s Fairy, I can understand the function of the system and give master missions. The automatic Mission has nothing to do with me. Master’s reputation will spread throughout the world and when you finish the last mission, even without the Fantasy points master can get every talent in the system.”