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F.S Chapter 40: System’s Fairy!

Maid café?

According to Mu Fan, in a place where the Anime culture prevails, a Maid Cafe would be too expensive. It’s like a trap.

He was short on money, he won’t spend his money thing like this.

But from Monday on, the cooking club would receive the ingredients from the school restaurant which will make them earn more.

In the afternoon, Asuna invited Eriri to her house, so the three stopped walking and returned to the car. Asuna and Eriri sat in the backseat while Mu Fan sat in the front. It took them a few minutes to reach his home.

“Here is fine.” Mu Fan said as he saw his house.

“You live here?”

Looking at the two-story building, Asuna and Eriri were surprised. In fact, the prices of houses in this area were high. Being able to have a house here means that the family had very good finance.

Needless to say, Mu Fan’s house had its own courtyard which made it like a small villa.

“Well, yes. If you have time, you’re always welcome to come in.” Mu Fan opened the car’s door and said with a smile.

He was really poor and only had this house left.

When he received his predecessor’s memory, he remembered that when he learned that his parent died, he was really uncomfortable, but as an adult, he couldn’t express that in front of his sister.

But the house and the restaurant are the only things his parents left for them. Even if he lacks money, he won’t sell them.

“Well, I will visit when I have time.”

Asuna smiled and handed the two game devices to Mu Fan: “Here, your stuff.”

“Well, see you tomorrow, Asuna, Eriri-san.” Mu Fan took the game equipment and said goodbye to the two.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Hey, you want to see me tomorrow?”

The last sentence was from Eriri. She wasn’t honest, but her body was. Mu Fan couldn’t help laugh. She basically had a cold character which wasn’t hers. Mu Fan didn’t care and left the car and glanced from the glass.

“Strange, these guys cleaned half of the courtyard yesterday, and today they didn’t even do a thing. The curtains are still down during the day, where did they go?”

Mu Fan frowned, but he was too lazy to turn around and ask so directly opened the door of his house and entered.

“I’m back.”

As soon as he entered, knocks were heard from upstairs. Mu fan immediately went into the kitchen and prepared Golden Fried rice for Sagiri and himself. After filling his stomach, he followed the method to connect the gaming helmet.

In fact, it was simple, you just need to plug in the internet cable and the electric one.

According to the manual, the device had many equipments that connect directly to the user’s brain. So he doesn’t need his eyes or ears inside the game, everything will be directly sent to his brain. As for movement, the equipment would read the brains signals and move the body inside the game without the need to move in reality.

“This is very different from the usual Vr games.” Mu fan was curious and put the helmet on his head.

“I will try it first.”

Mu Fan laid in bed and closed his eyes and started the game.


That’s right, this is what I’m talking about!

Although the game wasn’t open yet, according to the manual, he could create his account in advance and launch directly when the time comes.

The next moment, the world in front of Mu fan changed. A shocking picture of a huge castle appeared in the sky.

A floating city, Aincrad!

In was the same as the photos except it appeared right before him as if it’s real.

The intro of the castle appeared in Mu Fan’s head.

There were many cities and a staircase connecting each floor, but these were dangerous labyrinths full of monster. The player could only rely on weapons to move from floor to floor which required them to kill the boss of each floor.

Once someone reaches the 100th floor, the game would be considered as cleared.

Of course, in addition to fighting monsters, players could get jobs as crafters or tailors, they could truly live inside the game.

What an awesome game…

Such a shocking thing, even the previous him would not imagine something like this which far surpassed the usual VR.

“Really, after so long, master remembered to wake me up!”

At this time a female voice full of complaints was heard by Mu Fan.

Listening to the voice, Mu Fan felt that it was familiar and couldn’t help but ask: “Who is talking?”

However, there was no one in front of him, as if the voice was inside his mind.

“It’s me, the system’s fairy!”

“System’s fairy?”

Mu fan couldn’t help but sigh in horror: “I didn’t expect the game called SAO to be so advanced. It even gave each player a system’s fairy which is a pet and the player is the master.”

“So, show me your figure! Master will take you around.”

“Master, I’m talking about your system!”

“Yeah, You are my System’s fairy, can you violate my orders? If you do, I will erase you. You don’t want to obey me?” Mu Fan Frowned, and he thought about how advanced the game was. It was beyond his imagination. The intelligence of the Fairy was outrageous which made him think she was real.

He remembered that there is an artificial intelligence being made, but he didn’t think one would appear in the game.


The voice seemed to go crazy:” Master, I mean, I’m you Fantasy System’s Fairy!”

“Hah, there are fairies in the system? Monsters?”