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F.S Chapter 39: Group of 3!

“Here, take it!”

In the end, Mu Fan took the book from the shelf and gave it to Eriri.

Since she wanted the book for so long, Mu Fan knew that she liked it very much. He naturally won’t just ignore her and let her try to get it alone.


Seeing Mu fan giving her the book, the anger in Eriri’s eyes gradually disappeared. She looked up at him and said: “Since you already gave it to me, I will have to accept and buy it.”

He didn’t expect the Tsundere that usually appears in the anime will make its appearance in front of him. Her last sentence made Mu Fan laugh.

“Hey, Buy it for me.”

At this time, Eriri took 10,000 Yen from her pocket and handed it over to Mu Fan as she whispered.

“Why don’t you buy it yourself?”

Mu Fan said speechlessly.

Eriri’s face turned red as she said: “As I could, let’s go!”

“You aren’t that embarrassed to buy this book are you?” Mu Fan took the book and money as he asked strangely.

“Like it’s because of that, wait I will go and get us a drink.”

“Consider it done.”

Under the temptation of getting a free drink, Mu Fan decided to buy the book in Eriri’s place. After getting the book, he put it in Eriri’s back and left with satisfaction.

“She didn’t dare buy the book herself, and she even put it in a black leather back…”

Mu Fan glanced at the purse in Eriri’s hand as he thought. If he was the writer of the book, he would be too embarrassed to let his classmate now that it’s his as well.

Anyway, he still had his task to complete, and if Eromanga-sensei didn’t agree to draw the illustration for his book, then he could only ask Eriri to draw one for him.

Asking someone to draw for him just after meeting them would make the other person misunderstand that he just approached her for this purpose.

“Let’s go and find Asune.” Eriri suddenly turned around and said.

Listening to her words, Mu Fan rolled his eyes and pointed at the Vending Machine: “Eriri-san, didn’t you forget something?”

“I, of course, don’t mind! But didn’t you tell Asuna that you went to buy drinks?”

After hearing this, Eriri bit her teeth and walked to the vending machine as she said: “What kind of drink do you want?

After saying this, she suddenly thought of something and said: “Don’t misunderstand, I’m just buying one for you to repay you for getting that book, it’s not for anything else.”

“Me misunderstanding that you’re buying me drinks? Don’t worry I don’t find 3D girls too cute.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes!

Speaking of it, the girls in the 2D worlds are cute, but that kind of act is happening in front of you isn’t. For Example, Louise actions in Zero No Tsukaima is cute for those who see the anime.

But if Louise turned into a 3D Character, it’s estimated that most people don’t want her as their girlfriend. Otherwise, they would be exhausted.

However, for 3D girls, the best is the Wife material kind of girl.

“Give me orange juice.” Mu Fan said casually.

“Ha?” Eriri’s eyes flashed in horror while she looked at Mu Fan and she said: “Did you investigate me before coming here? This isn’t a coincidence to meet you today is it?”

“Investigate you?” Mu Fan said a little surprised.

“Otherwise, how would you know that I like Orange Juice? And you also know my other Identity?” Eriri said.

“Blond Twin tail-san, I just like to drink that. Also, I know your identity because I accidentally read the message you sent to Asuna before.” Mu Fan had no choice but to spread his hand as he said.

“Hey, don’t start calling me names!” Eriri said in disappointment, she turned around a got two cans of orange Juice as she was preparing to get a third one she stopped: “Oops, I forgot to ask what Asuna wants.”

“As good friends, you actually don’t know that?” Mu Fan’s eyes twitched, did you only get close to Asuna just to draw her on your book?

“Aren’t you the same?” Eriri gave a look at Mu Fan.

“Then get her orange juice as well.” Mu Fan said helplessly.


After buying the juice, Mu Fan took Eriri and returned to the place where they separated previously. When they prepared to call Asuna, she appeared in front of them.


Seeing Asuna, Eriri’s face was filled with joy as she returned to her previous personality.

When she saw Eriri, Asuna was relieved and couldn’t help ask: “Eriri, where have you been, how come it took you so long?”

“Ah, I just happened to see a classmate of mind and talked with her for a little.” Before Mu Fan said anything, Eriri replied quickly.

“Is that so? It doesn’t matter then.” Asuna shook her head.

Girl, do you have any conscience at all?

Looking at Eriri, Mu Fan was speechless, but he didn’t say anything and kept her secret.

“Say anything, and you will die!” Eriri was looking at Mu Fan with a look that said this as she took the cans and gave them out with a smile and changed the topic: “Asuna, here this is for you.”

“Thank you.” After thanking Eriri, Asuna was full of joy as she said: “How did you know I like Orange Juice?”

Eriri was slightly stunned as she pointed at Mu Fan: “He told me to get it for you.”

Asuna’s face turned red as she looked at Mu Fan and said: “Thank you.”

“Well… You’re welcome.”

Mu Fan shook his head. He didn’t know Asuna liked orange juice, just that as they got two can already he just casually told Eriri to buy another one for Asuna. It turned out even Asuna liked orange Juice.

In other words, now it seemed like he investigated Asuna and knew her likes and dislikes…

Next, the trio continued visiting other book stores in Akihabara. Mu Fan wanted to become more familiar with the best sellers in this world to think about his next Novel choice.

However, he thought about another way to make money, which is drawing. It seemed drawing attracted more attention from otakus.

Mu Fan found that the book in this world was unfamiliar.

At this time, they found themselves in front of a coffee shop.

“A maid café?”

Mu Fan’s eyes widened looked at the coffee shop, and this name directly appeared in his mind.

This kind of place would attract many otakus.

But it mustn’t include me… Mu Fan thought.