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F.S Chapter 38: Who Is The Blond Defeated Dog?

“Asuna-san, What are you doing?”

While Asuna was looking at the book, Mu fan saw her and called out to her. She was shocked and quickly put the book back. When she saw it was Mu Fan who called her, she couldn’t help sigh and complain: “Mu Fan, You really scared me.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be reading a novel, sorry for disturbing you.”

Mu Fan apologized, and at the same time, he tried looking behind Asuna to see which book was she reading. 

“No, Don’t worry about it.”

Seeing Mu Fan looking over, Asuna immediately leaned against the Bookshelf and blocked his view from the Novel as she quickly changed the topic: “Mu… Mu Fan, Eriri went to get us drinks, and she still didn’t return yet. Should we go look for her?”

“Indeed, she really took her time.”

Mu Fan nodded. Although Asuna’s behavior was a little bit weird, Mu Fan didn’t think too much about it. Eriri wen about 20 minutes ago and she still didn’t return. Did something happen to her?

When Asuna saw Mu Fan looking away, she couldn’t help remember what she just read, and her face turned red. The book described a boy and girl wearing light clothes who were childhood friends as they…

After thinking about this, Asuna’s face became hot as she didn’t dare look at Mu Fan again. Looking nervous she said: “Mu Fan, should we look separately? It will be faster.”


Seeing Mu Fan agreeing, Asuna was relieved as if she escaped from something.

“What happened?”

Mu Fan was shocked by the escaping gesture of Asuna, even as he lived two lives, he still didn’t understand girls.

But looking at her back, he shook his head.

Girl, You are too naïve.

When Mu Fan comes to the door, he didn’t follow after Asuna but went back into the store to the shelf from where he left.

If Mu Fan didn’t Know Eriri’s other identity, he might have gone looking for her at the Vending machine, but knowing her, it would be simple to look for her.

Sure enough, at the corner of the store, a petite blond girl with a twin tail and a cute tiger canine were looking around. She suddenly started jumping trying to get something from the shelf, but she was too short. Suddenly a few books fell down of her head.

“Ah… It hurts!” With a cry, she almost cried as after screaming.

She is too short.

Mu Fan couldn’t help smile helplessly. However, Eriri’s actions convinced him.

Eriri must be Kashiwagi Eri!

“I don’t believe I can’t catch you…”

Eriri exposed her canines as she stubbornly jumped again.

As she jumped again, a hand pressed on her shoulder.

Eriri’s body couldn’t help but tremble. Looking back she saw Mu Fan’s smiling face. Her face changed as she laughed weirdly: “Mu Fan, why are you here?”

“From the moment you wanted the book I knew who you are, Ka! Shi! Wa! Gi! Eri! San!”

Mu Fan picked up the books on the floor and put them back on the shelf when it came to her identity, he deliberately increased his voice.

Haha, girl, do you think you can keep it hidden?

When she heard Mu Fan’s words, Eriri’s eyes twitched as she asked: “How did you know?”

“I didn’t know, but I do now.”


Eriri’s originally white face suddenly turned red as she screamed at Mu Fan. She jumped at Mu Fan and started hitting him.

“Forget it all! Forget it! Don’t mention that name again!”

Although he was surprised by her attack, Mu Fan’s physic was strong along with his reflex, so he jumped back and escaped the range of her attacks.

Seeing that he easily escaped her attack, Eriri clenched her fist as she was angry and screamed at Mu Fan and continued trying to hit him.

“Don’t make such a ruckus, you will attract the attention of the people here, do you want your identity to be known to all?”

“Ah.” Hearing Mu Fan’s threat, the originally arrogant Queen like Eriri lowered her head as if she is a defeated Dog.

“Is it that bad for the people in the school to know your identity?”

“Shut up, don’t talk about that.”

“Okay, I won’t talk about it anymore.” Mu Fan didn’t expect Eriri to react in such a way to this.

Looking at the poor Eriri, Mu Fan couldn’t help but smile.

In other words, her drawing was a little bit strange, and he understood why now.

She had no experience in that area.

At this time, Mu Fan thought about Asuna and couldn’t help remember: “Eriri-San, you want Asuna to go with you to your home to be your model, doesn’t that mean you want to use her as the heroine of your new book?”

In fact, this was an area Eriri didn’t touch before. Asuna’s body is definitively suitable for this. But does she really intend to use Asuna as the Heroine?

Although the girl is a writer and was painting her own illustrations, this would be a little awkward No?

“Hey, I’m not as perverted as you think! I won’t draw Asuna as the cover for the book.”

The little girl crossed her arms and snorted.

Seeing Eriri didn’t want to use Asuna in her cover, Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh and look at the book and say: “So the golden-haired defeated dog there is…”


In fact, the appearance on the cover made him think of a word, but he didn’t say it. He pointed at the book and said: “So, Eriri-san, do you want that book?”

This book is placed that high was probably to prevent young people from looking at it. But she was just too short and couldn’t reach it.

“No, why would I want that kind of book!” Eriri looked at Mu Fan in discomfort.

“Well, let’s go, Asuna has been looking for you.”

Mu Fan didn’t hesitate as he turned around to leave.

“Hey? Hey hey… Wait… You!”


Eh? What?

What did she want?