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F.S Chapter 24: Shocked!

“The dish is glowing?”

Asuna was shocked by the blinding light. She liked cooking and looked for information about cooking everywhere. She found that there is a school called “Totsuki Saryo” in Japan.

Each student graduating from that school enjoyed the glory of being the chef of the best restaurants in the world.

Because of their harsh graduation conditions, all the students graduating had superb skills and it was said some could make their dish glow.

As soon as she thought of this, Asuna turned to look at Mu Fan strangely.

Mu Fan, from the moment he came here, was showing his superb skills.

Is he some student from that school that dropped out and entered our school? However, it is said that even someone who failed the exam can become a chef in some big restaurant. How come he came here?

Asuna’s heart was full of doubt.

–Green Pepper Pork: 90 Points! It’s a collection of high-grade ingredient excellent chef skills. The dish glows and is delicious to the extreme. Beauties can’t resist this–

Just as he opened the lid, a notification sounded in his head. Mu Fan’s heart was ecstatic as this was his first glowing dish. With level cooking talent and the high-grade ingredients as well as the recipe he bought. This dish was excellent.

In other words, this dish is much more expansive than the other ones.

But he estimated that he can’t really sell it in school as not everyone is Yuuki Asuna

But the cheap dish by the old-man can be sold in the restaurant

Mu Fan looked at Ishikawa’s dish and the system’s notification sounded –55 points! The score isn’t great, it can be graded a little higher by ordinary humans, but in the advanced cuisine industry, this is below average–

Hearing this, Mu Fan almost laughed and with his 90 points, this was definitively a win for him.

It looks like the system can appraise food of others too. With this, he can even be a gourmet.

This idea flashed in Mu Fan’s mind but he preferred to make his own food and continue this kind of life in the school.

If he could earn some more money maybe he will play SAO later.

Isn’t this the best? Don’t do anything you don’t like and as long as you have fine then it’s alright.

“It smells good…”

Vigne and Gabriel’s small noses moved as they took a deep breath. The Dish Mu Fan brought looked spicy but also brought an unprecedented fresh taste to them.

The smell was enough to make anyone want to eat.

“I’m going to start now!”

After that, the two of them took their chopsticks and placed the piece of pork inside their mouth. Just when the pork entered their mouths, the meat’s taste spread inside accompanied by its softness and mild sweetness.

In an instant, Gabriel and Vigne got hooked and couldn’t stop eating.

“This is the first time in my life that I eat something so delicious.”(Gabriel)

This was just saying that Mu Fan had just won because her reaction is completely different from when she ate Ishikawa’s dish.

The dish didn’t have the spiciness of the Green Pepper. instead, it was so sweet that it’s hard for them to forget.

Is it tomato?

As the kitchens were separated, no one knew what was used to make the taste so sweet. Why is this so different from normal Green Pepper Pork?

Looking at the dish on the table, they could help eat a few more mouthfuls.

Gradually, her face became red and she felt she became an angel. She opened her white wings and soft feathers fell to the ground bringing her happiness to all people in the world.

“This is awesome.” Vigne and Gabriel couldn’t help indulging in the illusion of Mu Fan’s food…

“This is so delicious. Mu Fan the food you made is the best I ever tasted.” Vigne almost wiped her plate as she looked at Mu Fan seriously.


On the other hand, Gabriel held her chopsticks as she continued to eat then earnestly said: “According to the standards of both me and Vigne, This dish could get 90 points or more!”

Hearing the score, Asuna’s eyes showed excitement. This proved that Mu Fan’s dish completely surpassed Ishikawa’s. According to the agreement, she could stay here without anyone disturbing her…

Although this was concluded, Mu Fan was satisfied by their evaluation. He pushed all the Green Pepper Pork to these two.

After they finished eating, they said: “We would like to thank you for your hospitality. Next time we would surely come here again.” Then they left the club room with satisfaction.

“Ishikawa-san, according to the agreement we won’t merge the club and the restaurant.”

After the two left, Mu Fan turned to Ishikawa and said.

“This… This is impossible!! I don’t accept this.”

Ishikawa’s heart was full of unwillingness. His dish was learned from someone who dropped from that school. He didn’t learn this from some normal chef. How could he lose to Mu Fan?

It must be something he added that made the dish glow.

The two students who came, I think one of them was his classmate. They must have done this on purpose. From the beginning, the Judges were being unfair.

Ishikawa picked the pate and looked at it. He didn’t find anything that could make the dish glow, then he took a pair of chopstick and put it in his mouth.

Almost at the same moment, Ishikawa’s behavior took 180-degree turn as he turned toward Mu Fan and said with Admiration: “Mu Fan… No, Mu Fan-sama, are you also a chef who was attending Totsuki Saryo academy?”